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((Just sneaked in to post this!))
Neptune Hail
Beautiful auburn hair. Luscious bronze skin. Obvious muscles. Handsome sea-blue eyes. People of the Capitol and all the other districts, for that matter, would be stunned by my beauty and great looks. They would swoon enough to open up their wallets and donate a few coins for my sponsorship when I was in the Games.
“Neptuuuune,” Triton, my thirteen year old little brother, popped into my bathroom annoyingly. “Stop drooling over yourself and come have breakfast.”
“You better get out of my room, you twerp,” I snapped, lunging forward. He ducked while laughing, scrambling out of my room to stand at the doorway.
“Ooh, Neptune, you’re not going to charm anyone in the Capitol with that tone of voice!” Then he scrambled down the hallway before I could shout something back. It was good that he ran while he could, or else that boy would have had a smashed face before breakfast.
I sighed and walked back into my bathroom, carefully embedded into one of the walls of my bedroom. I finished combing my floppy auburn hair and straightened my tie. Flashing a smile at the mirror, I knew today was going to be a good day.
Before I headed downstairs for breakfast, I stopped to stroke the plastic seashell stuck inside the wall, above the bathroom light switch. There were several more seashells that lined the bathroom tile walls, but this one was certainly the most special. Not only was it a creamy blue, but it had flecks of white on it, perhaps symbolizing waves in a sea.
Every day before I left my bathroom, I always touched the blue seashell for good luck. I supposed it was just a habit, if not for luck itself.
Heading downstairs, I was met with the aroma of freshly baked muffins and clams. Triton was already chomping away at his clams and muffins, as was my father.
My father was a tough, determined man who wanted nothing but the best for his two sons. He drilled us into fighting and training for the Hunger Games, making sure each move was precise and deadly. Although he could be ruthlessly unfair at times, I knew he just wanted to let us make the best of our lives.
“Sit down, son, and eat your breakfast,” he told my hovering figure. “It’s a big day, and we want you to be fully prepared for the road ahead.”
My appetite took over, so I sat down and opened a soft-shelled clam. I scooped the meat out with my fingers, pulled the membrane off of it, and finally dipped the rest of it in warm, melted butter. The result was soft, chewy, and salty, the butter really adding flavour.
All the while I was eating my clams; my father studied me in a suspicious manner. I finally looked up to see him wearing an odd expression. When he saw me watching, he chuckled. “You eat those clams just like your mother used to.” My father remembered. Should I have felt flattered or…?
I didn’t remember my mother much at all, since she died when I was only two. According to my father’s story, she stumbled across an old Tracker-Jacker nest near her favorite beach. I hardly got to know her, to judge whether she was a kind or cruel mother. The only thing I remembered was the scent of seaweed and sand on her clothes.
“I’m sure she liked clams,” I answered, thinking that was probably why I loved them so much.
My father stood up and took our finished plates, throwing them in the sink. “Well, we shouldn’t get all soft right now.” He was right; I needed to be bold and ready for the reaping.
“Let’s go.” My father didn’t even stop to see if we would follow, he just walked straight out of the dining room and out the front door.
Triton and I exchanged quick looks before following his steps and walking out the door too. We lived by the roaring waves of the sea, and we were hit by a wave of calm spray. The sun was filling the bright blue sky, and not a cloud was seen in sight.
It must’ve been my day.
We arrived at the district’s commons where banners and streamers were hung upon the stage that waited. My father slapped me on the back, and even my brother muttered a soft “good luck” before we separated. I strode over to the seventeen year olds with a new pride rising inside me. I would make my brother, father and mother proud today.
“The breeze and sun is wonderful today, no?” Lucielle Bendonella exclaimed excitedly, a bright teal wig upon her head. “I’m pleased to announce the 101st Hunger Games reaping will start!”
The crowd cheered and yelled in response as Lucielle stepped off the podium and was replaced by the mayor. He quickly rummaged through the History of Panem, Treaty of Treason, and past victors. That was the thing about our mayor… He always got to the juicier, more exciting things as quickly as possible.
“Let us start with the pretty ladies.” Lucielle placed her hand in the girls’ blue bowl of slips. She took one out and called, “Anne Wilson!” The girl that walked up onto the stage was a drop-dead gorgeous beauty, with long black hair and lightly tanned skin. I wasn’t disappointed when no one volunteered for her, they must’ve all been star struck by her looks like I had been.
“Now for the boys,” Lucielle said. She hadn’t even finished the name before I arrogantly stepped onto the stage, flashing my signature smiles to the ladies.
“I volunteer.” Yeah, I did hear a few squeals in the audience. Lucielle showed her annoyance of being interrupted, but finally shrugged it off. “Your name?”
“Neptune Hail.” I flipped my hair, crossing the stage to shake Miss Wilson’s hands. She was a few years younger than me, three years to be exact, but she looked mature enough to be sixteen. I gave her a secretive wink while I shook her soft hand. She just studied me for awhile, and then suddenly threw me a look of pure disgust.
So she was a feisty one, eh?
((Sorry Char! I thought that this'll spice up your char's love story with Kevin. ;) Forgive me? ;) ))

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((**rolls eyes** Fine. I forgive you. I'll be posting mine later!))

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