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message 1: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
this series is DA BOMB must read everyone plz!!!! ESP if u luv greek mythology!

message 2: by Black Cherry (new)

Black Cherry (gplovr) | 3 comments I LOVE that series. it is AWESOME!

message 3: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod

message 4: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
dont ever say that!!!!!!! it is soooooooooo not tru!!!!!!!!!!! it is NOT NOT NOT true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 5: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
you are just in denial...

message 6: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments What's this book about, i may want to read it???

message 7: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
OMG U HAVVVVE 2!!!! u will fall in love with the series!!!!!! its so darn good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o PLZ reed it!!! it has a mix of mythology on it but its awesum

message 8: by Jessica (last edited Jan 22, 2009 06:49PM) (new)

Jessica | 3 comments I love this book it one of the funniest mythology book ever written, and i so agree Annabeth and Percy
belong to together!

message 9: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments okay, i'll read it! calm down!

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) Yep this a GREAT Series!

And I think that since this Anabeth/Percy thing is going we might have an Andromeda scene...well that's my theory (those of you who have finished book 4)

message 11: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments how many books are there?

Xerxes Break(Vivian Ephona) (ephona) Four, a fifth on the way

message 13: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments joy

message 14: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
i know! also... there is a demigod files book coming out in feburary, feburary 10th it answers the ultimate questions that everybody wants to know... the age old question


do percy and anabeth honestly like eachother?

who knows but that is going to be addressed in the book

message 15: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments I'm going to the books store tomorrow, so i'll look for it. it SUCKS not having a Barns and Nobles book store anywhere near you. all i have is a bloody Hastings and it's not really a bookstore!!!!!

message 16: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
awww i am sooo sorry :(

message 17: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments i know

message 18: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
maybe you can just order it online at cause im sure they deliver... more choices online anyways

message 19: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
i hav a barnes and nobles like a street away :D. im all prepared!!! and i DEFINETLY DO NOT agree with the whole annabeth/percy junk!!! so not gona happen!

message 20: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments (to victoria) i don't have a credit card. (to jake4evs) lucky....-_-**

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Annabeth/Percy junk? As in them getting together? Because it SO IS...

message 22: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
i dont have one either but you can ask ur parents if ur a kid and you can argue that on line it is cheaper

message 23: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments i know it's cheaper to order online and i'm not a kid, i'm almost 18

message 24: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
oh ha im a kid!

message 25: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
lol if you can't already tell

message 26: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments i can tell

message 27: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
awwww! no fair! ha i hope that wasn't an insult! anyways :) im not that much of a kid... im like almost 15 in 2 months!

message 28: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy (spiderliz) | 10 comments my bfs going to be 15 in 2 months

message 29: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
im gona b 15 in 4 mnths. :( cant wait till summer wen i start driving school!!!! aaaaa! *crashes car* hehe wooops

message 30: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
ha i am older than jake4eves!!!!! hahahaha gods and your smarter than me by how much!

message 31: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
am not! my mind is technically normal capacity. only outside practice places a quantity of knowledge in my cerebrum. hahaha jk :p w/e i probly dont evn no wat i just rote. lol

message 32: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
hahahaha your so nerdy! you know thats why i love you:) jkjkjk

message 33: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
o victoria im no nerd! im a cool nerd! jk

message 34: by Cortnie (last edited Jan 26, 2009 06:01PM) (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments HA! I'M OLDER THAN ALL OF YOU!!!! By, like, THREE YEARS!

message 35: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
:P don't start acting superior now! ha ha jk

message 36: by Seth (new)

Seth (ninjaaaaaofwritingbooks) jake4evs, why don't you think they should be togheter?

message 37: by Cortnie (new)

Cortnie | 103 comments (to Victoria) don't worry, i won't. ^_^ but if i do start to correct some of you on Greek History, then sorry. I took a semester of Greek Mythology, so yeah.

message 38: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
okay then plz tell me this... did hercules become a god? i don't think so but if you have input go on to the discution called other gods and plz set us straight!

message 39: by Amy (new)

Amy (runawaymarbles) Percy... and Annabeth? nope. Geez. Percy's really inconsiderate. Here is a sample from one of my fanfictions, Wasted Wishes, where all his faults are listed- in detail.

