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To Kill a Mockingbird
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Jessie J (subseti) | 296 comments I always start with Scout, and go from there. I really can't imagine starting with Atticus. Maybe this is a girl thing?

If I had to say "who I am," I *want* to be Calpurnia, but I'm afraid I'm Walter Cunningham. ;^)

Jessie J (subseti) | 296 comments I got to thinking, and this is usually how you introduce TKAM in a group of Southern women:

[conversation somehow turns to book]

"I love that book! I've always felt like Scout."

"Me, too!"

"Atticus is the best daddy, ever!"

"I know it!"

"Boo's my favorite."

"Oh, Boo!"

"Boo, come out!"

"You know, I've never read To Kill a Mockingbird."

[all together]
"Oh my god!"
"Read it! Read it now!"

Not a lot of time for intellectual discussion...

Randall Luce | 134 comments I'd say, "It's a truly great book, and a truly great movie, and it's even a beloved book, but I'm afraid a lot of people like it for the wrong reasons."

Jessie J (subseti) | 296 comments Randall wrote: "I'd say, "It's a truly great book, and a truly great movie, and it's even a beloved book, but I'm afraid a lot of people like it for the wrong reasons.""

I think you're right, Randall. The time period and it's politics are part of the setting. Don't forget that it was hard for the poor whites, too ("entailments are bad").

I think she was summing up a sense of frustration being taken out on the easiest target, which is something that children do; yet the children in the book had a finer sense of justice than the adults. And the best of the adults had taught them that justice: it's wrong to kill a mockingbird.

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Lawyer (goodreadscommm_sullivan) | 2699 comments Mod
Just finished my read of To Kill a Mockingbird. I hope everyone is enjoying their read as much as I have. It retains all the truth and Lee's magical knack for powerful narration it brought to me during my first read between 7th and 8th grade, although it sent me to the dictionary more than once. Now with many more years of life behind me, I find a greater power in the novel than I did as an adolescent.

Others have said that mandatory school readings left them less than enthusiastic about the novel. Believe me, down South, it was not required reading. It was more likely to end up on the banned book list.

Happy reading. I'm going to take a brief break before launching into All the King’s Men with a re-read of The Grass Harp by author:Truman Capote|431149]. It brings about a bit of symmetry, I think.

Lawyer Stevens

Jessie J (subseti) | 296 comments Perhaps I should have said I was like Miss Caroline Fisher, since we were both born in Winston County, AL:

"Miss Caroline printed her name on the blackboard and said, 'This says I am Miss Caroline Fisher. I am from North Alabama, from Winston County.' The class murmured apprehensively, should she prove to harbor her share of the peculiarities indigenous to that region. (When Alabama seceded from the Union on January 11, 1861, Winston County seceded from Alabama, and every child in Maycomb County knew it.) North Alabama was full of Liquor Interests, Big Mules, steel companies, Republicans, professors, and other persons of no background."

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