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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
This is the 21st century but the rivalry between vamps and weres has not lessened - in fact, it has stretched to breaking point. In New York the tension is paramount as mysterious happenings - both gory and terrifying - continue to occur.

Will you attend the Academy instead? Fight the evil face to face with the Salvatore brothers? Join the pack and hunt down the enemy? Is the enemy really the opposite species or is it someone different entirely?

Join the action - a new vampire/werewolf roleplay that will have you hooked!

Simply state:
- Your name
- Your species (vampire/werewolf/other paranormal if necessary)
- Your 'age'
- Your whereabouts

My character:

Name: Talia Kylemont
Species: Werewolf
Age: 17
Whereabouts: Currently employed by Damon Salvatore to hunt down an enemy of his - a rogue vampire whose name has not been given, only a vague description. Talia cannot help but think that there is more going on than she is being told...but she doesn't pry. This is only a job after all. A job Talia needs badly, so as to escape her horrific past.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Talia Kylemont:

I wiped the dagger on the sides of my black pants, grimacing. My housekeeper Maud would kill me later, but she wasn't as big a threat as the four-foot third grade demon at my feet.

Then again, the demon - now decapitated and fettered - wasn't much of a threat either.

Stowing the dagger away, I reached for my 'demonoid container' when my cell started ringing, the familiar tune of "All I Wanted" sounding loudly through the deadly silent alleyway. I flipped it open and pressed "Answer", holding it to my ear.

"Hello?" I said. Immediately a voice I knew well sounded on the other end.
"Miss Kylemont." I gritted my teeth. It was Alexander Fritoir, the head of the north-west vampire clan. The sleaze had been irate for the past two months, after I had rid his lair of its pest problem.

The 'pests' being all of his initiates.

"Xander!" I said in a fake cheery tone, knowing how much it annoyed him that I didn't call him something along the lines of "Lord of the Darkness and Bad Haircuts". "What a pleasant surprise to here your oily tones over my phone!"
"You had better not be raiding the warehouse down by the docks, Miss Kylemont," was his response. I paused and slowly looked up at where the dock workers were stacking crates. I cradled the phone closer and slipped behind a trashbin.

"Me? Raiding? YOUR warehouse?" I laughed, hoping he couldn't hear the swearing and loud noises coming for the docks through the phone. "Why would I do that?"
There was a silence. Then he replied. "Well, I'm glad to hear that is not the case then."
"That makes two of us," I muttered.
"Goodbye, Miss Kylemont," countered Xander. "And do watch out for the fifth level demon in the basement."

There was a click. He'd hung up, the jackass. I stowed my phone away, sighing - he knew. He must somehow know I was out at the docks, so once again I had to flush out yet another spy.

Which requirement more effort, and more time - time I didn't have.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Name - Brooklyn Monte
Species - Dragon (Stays mainly in human form, but can change at will - almost extinct)
Age - Looks 21-ish but is really over 100 years
Whereabouts - Just left my dragon pack, off to the "The Academy" to further my training

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

I kept looking behind me, thinking that one of the pack was following me. There was no-one there. Perhaps they had decided to let me go after all. As if, we were an almost-extinct species. Of course they would send someone after me.

I looked to the sky, wishing to spread my wings and fly. It was impossible though, I didn't want to attract attention to myself. I kept walking toward The Academy. I knew there would be vampire, werewolves, witches and maybe even other paranormals, but I was almost 100% sure I would be the only dragon. I needed to learn to defend myself in human form, and the secret training I had been getting just wasn't enough.

Sighing, I continued on, wondering what awaited me at The Academy.

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Name- Tessa Kylemont
Species: Werewolf
Age: 14
Whereabouts: Recently gone rogue in search for her long lost sister Talia across the globe, who had disappeared after an 'incident' that happened when Tessa was a baby.