"“What?” he demanded. “Why do you hate me so much??”

Again, he regretted it. Feeling embarrassed, he started to turn away, pausing at the sound of her voice.

“Do you really want to know?”

The answer was no. But his curiosity prodded at him; don’t you always want to know what someone thinks about you? “Yes.”

The hunter took a deep breath. “Because you are a self centered a-hole.”

What? His fatal flaw was loyalty to his friends. That was not self centered… Melanie should just go-

Again, as if she had read his mind; “You think that because of your fatal flaw-“

“How do you know my fatal flaw?” he knew that later he would think of several cooler and more insulting things to say to her. But right now his mind was blank.

She smiled thinly. “I am a daughter of Hades,” She reminded him, as if he needed reminding. “But “personal loyalty” is the most self centered flaw that ever existed. You don’t care about them, you care about your own personal happiness. For example, have you ever considered that Annabeth- and Thalia for that matter- still love Luke? No. you think ‘why do they care about him?’ tell me, Perseus. What would you do if Annabeth joined the Titans? Would you still love her?”

He was so furious that he forgot to remind her that he didn’t love Annabeth. “She wouldn’t-“

Melanie narrowed her eyes. She was two or so inches shorter than him, and a year younger, but at that moment she seemed to tower over him. “And how much do you want to bet that Annabeth would have said the same about Luke? You don’t think of anyone’s pain but your own. Luke was in my cabin for years. You never thought of that.” Percy had to admit to himself that he hadn’t... But she was wrong. She was just a- “You moan and complain about your bad luck. Well, guess what. You were claimed within a week of coming to camp. Do you know how many half bloods would kill for that? No. Instead you feel sorry for yourself because poor wittle Pwercy has a cabin to himself. And- oh no- you get a quest when you are barely trained.”

“Have you ever-“ He demanded hotly, feeling traitorous tears prick his eyes. No one wants to have their faults screamed in their faces.

“So? Better alone then have your dad never bother to claim you.” She growled.

“You know who your dad is, though-“ this was getting into a ‘my life is worse than your life’ argument.

“So? He’s never claimed me. There is a difference between knowing who your godly parent is, and having them admit it. Your mom loves you. You have tons of friends. You have been on four quests.” She held up four fingers to show him. “This is your fifth. Two of those you weren’t supposed to be on, but you were too damned sure of yourself. Surely a hunter with centuries of training and Thalia would bow to your superior skills. And you didn’t care about Artemis. Only your precious girlfriend.”

message 40: by Amy (new)

Amy (runawaymarbles) Yep. Kinda long, but I didn't feel like writing out my reasons again.

message 41: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
DUDE! you write on fanfiction?!!! soooo do i! you need to send me your link to your profile plz!

message 42: by Amy (new)

Amy (runawaymarbles) It's on my profile... here

message 43: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
oh i can't wait to read some of your stories :)

message 44: by Victoria (last edited Jan 27, 2009 05:04PM) (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
mine is

only if you want to check it out but if you do plz review!

message 45: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
omg! mine is: ive only writen one story on pjo o tho so far, but if u like the twilight series i hav stories on that :D

message 46: by jake4evs (new)

jake4evs (smyle94) | 258 comments Mod
yep yep i already did lol. and to answer seth's question, i dont thnk they belong together cz annabeth is too cocky!!!

message 47: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
cocky? can you explain that

message 48: by Amy (new)

Amy (runawaymarbles) I think PERCY'S the cocky one. See above post.

message 49: by Victoria (new)

Victoria (vikkitori22) | 338 comments Mod
no... i don't think annabeth is cocky! her character knows all ha ha jk! i don't think percy is cocky though

message 50: by Jenn (new)

Jenn gonna asume if i asked if u would recomend this series u would? like, what it is about?


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