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Hi guys! I'm Hadley, and I love to write but am not great at it... I've never finished a book (or gotten anywhere near finishing one) but I plan to someday!

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Leader: Oakstar- Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Deputy: Cloudfur- Fluffy white tom with blue eyes
Medicine Cat: Echopool- Silver she-cat with bright blue eyes
Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):
Goldenfrost- Pale orange she-cat with amber eyes
Brackenpelt- Light brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Mousefoot- Brown tom with a twisted foot and amber eyes
Honeydew- Orange and brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Icecloud- Pure white she-cat with green eyes
Blossomfern- Gray she-cat with whit and orange spots and green eyes
Lionfur- Large golden tom with amber eyes
Rosepaw- Fluffy white she-cat with an orange tail and green eyes (mentor is Goldenfrost)
Petalpaw- Fluffy gray she-cat with orange spots and green eyes (mentor is Brackenpelt)
Flamepaw- Large orange tom with blue eyes (mentor is Lionfur)
Larkpaw- Small fluffy brown she-cat with blue eyes (mentor is Echopool)
Fernwillow- Small gray she-cat with gentle blue eyes (Brackenpelt's kits are Dawnkit and Sunkit)
Ivytail- Pale gray she-cat with bright amber eyes (expecting Lionfur's kits)
Robinwing- Fluffy brown she-cat with an auburn chest and green eyes
Whitefur- Pure white tom with amber eyes


Leader: Reedstar- Large dark gray tom with amber eyes
Deputy: Minnowtail- Small pale gray she-cat with blue eyes
Medicine Cat: Berrymoon- White she-cat with orange spots and sharp green eyes
Warriors (toms and she-cat without kits):
Stonepelt- Gray tom with blue eyes
Mossfur- Gray and brown she-cat with green eyes
Sweetbriar- Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes
Hollowwind- Large gray tom with dark blue eyes
Mistleaf- Small silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Jayheart- Gray tom with amber eyes
Pebblepaw- Light brown tabby tom with blue eyes (mentor is Hollowwind)
Willowpaw- Pale brown she-cat with green eyes (mentor is Sweetbriar)
Featherdust- Black she-cat with blue eyes (Jayheart's kit is Spottedkit)
Beechwind- White tom with black specks and amber eyes
Pouncefall- Orange she-cat with amber eyes


Leader: Duskstar- Fluffy light gray she-cat with blue eyes
Deputy: Redheart- Dark auburn tom with amber eyes
Medicine Cat: Whisperwind- Pale gray she-cat with silver eyes
Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits):
Jaywing- Gray tom with blue eyes
Oakfur- Brown tom with amber eyes
Leaftail- Light brown she-cat with green eyes
Ashpelt- Gray she-cat with blue eyes
Snowwind- Pure white she-cat with blue eyes
Berrypaw- White tom with black spots and amber eyes (mentor is Jaywing)
Hazelpaw- Brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes (mentor is Oakfur)
Starpaw- white and silver she-cat with blue eyes (mentor is Whisperwind)
Dawnflight- Pale orange she-cat with blue eyes (Oakfur's kits are Honeykit and Poppykit)
Tallfoot- Black and white tom with unusually long legs


Leader: Heatherstar- Pale gray and brown she-cat with heather colored eyes
Deputy: Poppywind- Fluffy black she-cat with green eyes
Medicine Cat: Dapplewind- Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes
Warriors (toms and she-cat without kits):
Runningfur- Black and gray tom with amber eyes
Owlfur- Brown tom with amber eyes
Leopardtail- Golden she-cat with black spots and amber eyes
Brightwind- Orange and white she-cat with blue eyes
Skysong- Gray she-cat with blue eyes
Lilyfern- White and orange she-cat with green eyes
Moonpaw- White and silver she-cat with green eyes (mentor is Dapplewind)
Nightpaw- Black she-cat with green eyes (mentor is Owlfur)
Specklefur- Black she-cat with white specks and amber eyes (Runningfur's kits are Harekit and Grasskit)
Rainpetal- Gray and black she-cat with blue eyes (Expecting Owlfur's kits)
Blossomsong- Gray she-cat with orange spots and blue eyes

Other Cats

Brandi- Brown she-cat kittypet with blue eyes
Norah- Silver she-cat kittypet with blue eyes
Tiger- Orange rogue tom with black stripes and amber eyes

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That's just the first little part of my story. If you haven't read the Warriors series, you probably won't understand it very much...

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Caroline (godwithus) cool!

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Thanks (:

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"ThunderClan! Attack!" Oakstar's yowl shattered the still air. Rosepaw narrowed her eyes as RiverClan swarmed the rocks. She focused on Pebblepaw and launched herself into the air, landing squarely on his broad shoulders. He let out a yowl as her claws dug into his thick pelt, and shook her off. "Frog brain!" he spat, eyes gleaming, "Did you really think that you could take on me?"

The large apprentice circled Rosepaw, a growl sounding in the back of his throat. Rosepaw eyed his sharp claws, wondering how to best attack him. Pebblepaw let out a yowl and lunged for her, but she was too quick. Rosepaw nimbly stepped aside and sent Pebblepaw flying past her. "I guess I can," she purred.

Pebblepaw scrambled to his paws, "You're just a puny kit!" he jeered, hoping to distract her. It didn't work. Rosepaw swept his paws from under his with a quick jab of her forepaw, and pummeled his soft underbelly as he rolled on the ground, helpless. Rosepaw purred in amusement, watching him on the ground, beaten by a younger and smaller apprentice. Pebblepaw tried to stand, but was too shaky and flopped back onto the ground.

