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Shanita Akhtar NOOOOOOOOOOO :|
I mean, the guy in the vid, is good-looking, but not Patch. Patch is different. I can't imagine him as any of the real-life-guys. Cos like he's hotter than fuck :D

Kania Yeah, i agree with you, but if this book will turn to movie i'll pick Steven Strait as Caleb in The Covenant movie

message 3: by Zoeღ (last edited Jun 03, 2012 08:43PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Zoeღ I agree with Shanita too.
I just think they shouldnt make it into a movie period. Its not possible to find a guy that will even compare to Patch's hotness(In my opinion). People probably imagine Patch differently and it would just make people mad to see him differently then what they thought he looked like. since he is so loved by sooo many girls it would be hard to find a guy that would meet all of their standards. Am I making any sence?

Mari I think he's the perfect Patch:
Look at this, and tell me what you think!
He's Francisco Lachowski, a (very beautiful) model.*-*

Alisha Taylor 💋 As much as i'd love for this series to become movies i really cant see just anyone patraying Patch i have a very concerte image of what he'd look like when i read these novels and anyone trying to bring him to life would just piss me off. I think. He's just too perfect in more ways then one

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