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message 1: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 3 comments Do you have a favorite among Madeleine L'Engle's books? Have you read her non-fiction as well as her fiction? Which books have touched you life the most? Which ones do you recommend to friends?

message 2: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa | 3 comments For me, it's hard to pick one. I've read most of her non-fiction, and cried after reading "Two-Part Invention." I suspect that may have partly because my own marriage was not doing well, and the book made me achingly aware of what was missing in that relationship.
Among her adult novels, "A Severed Wasp" is hard to beat. I really liked how she brought some of her early characters back to life is such plausible ways. As usual, her characterizations are thoughtful and interesting.
As for her YA novels, "An Acceptable Time" is the one I've returned to the most, along with "A Ring of Endless Light." (No, I don't have a thing for Zachary Grey!) Both stories deftly handle some of the complexities of growing up.

message 3: by Angela (new)

Angela Corbin | 3 comments I loved Two Part Invention as well. I would definately read it again...and again, I think.
But the first L'Engle non-fiction that I read was so perfectly timed in my life, I remember blogging that she (and an Elgar Cello Concerto performed at a Symphony concert) "breathed life" back into me. Despite the great joy of new motherhood, I was in a somewhat depressed slump, after having my first baby, feeling like my world was full of sameness and my mind was losing its ability to think beyond the daily tasks. "Walking on Water" was exactly what I needed that summer. And later, "A Circle of Quiet" filled me with inspiration and hope in my life as a mother, a teacher, a musician, a follower of Jesus. She nurtured me and challenged me ...right into grad school. I even re-"read" "Wrinkle" during my first summer commute to MSU for my Masters program. That's when I fell in love with the trilogy...and her fiction. Again.

message 4: by Emily (new)

Emily | 1 comments I recently read Certain Women, which was wonderful, drawing parallels between the wives of fictional actor David and the wives of King David from the Bible. I also am currently enjoying Penguins and Golden Calves, expressing L'Engle's views on icons vs. idols...

However, my absolute favorite is A Ring of Endless Light. It's one of the most beautiful books I have ever read, and I read it during a time in my life when my grandfather, like the protagonist's, was entering his last days. L'Engle's words brought me hope and beauty in that time of intense pain. ( I even wrote an art song based on one of the poems in the book, dedicated in memory of my PawPaw.)

I know of few other authors who can transport me to a place that is so whole, creative, and beautiful.

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4 comments I love The Other Side of the Sun because of the theme of memory and redemption.

When I bought Two-Part Invention: The Story of a Marriage, I couldn't read it for several months because I read on the flyleaf that her husband had died, and I couldn't bear to read the pain and reflection. It is also one of my favourites.

A Ring of Endless Light is also a favorite, although it is edged out by A House Like a Lotus. That book was so achingly beautiful. Dealing with death, betrayal, love, forgiveness...WOW!

message 6: by Kate (new)

Kate Farrell | 4 comments And how could I forget A Severed Wasp -- another fantastic book on betrayal, love, forgiveness, aging gracefully.

message 7: by Teaqueen (last edited Jan 25, 2016 09:57AM) (new)

Teaqueen I have read none of her non fiction but all of the fiction.

My favorites:
1. A Ring of Endless Light
2. An Acceptable Time
3. A Wrinle in Time
4. Meet the Austins
5. Troubling a Star

I re read her books all the time and just finished (for at least my 4th time) The Small Rain.

Hope this group is still active! Would love to chat with other L'engle fans!!

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