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Roleplay here when you have your character(s).

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) Amy was in the park , sitting on a bench texting.

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Jay turned her iPod on and listened to it as she walked aimlessly throught the park. She decided to sit down underneath a tree, near the bench Amy was on, but she didn't notice Amy.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) Amy threw her phone and began to cry and she layed on the bench.

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Jay looked up when she heard someone start crying. She saw Amy and hesitated for a minute, then stood up, pulling out the ear buds. "Are you okay?"

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) She looked up slighty and cried "No!" And covered her sad face. All she wanted was to talk to someone.

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Jay frowned and sat next to her, stroking her hair. "Wanna talk about it?"

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) My stupid bf dump me for some skinner girl who has bigger boobs then me! I hate guys! Ug!" She cried some more.

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Jay frowned and wiped away Amy's tears gently with her thumb. "Boys are stupid," she agreed.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) She nodded. She wish she had been kissed a least one time.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) She longed for one.

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"Sit up," Jay said gently. "I can wait here with you."

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) "what do you mean?" She wondered.

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"I'll just stay here until you're feeling a little better."

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) "I have to go. I can't sty here. I really need some sexy fun , so I'll try and covince him to come back. I am Amy by the way. " She half smiled and stood up.

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Jay smiled weakly, "I'm Jay." She wanted Amy to stay, because she was really cute, but she wouldn't interfere.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) "you can come over for a bit. If you want?" She smiled taking her hand.

((gtg! Be back later. I hope you stay on late!))

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(Aww, okay! Bye!))

She nodded, standing up. "I'd like that a lot."

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) (Back!)

She smiled and started for home.

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((Me too!! But I'll be gone for the rest of the week...))

Jay followed Amy, smiling.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) ((oh ok!))

She led her into her room then shut the door behind then hoping her dad didnt hear them. She sat on her bed.

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Jay sat down next to Amy. "So, this is a nice house."

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) "Thanks." She said looking at her large breasts.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) ???

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Abigail was sitting in a tree with her accoustic guitar in the park, singing Morning Light softly to herself.

Alexandra (Alex)  Richardson (Sherlocked_2000) ((will be gone for rest of the month! Sorry!))

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