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message 1: by Dreamspinner (new)

Dreamspinner Press (dreamspinnerpress) | 2637 comments Mod
Cardeno C. joins us on Saturday, June 2, from 1-6 pm EST (GMT-5) to answer questions, share excerpts, and more!

message 2: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi all. This is my first chat. I feel pretty accomplished by even getting here. I required lots of assistance (thanks Ariel). So how is everybody's Saturday?

message 3: by Stacia (new)

Stacia (ladykatana) | 39 comments Hey! I'm late but I'm here.

message 4: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Don't know how long I can chat but in your new short I saw a character named Jen and then Ginger. Ohhh, I identified...I think? BTW, no sleep till brooklyn is the house aka I might turn into a zombie any minute.

Any news on new projects or upcoming projects?

message 5: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi Stacia! Hi Jenn! Thanks so much for joining me.

message 6: by Katie (new)

Katie (katchaya) | 5 comments I finally figured out how to get here. It should be a little more clear, but I gather you have nothing to do with it. LOL

message 7: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Stacia, you're not late. Or if you are, I am too because I think we're just starting. :)

Jenn, you think right. Did you like them? I hope you did. Something I try to do in my books is have some strong, interesting female characters. Given the fact that I write m/m romance, they're never the main characters, but I like to hope the women that appear are interesting, good people. Did I hit the mark or do I need to make changes if that's my goal?

message 8: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Katie, I struggled to get here too. I'm so tech-challenged that I was sure it was all my fault. I figure if you had trouble too, it's not me. Or maybe it is me and I sent you to the wrong place. That's likely. Sorry! And thanks for getting here, even if I made you work too hard to do it. :)

message 9: by Katie (new)

Katie (katchaya) | 5 comments I think your women are better characters than most. I hate it when the women are vilified or just cardboard cutouts that cook and clean and nothing else.

message 10: by Jenn (last edited Jun 02, 2012 10:12AM) (new)

Jenn Cardeno wrote: "Stacia, you're not late. Or if you are, I am too because I think we're just starting. :)

Jenn, you think right. Did you like them? I hope you did. Something I try to do in my books is have some st..."

You did. I found Jen tired but not angry. She was frustrated, but knew it was time. She never in the small bit I read seemed unrealistic, over the top, or whiny. I loved Ginger *fellow red head myself* She reminded me of Jimny Crickett and leading someone on their path. Loved her. Funny but not instrusive.

Why can't I spell correct today?? Oh well.

message 11: by Tinnean (new)

Tinnean | 34 comments Hey, CC! I made it!

message 12: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 2 comments Hey! I'm here too! :D Took me a bit to find it though.

message 13: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi Tinn! Thanks for coming. I'm not sure how this works, but hopefully I won't mess it up too badly.

message 14: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for joining us. So far, I seem to be posting things and inadvertently deleting them. I'll keep working at this.

message 15: by Katie (new)

Katie (katchaya) | 5 comments don't hate me but I find paranormal stories really boring. It just seems so unreal to me. I like the contemporary category best. But that's just me. I know there are HUGE fans of shifters/vampires, et al.
I have questions.... do you write full time or are you saddled with a day job? Do you write every day? how long? I know I started reading you on CRVboy I think. But since then I have bought your stuff. Your really good, better than most, JMHO.

message 16: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) I have a new book coming out on August 15th. It's called Wake Me Up Inside and it's my first foray into paranormal (shifters). The sister of one of the main characters is someone I really enjoyed writing. I hope she's a character readers like.

message 17: by Tinnean (new)

Tinnean | 34 comments Cardeno wrote: "Hi Tinn! Thanks for coming. I'm not sure how this works, but hopefully I won't mess it up too badly."

I'm as technically challenged. My grandson does better than me, and that's just depressing.

message 18: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) First, thank you Katie! I appreciate the kind words. If you decide to read Wake Me Up Inside, please send me a note and let me know what you think. It's set in a contemporary world, but there are shifters so obviously it isn't the real world. That said, I think the feel of the story is similar to my others. And I hope there's even a little soap-boxy message hidden there. That was a lot to chew off, but I tried.