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Melissa | 869 comments Name- Dani Walker
Species- vampire
Age- 16
Whereabouts- newly turned and on the run from the totally creepy ex-boyfriend who turned her into a monster, trying to cope with being a vampire and the bloodlust that comes with it. Hasn't actually attacked anyone for blood, though a couple times she did steal some from a blood bank (and felt really guilty about it afterwards).

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Libby (libberz) | 3 comments Name: Elena Brickhaus
Species: Werewolf
Age: 16
Whereabouts: Running from the Hunters and in need of shelter. The Hunters invaded her pack and killed everyone. After hearing about the Academy and possible employment from the famed Damon Salvatore, she decided to check it out.

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Libby (libberz) | 3 comments Elena Brickhaus:

My feet stumble and I fall into the thick vegetation. Breaths quick and labored, I take in my surroundings. Redwoods towering above me, thick roots twisting on the ground, neon green moss clinging to the forest floor. How long had I been running? Three hours? The forest can't go on forever.

The thrum of fourwheelers in the distance catch my attention, bringing me back to my feet. I take off east, even though my destination is the opposite direction. The roots threaten to bring me back to the ground, but the sound of approaching motors and the hollars of the Hunters highten my senses.

I can feel it. The wolf inside, trying to claw its way out. It speaks to me, begging me to give it a chance. My spine begins to tingle, and I know I can no longer contain it. I double over and await the 10 second transformation.

I raise my head. Looking behind me, I see my brown coat, glistening in the little sunlight the canopy above allows. Knowing my time is limited, I continue eastward.

"There she is! The wolf with the brown fur!" the Hunter shouts. I've been spotted.

I run as fast as my paws will go, leaping over fallen branches and logs. How will I shake the same group of hunters, these murders, who killed the members of my pack? Who killed all the little cubs and the Wise Ones? Who killed my parents and my siblings? Why aren't all of the hunters there? Where are the others who helped slaughter them all? Probably killing the surrounding packs.

I'll deal with them later, I promise myself. First, I need to get rid of the ones following me. Suddenly, the thought hits me. I have to kill them. And I know exactly how I will.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

I coughed and felt the telltale burn in the back of my throat that signaled that I had gone too long without blood. That can't be good for you, holding it til you're almost dying. I thought to myself as I reached into my pack and grabbed a pouch of blood. It still creeped me out to no end to have drink blood like it was water, but I was slowly getting over it.... I hoped. My fangs unsheathed themselves at the smell of the red liquid and I tore into the plastic and tore the top of.

My life had turned upside down the moment he had walked into it. When I had first seen him I thought it was love at first sight, you know the whole Romeo and Juliet thing. Of course now I felt stupid, I could blame it on the mind control he admitted to using on me and every other girl in the area, but I still couldn't stop kicking myself for letting it go so far.

His name was Collin, he was sixty years old (pretending to be 16) and he had wanted a mate. SO he went to the nearest town and picked out the prettiest, I suppose I should be flattered that I was the prettiest in his eyes. But sometimes I wished he thought I was ugly, maybe then he would leave me alone, maybe then he wouldn't have turned me in the first place. I'm still not sure how he did it, I remember meeting up with him on my way home after school, then...... nothing. Next thing I knew I was in a basement and he was explaining what he had turned me into and how we could be together forever now, literally. I think he expected me to be greatful, and didn't get that I didn't want to be with him forever. He then admitted he had controlled my emotions and memories so that I would love him, but that it wouldn't work now that I was a vampire.

I shivered remembering the disbelief I had held at first, not believing Collin and thinking he was just a crackpot who had roofied me, but he had showed me some pretty disturbing things and now I had no trouble believing him.

I finished my blood pouch and took inventory of my pack, I had a blanket, a couple of tank tops, a flannel jacket, a pair of sunglasses i had pilfered at a convenience store, a couple of pairs of cargo pants, around $300 in cash, half a dozen pouches of various blood types, a picture of me and my mom, and a book about vampires that Collin had given me before I had run away. I squinted at the sun and put on the sunglassses, interesting fact sunlight doesn't kill or even hurt vampires, turns out some really old vampires about three centuries back decided to have some fun with a mob of mortals hunting them and pretended to die in a patch of sunlight, somehow the tale had spread it now everyone thinks sunlight is lethal to vampires. Let's just say none of the vampires are looking to clear that myth up.

