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Discuss the seventh (and final) book of the wonderfully amazingly awesome Harry Potter series! (My personal favorite)

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Oh! I LOVED this one! Everything about it ROCKED!

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Yes! Yes yes yes! (:

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Favorite part?

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Hmm... Umm... Uh.... Probably either the Epilogue or the Prince's Tale.

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Oh yeah! I loved those too! But my MOST favorite is the war!

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That part is AWESOME!

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Moni | 260 comments I have a doubt.who was the baby crying in the chapter 'king's cross"and why?
can u clear it? plsss

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I am pretty sure that it was part of Voldemort's soul that was in Harry.

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Moni | 260 comments i didn't understand .can u explain it for me?, if u don't have any objection.

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No, that's fine! So you know how part of Voldemort's soul was in Harry, 'cause he tried to kill him and then part of his soul kinda... flew around and attached itself to the only living thing in the room? Well, when Voldemort tried to kill Harry in the last book, it got rid of the part of his soul that was in Harry. That was the baby crying at "King's Cross". I'm not quite sure why it was there, and not destroyed, but that's it...

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Moni | 260 comments thanks.:)

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Maddy My favorite part was the epilogue. I thought it was so cute how even Malfoy had a wife and kids. :)

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