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Should he be mad? *spoilers*
Natalie Natalie Jun 01, 2012 09:35PM
I know that she thought Alex was dead, but do you think he still has the right to be mad at her for falling in love with Julian?? why or why not?

Alex really doesn't have a right because she thought he was dead and all of a sudden a shows up. He should just get over it. Even though I like Alex better.

okay okay!! Lena did think that alex was dead and she saw him standing there with bullets being shot at him and blood COVERING his shirt and then being tackled by regulators. Soo if i saw that happen to by bf heck yea i would think he was dead. And with julian he helped her too she would be dead if he didnt stab that guy when they were escaping. But when i read the ending i was like thats sick that lauren oliver had that ending. But I am pretty sure it was over a year from when she tried to escape with Alex so its a year and she think she knows he dead and she stuck in a room with this very handsom guy okay i know i would proably fall in love with julian to. But i wish she could be with both!!!

One: I loved Alex wayyyy more than julian and I hope that Lena chooses Alex!!
Two: does anyone know any books with a similar charactor to alwx

He doesn't know all the circumstances yet so he probably feels like he does. I feel so sad for him.

I think Alex has the right to be mad, but i also think he shouldn't. Lena thought he was dead for around a year. She also thought he died for her. Now think about how upset you woult be if the guy you loved died for you. I and mostly everone else would be a reck. So this makes Lena very strong for not being a mess. She thought about him all the time which is understandable, she loved him. She thought he was dead, and wasn't coming back and therefore realized she needed to move on. I'm glad she didn't go looking for Alex. Yes, i LOVED Alex, but she would have only died if she did. I am not mad at Lena for falling for Julian, she was with him for awhile and they got to know eachother, they saved eachother. Neither of them would've lived if they didn't save eachother. Then once Julian was said to be going to die, she felt the need to save him. She wanted to save him so much because She had lost so many people she cared about that she didn't want to loose him. She thought she had lost Alex, so can you blame her for not wanting to do for Julian what she could't have done for Alex. i understand why why she said the thing about praying for Alex's forgivness, but she wanted to kiss Julian again. She was sorry to Alex, for falling inlove again. But, if he had really died he should be happy she was falling for someone again, then she would be happy, the way she was when she was with him. So i think Alex should be mad, but he should forgive Lena. If i was Lena, i would have no idea what do do if, Alex became his old self & Julian was himself.. no matter what she did she would hurt someone. So, i feel bad for Lena for that. i'm soo excited for Requiem!

Natalie i agree with you completely!
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I think he does. I mean she didn't look that hard for him, she just assumed he was dead. Maybe if she looked for him and stuff i would have felt better about her falling in love with Jullian. But Alex did seem to always love her more.

But, like the entire book she was destroyed because of what happened to alex. Until she met jullian and even then she was like " i want to run away and pray alex for forgivness. I want to kiss jullian again."

Alex has the right to be mad, even though Lena assumed that he was dead after what happened on the other side of the fence. Yes, Lena suffered from Alex's "death" for a year and we - and Lena - don't know that Alex is also suffering in the Crypts - not just physically, emotionally, but HOLISTICALLY. From my point of view, Alex suffered more than Lena suffered, 'coz Alex doesn't have anyone who he can lean to unlike Lena - she had what she called family in the Wilds and Julian. Maybe the only consolation that he might get after he got out from the Crypts is Lena's hugs, kisses, and love.

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thats exactly what i thought. I've never done this before but... 100 pages in i had to flick to the end to see if Alex was back..Couldn't read it without knowing. She should have known..... Alex has every right to be P1ssed off.
Did anyone else really dislike Julian?

I think Alex has every right to be mad. He shows up, covered in scars and it will most likely reveal in Requiem that he went through hell to get back to Lena and then he finds her with Julian.

All the same, I don't blame Lena for moving on. She watched him get shot, get drenched in blood, inquired about him to Raven who said she hadn't seen or heard of the guy. Not to mention, she DID mourn him for a year, thought about him constantly and she kept her eyes and ears open just in case. A whole YEAR. Lena didn't plan on the whole thing with Julian happening, they shared a (well orchestrated) traumatic experience together that pushed them into the same corner so I can't really judge for how deeply they bonded. So I can kind of understand how they fell for each other so quickly. It's kind of reminiscent of how Alex and Lena fell so quickly within the space of a couple of weeks and I don't doubt for one minute that Lena is ungrateful for Alex helping her get out alive. She's had moments of weakness, but I don't think she regrets her choice.

