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For the children of a woof... err.... uh... For the Goddess of wolve's children... sounds a little better. ANYWAYS: ENJOY! ^-^

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J.D. pushed Eta into the cabin tears stinging her eyes.
"Eta can you please be Shelby again?"

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Isabelle arrives at the cabin.

"J.D.! What in the hell are you doing!?"

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"I don't know. I'm so confused. Your trying to get me to like someone when I still like another. I honestly don't know what to do." J.D. wiped her face.

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"Shaine likes you!"

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"I know but how can I date someone with a broken heart I can-" she didn't finish her sentence because a commotion outside came in.
"Do it Shaine." Gaile says.
"Alright, alright." Shaine walks up to J.D. and kisses her. To her the world stopped and wouldn't spin when he parted. "I'm sorry he dared me." He didn't even notice the huge amount of color forming on her cheeks.

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"Gaile!" she ran over and kissed him, "Why'd you do that?"

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"Because he likes her." He kissed her back.

J.D. sat there on her be her heart felt like it was stitched back together. She was stunned, yet relieved. She sat the staring out the door.

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"She likes him" she said as she saw the expression on J.d.'s face

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She didn't respond just sat there. It was kinda weird cause she wasn't blinking. Shaine walked up to her again.
"Hay you okay?" She didn't respond except she blinked turning her eyes to him. "Ummm somethings wrong."

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Isabelle ran over to J.D.

"You okay?"

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She pulled Isabelle close and whispered in her ear. "The world stopped."

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"What do you mean?" she started to whisper

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"Its him. He's the one." She whispered back.

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"I told you that you would fall in love with another" she said as she smiled

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"Shut up." She giggled as she lightly pushed Isabelle.

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She giggled and made her get up.

"Go over to him."

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"Hay J.D. nice cabin. How are you?" He leaned up to her ear. "You felt the world stop too right?" J.D. stared at him then pulled him into another kiss.

"Awww. Aren't they adorable babe?" Gaile asked.

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"Yeah, and so are we." she said as she went in for a kiss.

"I love you Gaile" she caressed his face.

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He kissed her as he picked her up and layed her on a bed. He swung his leg over her hip. He kissed her neck and collar.

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She giggled as he kissed her neck.

"That tickles, heh heh!"

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He chuckled as he kissed her shoulder.

J.D. looked over and crossed her arms.
"Hay! Its a little too soon for that!"

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"No it isn't!" she said as she pulled Gaile down and kissed him some more

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"Don't you dare let pubic bones touch!" J.D. yelled. "You may makeout but nothing more!"

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"Wow" she giggled, "She's Jealous." she whispered

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"No its just awkward. That's why I can never enter the Nyx cabin. Its awkward in there now."

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She giggled.


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"Yeeeees?" He stared at her lovingly

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"Your the best boyfriend a girl can have! I love you"

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"No your the best. I love you too." He layed down against the wall holding her against his chest.

Shaine was laughing with J.D.
"So Miranda now has to streak in the mall in Amarillo." She took pictures of her and Shaine.

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She giggled and turned around to kiss him.

"Mine!" she giggled

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"I am no prize! But for you I am." He kissed her sweetly. He then looks over at his half brother. "I heard streaking! Shaine I thought you grew out of that!"
"Not me! This chic named Miranda!"

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"Wow" she got up and ran over to Shaine,.

"Why don't you go somewhere with J.D. and spend some quality time with her?" she whispered as she winked

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"Her cabin, her rules. Take it to your cabin." Shaine chuckled.

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"You need to spend time with her" she looked at him with eyes full of desperation

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"I am."
"He is!" J.D. yelled. "We were till you came up."

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"Go somewhere other than here"

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"Its my cabin. Better yet let's all hang here and rock out to 'Highway to Hell'."

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She giggled.


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The music blared.


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"Come here!" she giggled

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He past Shaine and J.D. jamming out. He grabbed Isabelle's hand and pulled her into a dance.

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She squeeked.

"No! I can't dance!"

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"Then jump around."

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She giggles and starts dancing.

"I hope this isn't too bad" she said as she danced.

Luciana walks in.

"Hello guys." she winked

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Laura walks in and squealed. It caused J.D. to pull out her knives. "Oh its you."

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Lucianna walks over to Laura.

"Please go, I think that girl wants to kill you"

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TheLostSeraph (shadowleadr) | 201 comments Guile walks in with Laura in one arm "Very nice cabin J.D."

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Isabelle falls on a couch and calls for Gaile to cry on.

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