Actually many "vampire weaknesses" are just myths, running water, can't enter without permission, and garlic aren't actual weaknesses. I'm not sure how all of them started out, and I'm not sure I want to know.

I rubbed my shoulder and sighed, I wonder what I should do, I thought to myself, I can't just run away from Collin forever.... actually I suppose I could but I don't WANT to run away from him forever. I don't want to be a vampire forever either, I wonder if there is a cure for "vampirism".

I stopped walking when I heard a noise from behind me, I slowly turned around and saw a girl dressed in black approach me. I smiled uneasily and looked away, hoping she wouldn't get to close to me. I ha been avoiding people in the hope that if I didn't see them then my blood lust would be a bit more manageable, so far it had been working, but I suppose it couldn't last forever.

The girl stalked towards me and I smelled something metal on her (vampires have a very very good sense of smell). "Can I help you with something?", I sounded like I had a lisp because my fangs weren't sheathed yet. The girl nodded and smiled a very creepy smile, "you can DIE VAMPIRE SCUM!" I sucked in a breath and ducked under the girl's arm as she tried to stab me.

I quickly grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her hard enough to make her yelp and drop the dagger. (Hey before I turned into a vampire I was a literally a master in four different types of martial arts, I had taught classes at the youth center back home) "How did you know I was a vampire?" She tried to smirk but it was more of a grimace, "idiot you have blood around your mouth" I brought my free hand up to my mouth and wiped at it, sure enough it came away slightly red, oops.

"Why do you wan to kill me, I haven't done anything wrong," ok that was a lie, I had stolen the blood but only out of necessity it wasn't like I could buy blood without raising a few eyebrows. The girl looked at me in incredulous disgust, "you're a VAMPIRE" she said as if that made it right for trying to stab someone in the middle of the street. I suppose it did, but still I hadn't killed anyone.

I pursed my lips and decided to just get rid of the girl and continue on my way, so I covered her mouth and nose and held on to her until she passed out then made sure she still had a pulse before covering her with a tarp that I found nearby (just in case anyone found her before she regained consciousness and tried to do anything to her). Before I left she murmured "Sorry Salvatore".

I wonder who this Salvatore person is and why the girl would apologize to him......

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Talia Kylemont:

Yep... the whole warehouse thing was a fiasco, to put it lightly. Someone had tipped off the vamps a.k.a bloodsuckers patrolling the site and they'd let loose a group of less-than-friendly grade four and five demons they'd had on hand.

But bloodsuckers aren't known for their intelligence. I'd ducked the horde and rammed into the closest bloodsucker and decapitated them and staked them simultaneously - a thornwood dagger in one hand, a knife in the other - and pushed the carcass into the midst of the horde.

Demons aren't picky. Bloodsucker, werewolf, mundane - buffet selection is appreciated but not necessary and these particular demons seemed pretty happy to munch on some vamp for a bit. Giving me the chance to slip away via the external staircase and make a run for it.

To some it may seem great - hey, you got out alive with all your essential limbs intact! But that wasn't a thrillride, a death wish or a raid to satisfy my curiousity. That was a job. A big job. For one of the biggest psychopaths on this side of New York.

Damon Salvatore.

I shook my head at myself as I settled back into my worn out couch in my equally as worn out apartment, thinking on my stupidity. A werewolf hunting vampires for a vampire. Sweet. What stupid idiot would get themselves into this kind of situation?

Ha Of course. That seemed to be my motto in life: "Do something stupid before someone else decides to do it to for you." Or, more accurately: "Screw up everything."