As far as my writing time, I am saddled with a day job. I wish I could write every day but life gets in the way. I have a corporate type day job. Plus I volunteer with HRC, which can sometimes feel like a full time volunteer job. And then there's my writing. I tend to squeeze that in late at night or during short spurts of downtime. But the characters are always in my head. And, yup, I started out on CRVboy. :)

message 19: by Tinnean (new)

Tinnean | 34 comments Cardeno wrote: "I have a new book coming out on August 15th. It's called Wake Me Up Inside and it's my first foray into paranormal (shifters). The sister of one of the main characters is someone I really enjoyed w..."

This sounds interesting. I love shifters. I'll mark it on my calendar.

message 20: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 2 comments Shifters are cool :) there are some that seem unreal, but others go really well. I'm gonna bank on yours being the latter Cardeno :) I can't wait to read it and see!

How do you come up with your ideas? Do they randomly come to you? How much planning is involved?

message 21: by Jenn (new)

Jenn I really liked the new short. It might be one of my favorites. Any chance for a revisit with them or with characters from your Vampire or Halloween shorts?

message 22: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Thanks, Tinn.

Elizabeth, you'll have to let me know if I missed the mark, but I really like how Wake Me Up Inside turned out so I hope you will too.

As far as my ideas, a lot of them are based on little anecdotes and experiences from life. My life and friends' lives. I send myself e-mails or jot down notes when somebody tells me something funny and I keep a list of those things. Then when I'm writing, I go back to it to see if any of the events fit the story.

message 23: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) I'm glad you like Places in Time, Jenn. Did you get a sense for what you liked about that one versus others? Was it the famous actor concept or the time travel thing? I'm asking because if I know what aspect of a story resonates, it's something I can use to build future stories.

I think I'll probably write more about TJ and Finn (they're in the Halloween short and in Woman with a Dildo and in another short called All In). My thoughts so far are that they'll show up every so often in a freebie.

As far as Xander and Jeremy. Yup, I do plan to revisit them. I don't have anything specific in mind right now, but I'm always open to ideas.

message 24: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Frances (sfrancespr) | 1 comments Hey guys! Finally found you. Thanks for the invite C!

message 25: by Mary (new)

Mary Gresham | 13 comments Well, as far as paranormal books go, I love them just as much as contemporary books. But, I read so much, I need a large variety of sub genres to keep me interested. Ive gone from full out romance, to BDSM, to paranormal, all in one day.
So, from my point of view, you writing a shape shifter book is going to work out just fine.
I know there will probably be some who won't like it, but I've told other authors, you can't please everyone all the time, so you need to please yourself first. I am easy, I like most everything, which surprises me. But all you wonderful authors can think Mr. Andrew Grey for that, because without him, I wouldn't even be reading the m/m genre.
Anyway, write for yourself first, then, for us. I will read your books regardless, you have a fan for life.
Um, are you going to be in New Mexico in October for GRL?

message 26: by Katie (new)

Katie (katchaya) | 5 comments Well since it's you Cardeno, I'll give the shifter thingy a chance. . And my only suggestion to you when your writing is add some nice lesbian characters to your supporting women. Yes I am a weird dyke who reads M/M romance. F/F romance seems like most is written for men, by other men. Just totally disingenuous.

message 27: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi Shirley! Thanks for coming. I think I messed up the location. I'm sorry for being directionally challenged, both online and in real life.

Hi Mary. Sadly, no, I won't be at GRL but I hear it's going to be terrific! Are you going?

I'll thank Andrew Grey for bringing readers for all of us. And I'll thank readers for helping me publish. As was discussed earlier in this chat, I started out posting free stories on crvboy. I hadn't ever considered publishing and didn't even know there were gay romance books out there. But a few readers wrote me and told me about Dreamspinner Press and encouraged me to publish. I'll never stop being grateful for that. They literally made my dream come true. A couple of them are here right now in fact. :)

message 28: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) You know what, Katie, you're so right! Not about the weird thing, there are quite a few lesbian readers (and writers) of m/m. And I have so many close lesbian friends. How have I left them out of my books? *slapping self internally* You've just added a lesbian character to my next book, whatever it may be. How do you feel about me using your name since it's your idea?

