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Anthony (Anthony3) | 20 comments Mod

message 2: by Mackenzie (new)

Mackenzie  | 24 comments omg random!!!!!!!!!!! ANTHONY!!!!!!!!!!!! i am wearing a tie right now and my phone is ringing but i am not going to answer it it is my friend paula calling she is probably asking me what i am doing tomorrow night and i am to lazy to talk mean while i am typing till i fant lol is that possible i dont think typing can make u teired or out of breath lol funny what ever i am hungry and i liek beaches and omg stephanie he he he i can't tell u but ha ha ha oh and hannah ha ha what ever oh steph and terever and jaek all have broken hearts are the icons because steph broke up wiht jake and she liked someone else btu they didn't like her and now she is over them and onto someone else but yeah and terever yeah idk i dont really know the kid lol but he is going out with val now and i have no clue who she is btu i think she in 6t grade like him lol oh and morgan says she loves red heads (or conor) lol and i talk to al these 6th graders on gmail lol and i made up stephanies gmail acount name for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol it is hockeychix22 lol it use to be jlrocksoutloud but like the jl standed for jake and his last name idk how to spell it and liek she needed a new one so i made one up for her lol :D!!!!! i felt special lol :D and my shirt has a peace sign lol well like the fungures one i wore a one with liek the cirle peace sign like 4 days ago lol but the tie i am wearing has peace signs on it
lol :D "peace!" so yeah i am going to go do something else or right a diffrent comment lol :D

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Jessica ok. i didn't read it

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