And I was doomed if Damon found out I had failed this assignment. I was doomed if Xander found out I had actually taken on this assignment. I was doomed if the person I was meant to find discovered anything about this assignment.

So...I was basically doomed threefold. Not to mention demon goo is a pain to get out of my clothes and I was not looking forward to seeing the look on my uncle's face tomorrow when he saw the scratches lining my jaw and arms.

The apartment was a temporary thing - a hideout to fix up my wounds and settle back or hide out from the enemy. I lived at my Uncle Regnold's, at his mansion, under his strict supervision. Not that that was saying much seeing Uncle Reg was the werewolf clan leader in these parts and his dealings were anything but moral.

So most of the time I was left to my own devices. Bored. Until Damon (I-Love-Myself-Too-Sexy-For-My-Shirt) Salvatore decided to turn up and make my life a living hell.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

She could see The Academy in the distance and for the first time since leaving her pack, she wondered if it was a good idea to have come at all. Was she really ready to immerse herself around vampires and werewolves?

She sighed, watching some of the students walking around. She needed this. She was strongest in her dragon form and that would be her undoing. She really did need this. Plucking all her courage, she walked into the Academy.

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Tessa Kylemont

"Ow-Ow! Man you lookin' fine little lady!" I scowled, but didn't turn around at the annoying cat calls. I had a mission, and I wasn't going to stop now, not this close to ending it.

"What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

Why wouldn't guys shut up? I would never understand the male brain.

I decided to reply this time, but physically of course. I turned around in the dark alley of New York. Heading towards the imbecile, I saw his eyes go wide.

Humans. Ugh. So puny.

I got up close to him, and pulled out my wicked knife blade, and twirled it around my fingers repeatedly for a good show.

"Do you want to do this the easy way, or maybe the hard way? You know I'm actually giving you a choice here..." I drifted off, taking pleasure when I saw him visibly gulp with fear evident.

I smirked at brought down my knife, flying fast.

"Stop, please!"

I stopped at the last second, coming to a grinding halt right above his nose.

"Yes?" I asked in a cheery sing-song voice.

"I-I-I-I-can help you..."

I raised my eyebrow, waiting for him to continue. Most likely this was just a charade so he could smell the lovely sewage of the big apple for a few more seconds of his worthless life.

"Your sister...Talia....I know where you can find her."

I could feel my heartbeat speed up. It felt like it was all in slow motion. I couldn't control it, my hand had a mind of its own. I pierced his heart. He let out a blood curdling scream. I threw him in the dumpster, and continued on my way.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Name- Veronika Adams
Age- 17
Species- Vampire
Whereabouts- A lonely vampire, searching for her identity, looking for the answers she never got.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

I sneezed, apparently walking through the bad part of town was not such a good idea. It seemed like sleezy guys were coming out of the woodwork, minutes after the sun went down the streets were swarmed with gangster wannabes and walking bad boy cliches. I flipped the finger in the general direction of the most obnoxious catcalls and continued trying to keep the bloodlust at bay. Though I'm not so sure anyone would have minded if I took a bite out of anyone here.

I shivered despite the 70 degree temperature, something was making my skin crawl. I looked around trying to find out if anything threatening was looking at me, only problem was that most of the people on the street were staring at me.

Did I ever mention that I suck at blending in? Sticking out was probably not the best trait for a new vamp on the run to have, but it wasn't like I could do much about it. Man, I really needed a place to lay low for a while. Or at least until I could figure out what to do about the whole 'vampire' thing, I doubted I could just keep stealing blood from blood banks for the rest of my life.

I heard a growl and my head whipped to the right, my fangs immediately out and ready to bite. I hissed, not entirely sure why until I saw the girl standing at the edge of a crowd growling at me. The girl smelled like a dog, literally. I figured she was a werewolf (yeah Collin had told me about them too).