(Oh, and I did have one itty bitty lesbian in Just What the Truth Is. She's the one who talked to Ben at Noah's BBQ. The funny thing about her is that she brings these chat threads together because she said a couple of things that were completely based on things a friend of mine said that lead me to jot down notes furiously. The "what exactly says straight to you about this hairstyle" and the "oh, honey, no you're not."

message 29: by Katie (new)

Katie (katchaya) | 5 comments Wow, I would be honored. Thank you. Gotta go do Laundry now but have a great chat!

message 30: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

message 31: by Mary (new)

Mary Gresham | 13 comments Yes, I am going to GRL, will be my second time and I'm bring my very open minded husband, as well as a young friend who I consider my best friend, even though he's young enough to be my son at 21, but he loves reading as much as I do, just doesn't get to read as much because he works.

Andrew is a gem among authors and I will get to meet him in NM. I will be honest, I've read all of his books. And to think, if it hadn't been for that one free Anazon download in April of last year, I wouldn't be where I am today. I would still be that bored lady who reads. Now, I have friends that I would have never mey if it hadn't been for him, most especially Travis, the young man who is going over there with us.

message 32: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) That's so great to hear, Mary. I'm glad you were able to connect with other people with shared interests. And I'm super envious of you and everybody going to GRL. The person who does my website (Kelly Shorten) is very involved in that. If you see Kelly, give her a hug for me. She's the best.

I'm also interested in the thought that a free short story brought you here. I am a marketing novice in every way, so I have no idea what brings new readers to our work. For that matter, I don't know how to post a free short on Amazon (though I did post one on All Romance and I have a few on my website). If you have ideas of how to reach more future-readers like you, please share!

message 33: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Well as for my own personal taste I don't really like insta love so I liked that this was a love that had always been there but it was slowly (years-wise) peeled away for both the MC and reader to see. I liked that the humor felt quick and sharp, and that the character hadn't always been an 8-pack kind of guy. I also liked that their was minimal drama especially on the family end. I've been reading a ton of books lately where a giant amount of conflict is coming from family situations. While that's needed in the genre, at same time it can get very exhausting and repetitive. I loved the time travel aspect as well.

message 34: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Oh, Jenn, I think you're going to like The One Who Saves Me (fingers crossed that by saying that, I didn't just somehow kill it). That story is the new one in my Home series. I think of it as a friends to friends/lovers to friends/not-lovers to forever story. They don't travel through time in the sci fi sense, but the book does span two decades and you get to see their lives and relationship during every one of those years.

message 35: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Isn't Places in Time the one I just read? And YAYAYAYAY. your description sounds awesome. ;-)

message 36: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Oh, and to add to it Jenn, Caleb (one of the characters from the One Who Saves Me) was most certainly not mister eight pack but he most definitely is mister snarky sarcasm. Ditto re the family drama (at least due to the characters being gay). I feel like I just wrote a book that met your description without having read your description. I'm now officially going to be biting my nails hoping you like it.

message 37: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi Carissa! Welcome. Thanks for coming.

Jenn, yes, Places in Time is what you just read. The One Who Saves Me is the new Home book. It'll be released in November.

message 38: by Jenn (new)

Jenn Is Caleb the artsy guy that was hanging out with Aaron & Zach? And lol I'm sure I'll love it. Is this one in first person or more like the Jake/Nathan story?

message 39: by Brandi (new)

Brandi Roberts | 6 comments Here finally, now to catch up on all the posts :)

message 40: by Mary (new)

Mary Gresham | 13 comments Cardeno, it actually wasn't a short story, it was one out of his series Love Means. It was just something that Amazon offered, they have about 100 or so free books available each day and I usually downloaded several each day and his just happened to be one of them.
I don't know what to tell you about putting some free reads on there, but you might contact Ryan Field, he has self-published on Amazon and although his book was $ .99, as always it was a great story.
If I see Kelly, I will give her a hug for you. Its a shame you can't go too, it would be nice.

message 41: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Caleb is the designer. You met him in Love at First Sight (David and Jonathan) but I don't think he was in He Completes Me (Aaron and Zach). This one is in third person (like Love at First Sight). So it's not a back and forth like Where He Ends and I Begin (Jake/Nate) and the characters arean't talking directly to the reader (like in He Completes Me or in Just What the Truth Is), but you get to know a bit from both characters view points.

message 42: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Hi Brandi! Thanks so much for making the time to join us.

