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Charisse Aguiluz (purplerose328) | 96 comments Mod
This is where you'll submit your characters for the District Role Plays.








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Charisse Aguiluz (purplerose328) | 96 comments Mod
Going to submit two characters!

Name: Charissa Wilson

Age: 14

District: 10

Family: Anne Wilson- Cousin

Appearance: Ultra black hair that reach up to her mid back, light brown skin, dark brown eyes under purple trimmed glasses and quite chubby build.

Job: Owns a poultry business.

Name: Leon William Anderson

Age: 14

District: 9

Family: Kevin Anderson- Older brother. Isaac Anderson- Father. Spencer Joy Anderson- Mother.

Appearance: Short black hair, brown eyes, fair skin and athletic build.

Job: Professional Hunter for the Capitol with his family

Other?: He's the boy whom Anne saved eight years ago.

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Name: Ayano Shiratori

Age: 17

District: 10

Family: Arria Shiratori- Sister. Father dead, mother an Avox.

Appearance: http://www.keliprice.com/images/repre...

Job: Butcher....

Other?: Ugh...........................................

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Nicole Name: Imigo Andres

Age: 17

District: 3

Family: Hi sFAther, Ian Andres

Apperance: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_cQa_T_famDY...

Job: Engineer


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Name: Reb (female)

Age: 17

District: 4

Family: All dead

Apperance: http://images.search.conduit.com/Imag...

Job: Makes hooks


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Charisse Aguiluz (purplerose328) | 96 comments Mod
@Nicole and @Captain Jack Sparrow: Characters accepted! You may now start role playing to the District Roleplays! :)

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