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Hayley (applesticker) | 9 comments So today is the second of June, and I've just decided that I'm going to do Camp NaNo this year. I'd never really thought about it before (I kinda assumed it was an actual camp, not an online one), but I was on here the otherday reading about everyone else's camp novels I got inspired... so now I'm doing it. I have no plan (other than my synopsis below), and I won't be really starting until the 8th (I have 3 exams next week I really need to study for...), so... which me luck! :)

Jett has always known about the creatures that roam the streets of his home town after dark - his family has hunted them for centuries. But he doesn’t want that life. He wants to protect normal people in normal situations from normal evils - that’s why he became a cop.

Ariel has always know that she was a witch - her whole family have been for generations. But when she reaches her fifteenth birthday and her powers still haven’t arrived, she begins to doubt if she is a witch after all.

Bec has always known she would marry Jason, so when he’s brutally murdered one night, out running an errand for her, her whole world is suddenly turned upside down. How can she survive without him?

As the investigation into Jason’s murder begins, with Jett working his first homicide, questions begin to arise as to who the intended target was - had the killer really been after Jason, or was Bec the true target? As Jett reads the autopsy report, he has a sickening feeling that the killer may not quite be human, and Ariel is suddenly plagued with terrifying dreams she feels she cannot share with anyone…

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Cami (camikittr) Love it!!

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Hayley (applesticker) | 9 comments Sugarbug wrote: "Love it!!"

Thanks Sugarbug!! :)

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Cami (camikittr) Would you read my story? It's called Camp Blue Lake (temporary title).

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Hayley (applesticker) | 9 comments Oooh, I'd read the description, but I hadn't realised you'd put some up. I'll have a look in a bit (I'm watching a very intesne game of football at he moment :P)

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Eve (emusings) Wow, this looks really promising, Hayley! Good luck with your exams and the writing to come.

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Hayley (applesticker) | 9 comments Update: Chapter One Finished - 2,319 words. Here's the first bit - any feedback would be greatly appreciated! :)

By the time the sun began to creep over the horizon, Bec thought she fully understood the phrase ‘crying your eyes out.’ There had been points in her life where she thought she’d reached that point, when she felt that there were no more tears to cry, but she seemed to have outdone herself this time. Her chest continued to heave up and down, strange, strangled sounds coming from her mouth intermediately, but her eyes were completely dry.
It had been 4pm when they called to give her the bad news - almost a whole seventeen hours since he’d been killed. She known something was wrong when he didn’t come home, and when he didn’t answer his phone, but the police require a person be missing for 24 hours before they can be reported as ‘missing’. The only compensation, she thought, was that it wouldn’t have done anything.
She’d met his parents at the morgue - his mother, Susie, had already been in pieces by then, wailing and clutching a shredded tissue in her hand, but Bec had been surprisingly calm at that stage. It was only that night, after she identified his body, and his parents had bought her dinner (cheap takeaway burgers which were tasteless), and she'd declined the offer to stay at their place, that she'd really felt it. She'd needed to be alone.
‘Oh, Jason.’ she moaned, as she lay curled up on his side of the bed, wrapped his his boxers and tee, breathing in his scent from his pillow. It was the position she’d been in all night, crying into his pillow. It was socked in some places, but she knew it would be a long time before she washed it.
She hadn’t bothered to close the blinds when she came in, so the winter sun was soon streaming through the window, almost blinding her. She rolled over, exposing her back the sun, and caught sight of the digital alarm clock on his bedside table: 8:02. She had an appointment as the police station for nine a.m. - they’d wanted to question her the previous evening, but luckily they’d seen her distress, and let it wait until the morning. She didn’t like the idea of breaking down in an interview room.
She wanted nothing more than to just stay in bed, where she was warm, comfortable, and safe, breathing in the smell of Jason, and pretending he was just out for his morning run, and that he would be back any moment. But, as Jason had always said, she was fighter. She didn’t give up. If he were here, he’d tell her to get up and face the day. The detective had said she might have important information that would help find Jason’s murderer, and even though everything felt foggy, a part deep inside of her was burning for justice. Whoever had taken her Jason deserved to be punished.
It felt like it took all her strength just to role out of bed and stumble into the bathroom, but after ten minutes under the hot shower, covering herself in Jason’s body wash, she felt a little better. A lot cleaner, at least.
She resisted the urge to put one of his singlets on under her tee - it was feeling a little obsessive. Instead, she pulled out her good luck scarf. It was lime-green with silver butterflies on it, and Jason had bought it for her when they were just twelve, when she was still living with her father, and building up the courage to speak out about his abuse, and it had been the moment she had known. Known that she was in love with Jason Beaumont, and that he was the man she was going to marry.
She had never, ever envisioned having to spend her life without him.

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