Mary, there are free books on Amazon each day? How did I not know this? Are they in a particular location? How do I find them? How cool!

message 43: by Mary (new)

Mary Gresham | 13 comments Yes, there are free books everyday, lol. Go to Amazon, from drop down menu select kindle, the second drop menu, kindle books, then from side menu, select brsy sellers. There are 100 free books and 100 best selling paid books.

message 44: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Check out my website for the book descriptions, Carissa, in case some got dropped from your kindle. I can help jog your memory if you're not sure whether you read them. www.cardenoc.com. Plus, there are a few free shorts on there.

message 45: by Brandi (new)

Brandi Roberts | 6 comments I'm really looking forward to your trip into the paranormal world. I saw a blurb for it recently and started chatting with some friends about it. Sigh, don't you just wish you could speed up time sometimes so you could grab a book you were waiting on hehe.

So far, which is your favorite book you have written?

message 46: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Thank you, Mary! I'll do that. I'm learning all sorts of great things today.

message 47: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Here's the unofficial blurb for Wake Me Up Inside (meaning I wrote it, not the publisher so it's sure to improve): Zev Hassick was born to lead. He is the son of the pack Alpha and regarded by the entire pack as the strongest wolf in generations, a man they look up to and admire. So Zev is surprised and confused when he finds himself attracted to his best friend. His very human, very male best friend. After all, everyone knows that a male shifter has to tie with a female shifter to keep his humanity. So shifters can't be gay, right?

Jonah Marvel knows who he is and he knows what he wants -- a relationship with his best friend and the man he has loved since childhood. But maintaining that relationship over years spent living apart while Jonah studies to become a doctor isn't easy. And things are suddenly even more difficult when Jonah becomes his own patient and struggles to understand his past so that he can cure unexplained ailments that plague him and make a life with Zev.

Two men, destined for each other, will have to overcome traditions ingrained over many generations and uncover long buried secrets in order to build a future together.

message 48: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) Now, in answer to your question, Brandi, I think each of my books has something in it that appeals to me and whenever I'm writing one, it feels like my favorite.

The book that resonates most with me is probably Just What the Truth Is. Ben was a quiet little voice in my head from the time I wrote Home Again. He was actually the first thing I wrote in that book - Caleb's description of him - which is odd because Ben isn't a primary character in that book. But there he was, in my head, asking me to tell his story in a way that was honest. I had anxiety for a long time about doing his struggle justice.

You know I think sometimes we're all a bit quick to judge. I know I'm guilty of it as much as the next person. And Ben was a character that was easy for readers to hate or dislike because of what he did to Noah and Clark, because of how he lived his life, etc. But to me Ben is real because people are layered and complex. Someone can make "bad" choices without being a bad person. Also, I really enjoyed showing how two children growing up in the same house, can react so differently to the same pain. That is Noah and Ben. And you see it in Just What the Truth Is.

message 49: by Cardeno (new)

Cardeno C. (cardenoc) *Clark's* description. Not Caleb's. Here's the description I mean (from Home Again): Benjamin Forman was over six feet tall, with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and bulging muscles. He had thick, chestnut hair that always seemed to lie on his head in a perfect style with every hair in place, big, wide-set, brown eyes that twinkled when he laughed, full red lips, a straight nose, strong jaw, and a perfect symmetry to his handsome face that any model would have envied. He was on the starting lineups of our high school basketball, baseball, and football teams. He was in student council, honors classes, and he volunteered two afternoons a week to tutor theEnglish as a Second Language students. He was voted homecoming king, prom king, best-looking, and most likely to succeed our senior year. And, in addition to all of those other things, he was my best friend.
There I was, the new kid in town, spending lots of time with Mister You‟re-too-perfect-to-be-real. This should be the part of the story where I tell you that I had a crush on Ben. And, in a real fantasy tale, I‟d say that, after months or even years of angst and trauma, he admitted that he was madly, deeply in love with me. But that wasn‟t the case. Ben was into girls and I had never had any feelings other than platonic friendship for the guy. He simply wasn‟t my type. His brother, on the other hand, captivated me from the moment I saw him. Noah Forman was my everything from day one.

message 50: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (rebecca_cohen) | 90 comments Hi Cardeno,

*waves from Switzerland*

I saw that Wake Me Up Inside is your first foray into the paranormal genre... what made you want to dip your toes in the water?


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