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Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 556 comments Mod
Discuss The Night Circus here!

Since it doesn't really have a plot as most say, I won't separate this thread into spoiler and non spoiler, but if there is anything actually spoilery go ahead and put it under a spoiler html tag. Thanks!

Stacey (optimisticlyricist) | 11 comments I'm not sure if I like the format, as in the constant switch of POVs and time.

Zoe Elizabeth (Booksatlunch)  (booksatlunch) | 52 comments I didn't like the format at first, but once I got farther into the story it didn't bother me. Also, the closer you get to the end, the closer the point-of-views are in time

Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 556 comments Mod
I confess I wanted to read this book because of the food descriptions. I hope there are plenty. I am here for food porn every and all days of the week.

message 5: by Wigs (last edited Jun 08, 2012 03:46PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 556 comments Mod
I have a thing for circus books so full well knowing there's no plot I don't mind going for it.

I really liked Geek Love even though that is like probably the grittiest nastiest circus book there is, good lord. I was seeking fulfillment for more circusy type stuff so this was on my radar.

I actually really recommend Geek Love if you can stomach rampant incest, nasty-ass mutated festuses in jars (I was like throwing up in my mouth when they described the fetus that resembled a lasagna that they called "The Pan"), and mass cult amputation.

message 6: by Laura (new)

Laura (javamonster) | 13 comments I'm not sure I'm getting into this. I'm about 11% in and I'm not feeling it at all

Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish) (ostensiblya) | 71 comments Unfortunately, it's Summit that optioned this book for a movie, so it basically has no chance.

I couldn't stand the time jumping. It was awful. I didn't mind the second-person interludes though.

Krista (leia1912) | 12 comments I fell in love with this book just for the descriptions. Not the characters, not the plot--nope, just the descriptions. (All I could think of is why hasn't a company like Philosophy jumped on this bandwagon and made "Night Circus" type products to go with the book?)

Taylor (ttakats) I have to say, I absolutely loved it. I loved the magic that surrounded the whole thing and the extremely rich descriptions of the circus itself. I wish the circus was real so I could wander around it and become absorbing in its wonder. I actually liked how there were different povs, I thought it worked well with the plot (if that makes sense). I plan to buy this book, since I borrowed it from my library, so that i can revisit it sometime soon.

message 10: by Wigs (new) - rated it 3 stars

Wigs (wigsnatcher) | 556 comments Mod
That's great! I'm so glad to see a very positive review. It's still on my shelf waiting but it makes me excited to get around to it :)

Zoe Elizabeth (Booksatlunch)  (booksatlunch) | 52 comments Wigs wrote: "That's great! I'm so glad to see a very positive review. It's still on my shelf waiting but it makes me excited to get around to it :)"

Get to it!! I loved it so much. I stayed up way later than I should have some nights reading it.

Stacey (optimisticlyricist) | 11 comments I have to agree with everyone else in that the descriptions of the circus were amazing. I also wish that this circus was real and that I could wander around The Cloud Maze or whatever. Or at least go to one of those Midnight Dinners. I also liked the second person interludes since I could actually imagine myself in those scenarios. But seriously, I did not like the main characters (besides Bailey) at all or the love story. When (view spoiler) I just rolled my eyes. It was so anticlimatic, imo.

Stephanie LGW (xstephanielgwx) | 26 comments I'm only about 1/4 in, but I love the descriptions of the circus. And I want that clock!

The whole book seems dense, but I've still managed to hammer out a good chunk on my train ride to and from work. It also seems to remind me of the Time Traveler's Wife with the POV changes, though they don't seem as jarring.

message 14: by Kate (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kate I really liked the book a lot! I found the visuals immensely...well visual. She was so descriptive and everything just came alive in my mind. I also didn't mind the switching the POV or time periods at all, in fact I thought it contributed to the eloquence of the book. It seemed like she had really mastered her characters and knew the 'plot' so well. I rarely rate books 5 stars but I did this one.

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