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message 1: by Kenneth Kwame (new)

Kenneth Kwame Welsh (infoseeker560) | 33 comments Mod

How about a discussion of these? Sometimes see a movie and find out it was a book.

Suggested by Linda R.

message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda Rowland | 6 comments This may be my own confession discussion.
Last night I was flipping through channels looking for a movie I had not seen (and thought I could stand) when I saw Running With Scissors. The title seemed familiar but the story was not. Dang! Found that not only is it a book, but it is a book sitting on my shelf. Not sure why I bought it since I had no idea what it was. I think I even put it on the nomination shelf of a book club.
If confession is good for the soul mine must be bursting.
I do suppose the title is what drew me to the book. That happens a lot.

message 3: by Jackduckworth (new)

Jackduckworth I have this on my wish list. Please let us know what you think of film and eventually, book.

message 4: by Linda (new)

Linda Rowland | 6 comments Of course I wanted to read the book now but have a couple of things first. It is a nominated book, so I try to hold off on those until they are on the book club list. The reason I was looking for a movie is my tendency to procrastinate. Needing to
re-read A Wrinkle In Time for a review that should have been in this morning, and need to read the book for 6/30 book club. This is with a James Lee Burke book giving me guilty stares from the table by the sofa where I watch television.
Now I must go and do that review for the local paper.
I did like the film. Annette Benning does no trash.
Watch for the book rating. Thanks for the encouragement.

message 5: by Jackduckworth (new)

Jackduckworth I am not very good with book clubs. I want everyone to read what I like. I have a few on my shelf that are gathering dust. I always feel if a group reader is raving about a book, I try harder to like it, and I don't like hurting their feeling by bitching!

message 6: by Linda (new)

Linda Rowland | 6 comments This is my first book club and I am very pleased with what we are doing. We are all new to book clubs and have made it what we want. Lively discussions and no harm/no foul with our ratings. It has gotten me to read things I would not have read on my own. Mostly enjoyed those. Found a few authors I would not read again, and even that is helpful.

message 7: by Jackduckworth (new)

Jackduckworth I am with a group on (can I say....Shelfari?) I must agree that I have read many different authors since joining. I was bogged down with just reading Stephen King, Grisham, Koontz and most of the top selling crime writers. I spent hours in the local library with my head at an unnatural angle, walking up and down the aisles searching for a familiar name. I now know I like Irving, The Lennox books (Craig Russell) Siri Parboun (Colin Cotterill), Neil Gaiman, and my favourite...Markus Zusak. I also know that Cormac McCarthy and probably The Kafka on the Shore author are not for me. I know it's "horses for courses" but, for some strange reason I feel disloyal (?) when I can't give a glowing report.

message 8: by Kenneth Kwame (new)

Kenneth Kwame Welsh (infoseeker560) | 33 comments Mod
I like Shelfari, also. But Goodreads, the people are a little more personable.

I have found tons of books that I read in my younger days, I can now add to my list.

message 9: by Jackduckworth (new)

Jackduckworth I'm not so sure about that! I just read some comments after a (probably) young person posted posted her views on The Golden Compass. The discussion that followed was hardly friendly. I can curse with the best of them, but the tone was quite disrespectful.

message 10: by Linda (new)

Linda Rowland | 6 comments Sorry to hear that. The only problem I have had with goodreads is difficulty maneuvering the site, and that seems to have gotten better.

message 11: by Jackduckworth (new)

Jackduckworth The iPad app is terrible. There are too few choices. I usually have to navigate through the main site to find who or what I want.

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