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Some say that the water is silvery and carries bad luck. Some say it has a monster under. But whatever it is, it's dangerous. Have fun.

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Gal Monique walked slowly around the lake, narrowing her eyes when spotting Kevin. She was going to yell at him, scream at him, even blackmail him to finally realize what he does. What he makes her, Monique, go through just because he doesn't make his move on Anna. With a sigh, she allowed herself to smile -well, at least tried to- in the though of finally getting peace. There was certainly no peace when Anne was annoyed, or -at the point- lovesick. Finally, this would be over.
"YOU!", she yelled at him, and when Kevin's confused face turned to her, she smirked. He muttered something, and Monique rolled her eyes. What on earth was Anne liking on this dude? "Yes, you. Do you see anyone else here? Look, I want this to be fast and soon over. Don't want my reputation falling just because I'm talking to you of all people. And don't get me mentioning how I hate myself for doing this. Of course, I've got to do everything by myself once again."
She stopped talking when he started asking her all stupid of questions, but she cut him down by giving him one of her famous glares. If he continued like that, Monique bet he wouldn't stay alive after all of this ended.
"You like Anne, right? More like totally obsessed, with all these lovely-dovie looks you keep throwing at her like a lovesick idiot. Well, guess what -Anne's not much farther from you. She's a lovesick idiot too! Well, isn't that perfect, right? You can now marry and do all these nerdy babies of you! But, sadly, Anne's not a coward like you. Actually, scratch that, she's just more smart. She waits from you to make the first move, but Merlin's beard, you just keep avoiding her like she's the plague when she even as much gives a glance at you. Don't even get me started on this tomato-like face you have when you're embarrassed -seriously, dude, what she sees on you, anyway? The point is, if you don't finally make your move on her, she will get over you and find someone more smart -and hopefully more hot- than you. And I so don't want her drooling over you and sulking at me, just because you're an idiot to realize how idiotic it seems that you are, like, meant for each other -yes, as strange as it is coming from awesome me, you are sickeningly cute together. Now, don't you even dare even mention to Anne I even said that to you, or I'm aware I won't have one of my hands afterwards."
With a deep sigh, she looked at Kevin whose face pretty much didn't show any kind of emotion. She was going to give that to him -he was pretty good on not freaking our when Monique was rambling (which, Merlin, was occasional). With a last sigh, she looked at him with narrowed eyes, and dramatically turned her back to him for, hopefully, the last time.

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Natasha ran and ran then finally arrived at the Lake. "Well, look who's here," she smirked and saw the scene.

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When they ignored Natasha, she snarled and sat down next to Emerald. "Hello. You're Emerald, right?" she asked with a smile.

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"Yes," she said. "What is that book? Just curious.."

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"Ombrelune. You?" she replied.

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"Glad you like it. Are you interested in Quidditch?"

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"'Course I do. Chaser," she answered, grinning with pride.

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"I just started last year. Good luck with that, Emerald. Hope to see you speeding across the pitch,"

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"Alright, midget. It's getting late. We need to go back to the castle," Natasha stood up.

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She smiled and headed back to the castle without a word.

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Sa-Human rights! Sabina looked around.

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