Rosepaw darted back to where her clan was still fighting. She spotted her mentor, Goldenfrost, wrestling with Mistleaf. Goldenfrost bit down on Mistleaf's tail and the silver tabby yowled in agony. Rosepaw looked around, wondering if anyone needed help. She spotted her sister, Petalpaw, wrestling with a large gray tom. Rosepaw ran over to her, "Need help?" she meowed. "Yes please!" Petalpaw nipped the tom's hind leg and Rosepaw clung onto his back, raking the fur off in clumps. Together they drove him into a patch of brambles, where he yowled as the sharp thorns pricked his pelt. "Go back to your territory!" Petalpaw hissed, arching her back. The gray warrior's eyes widened and he hared back into RiverClan territory.

Around them the battle was dying down. Oakstar chased Hollowwind over the border and turned to face his clan. "Well done," he purred, "Now let's get back to camp." Rosepaw and Petalpaw ran after their leader as he raced back to camp.

"How did you get these scratches?" Larkpaw's eyes were wide, "They must sting really bad!" Rosepaw nodded, "Pebblepaw! I defeated him, though!" Larkpaw's eyes widened as she pressed cobwebs to her wounds, "Pebblepaw! He's huge!" Rosepaw winced as the cobwebs touched her wounds, "Oww!" Larkpaw rolled her eyes, "Don't worry, it'll help." She gave Rosepaw a quick flick with her tail, "Now out! I have others to treat!"

"All right!" Rosepaw purred, "Thank you Larkpaw!" she padded stiffly out of the medicine cat den. Petalpaw was waiting outside and jumped up as she saw Rosepaw, "Come on! It's time to sleep!" She nudged Rosepaw forward, "You look asleep on your paws!" Rosepaw didn't argue as her sister pushed her into their den. She curled up on the soft moss and sighed happily. "I'm glad we won today," she murmured sleepily. Petalpaw curled up next to her, "Yes," she mewed, "We did great!" Soon the gentle snores of sleeping apprentices filled the den.

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Caroline (godwithus) Great!

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Thank you Caroline!

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Caroline (godwithus) Sure,its great for fan fiction!I like the storyline

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:D Thank you!

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Caroline (godwithus) :0

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Rosepaw shifted excitedly as she waited for her mentor. Today was her first training session with the other apprentices, and she wanted to prove that she could fight. "Goldenfrost!" her mentor padded sleepily out of the warriors' den where she slept, "Can we go? Please?" Goldenfrost purred, amused, "Not yet! We have to eat first!" Rosepaw sighed, "All right."

They padded over to the fresh-kill pile where Flamepaw was eating a sparrow. "I'm going to defeat you in battle training today!" he mewed. Rosepaw narrowed her eyes playfully, "You wish!" She picked a squirrel from the top of the fresh-kill pile and tucked in. A rustle of brambles caught her attention, and she turned to see who was there. Robinwing padded stiffly out of the elder's den. "I'll be right back," Rosepaw scrambled to her paws and pulled a vole out of the fresh-kill pile. She ran over to Robinwing and dropped it at her paws, "Here you go!" Rosepaw purred. Robinwing blinked gratefully at her and brought the vole into the elder's den. Rosepaw hurried back to her denmates, who were finishing their prey and getting to their paws. "Ready for battle training?" her mentor finished off her mouse with a purr. "Of course!" Rosepaw was quivering with excitement. Goldenfrost nudged Brackenpelt to his paws, "Come on sleepy head! These apprentices can't wait any longer!" They padded out into the training hollow.

"Today we'll be learning how to fight a badger!" Lionfur's meow rang through the sandy hollow, "Brackenpelt and I will demonstrate." The toms faced each other, Brackenpelt pretending to be the badger, and Lionfur jumped over him slashing his ears with sheathed claws as he went. He landed on the other side of the light brown tom and attacked his clanmate's back. "Now you try!" the golden tom turned to face the wide eyed apprentices, "Each of you go with your mentor."

Rosepaw faced Goldenfrost, trying hard to remember what Lionfur had done. "Are you ready?" Goldenfrost's mew was gentle. Rosepaw nodded and leapt, over Goldenfrost and to the other side of her. She pummeled her orange mentor's back with sheathed claws, "How did I do?" Goldenfrost turned to face her eager apprentice, "You forgot my ears!" Rosepaw felt crushed; she had tried so hard, but had forgotten to attack her mentor's ears!

"It's okay," her mentor's mew was loud in her ears, "All cats forget things now and then. Let's get back to camp." The other apprentices were already heading back, Flamepaw attacking Petalpaw's tail. Rosepaw looked up at Goldenfrost, "Thank you." She padded after her sister and disappeared into the ferns.


"Goldenfrost, Honeydew, Blossomfern," Cloudfur called the names of cats going to the Gathering, "Robinwing, Whitefur, and Rosepaw!" Rosepaw's heart leapt; she would be going to her first Gathering! She padded over to her sister, "I'm sorry you can't come. It won't be nearly as good without you!" Petalpaw had cut her pad on a sharp stone while hunting the other day, and Echopool had confined her to the camp. The gray apprentice flicked her tail angrily, "Stupid stone! It made me miss my first Gathering!" Rosepaw flashed a sympathetic glance at her sister, then raced off as Oakstar called them to leave.

"Will ShadowClan be there?" Rosepaw's bright gaze followed her mentor. Goldenfrost sighed, "Yes, every clan will be there." The white apprentice was quivering in excitement, "I wonder if I'll meet any of them! The ShadowClan cats." The orange warrior purred, "I could introduce you if you'd like!" Rosepaw nodded and watched Oakstar as he gave the signal to go into the hollow. To the Gathering. Her fluffy orange tail was puffed out as she half fell, half slid down to the waiting cats below.

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Caroline (godwithus) :)

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