Though something I'm personally grateful for is how this love triangle didn't appear until now. We got to meet the potential love interests as individuals instead of two guys struggling for top place for three books. Good move.

Yes he does have the right to be mad.. Am I the only one who thinks she moved on a little to fast??

hell ya! for all he did for her in the first book and the way she easily fell in love with the first other dude she met was very mean of her but he shouldn't be totally mad beacause she DID think he was dead sooooooo yah i guess we'll just have to find out in the next book

It kind of made me mad that she risked her life sneaking off to rescue Julian, even though she wasn't sure if he was dead or not, and she didn't do the same for Alex. She assumed he was dead and never went back for him.

Sheyenne However, I don't think he was nessasarly mad (although he has every right to be) I think he felt more betrayed then anything else ...more
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Yeah, she was not determined and faithful enough to wait for him. Instead she went for Julian. Both the guys are aggrieved.

He has......half a right to be mad. I mean, of course lena was trying to fill the empty void in her heart. She thought alex was dead for gosh sakes. But she didnt have to be so over dramatic about loving julian. :s

Honestly, I think he shouldn't. But even if I knew I had no reason to be pissed off, I'd still feel betrayed and angry. So I don't blame Alex if he's mad as hell

Alex might be mad at her for giving him up for julian. I don't think Lena really loves Julian like the way she loved alex .

Alex and Lena 4 ever!

....YES!!! I wanted to not like Julian, as I loved Alex in Delirium, but I did find Julian a likeable character.....however, I mean,(she thought) Alex had DIED for her!! I did like Julian, but I'm a bit mad at Lena! If I were Alex, having just escaped the Crypts to find Lena, comes back to find her and Julian in love!!! I mean, the whole point of Delirium was that she and Alex fell in love even though it wasn't allowed, and you'd think after all Lena and Alex went through, after how much they fell in love in Delirium, Lena wouldn't just sought of forget Alex just because she thought he was dead. I know that she must have been going through a lot, and I did like Julian as a character, and I did feel happy for Lena as she did deserve to be happy after all that happened. I can completely see why Alex would be annoyed, though.

Sorry for the ramble, lol! :P

Beth xx

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He is just going to be mad because that is the woman he loves no matter what. Lena thought that he may be alive for a while and it has to be tiring to constantly look every where and think you see him. I mean why do that to yourself? She saw someone she loved get shot and I think the average person would think ok that person is dead but she kept believing no he is alive. Then she let her self rest and made her peace you know? You can't blame her for falling for Julian quickly. I mean wasn't like a year since she saw Alex? Plus she was emotionally damaged from her loss of Alex so it wouldn't be that hard for someone else to pick up the pieces. Especially with what she & Julian went through. She would of never let herself get close to Julian in that way if she had the slightest inkling that Alex was alive...never. Lena is not like that at all. You don't choose who you fall in love with. Personally I like them both which makes me kind of see through her eyes. If I were her I would be having a damn meltdown.

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Of course he has the right to be mad at Lena. It's like she had never given any hope to Alex returning, so she just got a new boyfriend. I knew Alex would come back, so I said a big I TOLD YOU SO to Lena when Alex was back on the last page. Take that, Lena/

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Honestly? Hell yeah. This Lena from the sequel was a total wash-out from the likeable girl I related to in DELIRIUM. I seriously was furious with her in PANDEMONIUM! Alex has every friggin right to be pissed with her-he risked EVERYTHING for her, and even helped her learn the truth about love AND her mom! Yeesh, and she moves on to some flat character. Yech. Hopefully Alex will straighten her up!

Okay, i think yes because without Alex, she wouldn't have escaped and found her mother (sort of) or fallen for Julian. I also found it stupid she didn't wait. She was all like "he's the love of my life" and blah blah so she shouldn't have done that. (thought I seriously saw he leaving Alex for another guy and him coming back, wasn't that just a tad obvious?)

I was so mad at Lena for falling in love with julian so quickly. She was like "since he's dead i'll just move on and forget alex!" She was totally messed up for doing that

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