I walked towards her slowly, trying not to provoke her. I really didn't want to fight her, she was just a kid maybe 14 years old and didn't look that violent. I made my fangs retract and stopped about ten feet away from her. "Hi, my name is Dani. I really don't want to fight you or attack you. Actually I was hoping that we could travel together, I haven't really been... er, around for long and you look like you aren't from around here."

The girl stood growling at me clutching the straps of her backpack, her eyes changing color going from blue to yellow and back again. She seemed to have an internal struggle before slowly relaxing her hands and nodding, "My name is Tessa.... how did you know I was traveling?"

"Well you look out of place here and you're carrying a backpack that looks pretty full. There's also a passport poking out of one of your pockets." Tessa shoved her passport into her pocket further concealing it from view.

"I'm looking for my sister," she said almost defensively. I nodded, "I'm just traveling, trying to get used to all this." I gestured to my fangs and she nodded, but looked a little disgusted. "Why do you want to travel together?" Tessa squinted at me suspiciously, I sort of half smiled, "I figure we can help each other and attract less attention in the process, two traveling together are less of a target the two traveling separately."

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

I walked into the administration and was met by a plump looking lady "Uh... Can I help you dear?"

"Yes, I wish to enroll myself please" I said confidently, hoping I looked how I sounded.

She looked me up and down for awhile "I'm sorry, but this is a special school. We don't just accept anyone"

I couldn't help but laugh at her "Yes, I know" There was an awkward silence between us, until someone walked out of an office.

"Mary, who have we here?" said the good looking Vampire that was now staring at me.

"I have no idea Mr Salvatore. I tried to tell her this was a special school, but it seems she doesn't want to leave" she humphed. I rolled my eyes at her.

He was still staring and it was completely nerve-wracking "Ah. As Mary said, this is a special school. Perhaps you would be better suited to...."

"Look vampire" I interrupted him "I know what this place is okay. That is why I am here. So can I enroll or not?"

He laughed and then stuck out his hand "I'm Stefan Salvatore"

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Talia Kylemont

A call from Damon Salvatore is like death...inevitable. And, not to mention, a pain in the backside.

"So..." he drawled, his tone sinfully seductive and yet edged in steel. Damon was the kind of intensely charismatic vampire that got what he wanted when he wanted it and he wanted you to know that too. "How did my fabulous little pet wolf do on her latest assignment, hmm?"

I gritted my teeth, whilst stabbing the knife I was holding into the sandwich I had been putting together when he'd called. "I'm nobody's pet ," I replied shortly. He chuckled.
"Ah, don't be a sourpuss, 'Tals, I'm just trying to lighten up the mood," he teased. "So," he added, his tone sobering. "How was it?"

I bit my lip. "Umm...relatively good."
"Relatively is short for failure," was his blunt reply. "And I hate failure."
"You know what they say, Damon," I replied, smirking. "You can't have your cake and eat it."
"I hate cake - and I also happen to hate failure." His tone was cold. "Why did you fail?"

I sighed, pushing the plate with the sandwich away. So much for munching. "Because someone tipped them off!"
"Excuses, excuses," he said. "What are a few demons compared to the magnitude of what I've asked you to do for me, hmm?"

"Actually," I said, "that is an excellent question considering I have no idea in Hell what it is you want me to do. Cryptic messages, cryptic instructions and cryptic advice is all I ever get from you."
"I like to be a man of mystery," replied my boss. "Ladies appreciate mystery, don't they, Tals?"

I didn't bat an eyelash at his flirting. "Women like answers, Damon, to the questions they have. I work for you and I can't do that if you're withholding information-"
"Oh I think you can." I could hear him smiling now. The bloodsucker - he was probably enjoying ever minute of this. "I'll send you your new instructions sometime tomorrow."

"Why not now?" I asked. "Need to get some more beauty sleep, Damon?"
He laughed low in his throat. "Something like that. Well...goodnight, 'Tals. Oh, and enjoy the sandwich."

And he hung up, leaving me staring at the phone in horror.

That bloodsucking leech!

