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When the Heart Lies - 88,600 words. Women's fiction, non traditional romance. Light suspense.

Annalise Hollander is married to Liam Hollander. At the altar, he’s the man of her dreams, a charming, handsome, corporate lawyer who has women at his feet. And the world at his disposal with the utterance of the Hollander name. But being a beautiful, socialite wife, doesn’t fill the emptiness that plagues Annalise. It magnifies it. In a state of self-doubt and fear, facing the issues that have weakened her defenses and resolve are over whelming. Her marriage appears to be lost for good. She’s primed and ready for the manipulations and sweet talk of Luther,a man twice her age who befriends her on the internet. She travels from New York to Florida with her three-year-old son, to live with Luther, a man she’s never met. Sweet talking Luther isn’t at all what she’d hoped. Manipulated by her new circumstances, she wakes up three months later to find herself in a luxury treatment facility in Florida. Sent there for no reason apparent reason, she meets, Jake, the PI hired to secretly watch and protect her and her son. When life in Florida turns both dangerous and tragic, she finds the strength and courage to overcome her fears, her past, and her future with a new-found honesty. She’s ready, but Jake, a man she could truly love would never understand. She’s determined to keep him far away from the twisted past she’s lived. She’s determined to get her son home, to NY, to his father, and fix the life she’d always dream't he’d live. Would be enough for her?

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I'm in.

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That's great. I need some honest input, I have a thick skin. I have only had review of first two chapters and found the readers comments very helpful. This has not been edited. Please let me know where to send it. Do you have a kindle to download? Or another device?

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I have a kindle you can send it to

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Okay, I'll send it now.Thanks again.

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Stephanie Cook (sweetheart8181) | 8 comments I would love to read this! I have a kindle too! My address is

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