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Who do you think is gonna die?

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Saima I have a feeling it may be Angel or Fang. I really hope it's not Fang. And if Angel is 'good' again, i hope it's not her either. kinda wishing for it to be Dylan. I don't hate him but i really don't like him either.


Elizabeth IT CAN'T BE FANG. FANG CAN'T DIE. Dylan or Angel...I really wouldn't care about.

message 3: by Magiere (new)

Magiere hmm wonder if its max whos going to die because of the title nevermore which is from the poem the raven ,about a man pining for his lost love and wondering if shes in heaven with the angels.

message 4: by Deedee27 (last edited Jul 08, 2012 01:58PM) (new) - added it

Deedee27 I think it may be ella, dr. Martinez or jeb , but i am really just hoping it is none of the original flock because i will be bawling like max was after fang left if it is. If dylan dies, lets be honest nobody gives a crap about him. Everybody keeps saying why did james patterson put dylan in maybe it becauae he wantes all his fans to be raving about which side they are on fax or mylan. If maximum ride dies i will be going down with her because she is my fictional idol. But i think it maybe part of the originAl flock because james patterson will want people to be thinking about the book after they read it. Plus magiere maybe it will be ella tht will die like in that poem because she loves iggy. I guess it wouldnt make that much sense if she was the main idea for the title though.

Fang I hope Dylan dies cause I hate him cause I'm Fang!!!

Next in line it's Angel cause she gets really annoying trying to take over the Flock and joining Dr God.

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