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Edward or Jacob?

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message 1: by Mel (new)

Mel Hi, fellow Twlightaholics! I must know.... who do you love more? Edward or Jacob? I'm team. Edward all the way but what do you think? Also take into account taylor lautner and robert pattinson please!

message 2: by Anjali (new)

Anjali (anjalikawa) I am Team Edward also, because even though Jacob becomes a little more accustomed to the vamps later in the series, in New Moon he doesn't hide the enmity between vamps and werewolves, whereas the vamps constrain the old age hate inside them. Also all the werewolves keep telling Bella she should stop going out with Edward but the vamps never told her to cut off contact with the werewolves.

message 3: by Mel (new)

Mel HI!!!!! I'm soooooo glad there's another Twihard out there. And yeah, you're totally right about the vampires. They're so much kinder and a little more forgiving then those mutts.

message 4: by Mel (new)

Mel Wow. This group is very barren. Is anybody here? D:

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura (Laura_MarieAJ) | 1 comments team EDWARD!! :) jacob's too cocky besides who doesn't want a totally romantic guy who would jump a bulle for you?! :D

message 6: by Karlé (new)

Karlé (karldums) | 1 comments Team E D W A R D <3

message 7: by Zara (new)

Zara Khan | 2 comments Im team Edward he is perfect dream guy.........even if he happens to be a vampire i dont like jacob much he is boring and some times is too cocky and irritating

message 8: by Stavroula (new)

Stavroula im proud to say im team Edward!!!i always was and i always will be...but that doesnt mean i dont love jacob...

message 9: by Mounika (new)

Mounika Lakkakula (mounikamouni) I think it's difficult for me to select one out if the two.Moreover we can be both the teams at the same time.while considering robert and Taylor my vote goes to Taylor only

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