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message 1: by Emily, most comments. :) :) :) (new)

Emily | 227 comments Mod
What do you think about Mansfield Park? I did like this one, but it's one of my least favorites. Fanny is kind of shy. I get that. But she doesn't stand up for herself--ever!

message 2: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) The only thing I didn't like about "Mansfield Park" is that Fanny and Edmund are cousins. I know, I know - cousins marrying each other back then was fine. But I still find it creepy. Other than that, I love "Mansfield Park." Fanny is so different from Miss Austen's other characters, and she's a very strong girl. Edmund started to frustrate me, but I still liked him.

message 3: by Emily, most comments. :) :) :) (new)

Emily | 227 comments Mod
It is kind of creepy.
Edmund is cool, but it's the last chapter when Edmund suddenly realizes he loves her, figures out she loves him, and they're finally happy. Grr, Edmund. I know he was blinded by Mary Crawford's wit and charm and all for most of the story, but I think he should have at least recognized Fanny as an eligible young woman(I'm glossing over the cousin thing here since they do end up with each other) before the last chapter.
As for Fanny, I guess she is strong in some ways. But she should have stood up for herself, been more proactive.

message 4: by Emily, most comments. :) :) :) (new)

Emily | 227 comments Mod
I do, however, like Henry Crawford. :)

message 5: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) What really bugged me with Edmund and Mary Crawford was when Edmund took Mary out riding with Fanny's horse, and didn't even think about Fanny. And he was just so blind to Mary! Everyone else (well, everyone with sense, that is) could see what sort of person Mary was.

When one is shy, it is sometimes hard to stand up for oneself - especially if one lacks a natural stubbornness and if one's best friend (i.e. Edmund) isn't doing too much to stand up for oneself either.

Henry Crawford was a perfect cad; I enjoyed hating him, and I am glad that Fanny stood strong in her opinion of him.

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne (cinderella16) | 25 comments Haven't read this book, but I liked the movie with Billy....oh I can't remember her name as Fanny. It was alright. I liked the whole premiss. Is the book really good? Wait a minute. That's a stupid question. It's written by Jane Austen!!

message 7: by Emily, most comments. :) :) :) (new)

Emily | 227 comments Mod
@Mara-- I know, I know.. I'm actually kind of shy myself. I guess I'm just a hypocrite.
I enjoyed hating Henry Crawford too. :) He really is awful.

@Anne-- You're right. Of course it's good!

message 8: by Anne (new)

Anne (cinderella16) | 25 comments I'll definitly have to read it.

message 9: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) @ Emily: I'm shy as well. Thankfully, my stubbornness doesn't allow me to stand by when people trample all over me; I wish I could pass some of it on to Fanny. ;)

message 10: by Emily, most comments. :) :) :) (new)

Emily | 227 comments Mod
Yup. :D

message 11: by Mara (new)

Mara (maraanne) What are some thoughts on the whole scenario with the play?

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