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

Eyeing his hand warily, I extend mine and then we shake "I'm Brooklyn"

"Nice to meet you Brooklyn. Shall we go into the office? We can discuss your enrollment further in there" He wanders into the office, waits for me to follow, then closes the door.

"Your not a vampire, I can hear your heart beating. Your not a werewolf, I can't smell it. So tell me, what makes you qualified to attend this academy?" he sits down and watches her.

"Where I am from originally, they call us Zmey" I say simply, shrugging my shoulders.

Stefan's eyes widen "Dragon" he whispers

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Tessa Kylemont

Traveling with a bloodsucker felt wrong. In so many ways, it was just so wrong. But somehow, I kind of liked this one.

"So, where you headed to?" Dani asked nonchalantly whilst she was swinging from bars overhead in the dark alley.

"Show off," I grumbled under my breath, and rolled my eyes.

I heard her tinkling laughter from up above.
"I'll take that as a compliment Tess." I felt a pang in my chest at that nickname. Talia used to call me that. As soon as the thought came, I pushed it out of my mind.

"I'm going to" I finally said.

Dani snorted, and landed with a small thud next to me. "Oh yeah, that one place, with the people right?"

"Yup, the one with the rooms." I added.

"Very nice place. I especially like the floor." Dani added.

I laughed against my will, it was just so easy to be around her, even though I know it shouldn't be.

"No, but I'm trying to find my Uncle Regnold, he has a mansion here in NY." I clarified.

"The big head honcho werewolf?" Dani asked.

I nodded my head, and ducked underneath a low hanging pole, and stepped over a puddle filled with only god knows what.

"I can take you there if you'd like. I have nothing better to do, except keep up my pace to get far, far away from this place." Dani said, examining her nails, not paying attention to anything to what was in front of her.

I let out a long growl. Another bloodsucker, and he didn't look very happy to see me with Dani. I nudged Dani, and her eyes shot upward at the figure coming through the smoke and mist.

Her already pale face got even more ashen, if that was even possible. She stopped, and had a death grip on my arm.

"That little devil came back for me." she whispered to herself.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Veronika Adams

Its so dark out here. I'm now in New York, wondering in the streets. But I still didn't get a clue to where I come from, or where was I born. I still so not know who turned me into this beast, to curse my life forever. My search has been going for the last three years, but still I have nothing. I have no memory of my family, of who I was.

I found out that I was turned, when I has this sudden, fierce craving for blood. And my senses were sharper than ever. I found myself lying in the middle of a forest, covered in dirt. I woke up to look around, trying to remember how I got here. But I couldn't remember anything. I was in a casual outfit, most of it torn. I checked in my pockets to find my high school ID, that read my name. Veronika Adams Age 17 . That was much I could read, the rest of the card was dirty and torn. I couldn't figure out the name of the school. From then on I started to search. But its been very hard. I can control my thirst well, but a long time with no blood weakens me.

So here I am, wondering in the dark alleys of New York City, finding answers. I have been surviving only on animal blood for the last three years, and coming to the city reduces the chances of finding an animal. I really hope to find some help here. I'm getting sick of finding my identity everyday.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

Todd came walking up to us from the shadows, I couldn't believe it. Todd was the Collin's clan leader, he was the oldest vampire I had ever met but he looked like he was 12. "You bimbo! How dare one of my possessions run away!" he snarled at me his eyes flashing red and his fangs gleaming on the dim light.

I internally flinched, I hadn't counted on Todd coming after me. "I'm not nor have I ever been your possession you ancient pre-teen!" I was surprised that my voice was even and not quivering at all. I didn't think it was possible but that made Todd even angrier. "The second that sniveling wimp Collin turned you, you become mine. So don't be so ungrateful you doltish wench."

Todd smiled unpleasantly "now come along Danielle, once I've finished your punishment I'll deal with your little wolf friend." I stood protectively in front of Tessa, I knew she could take care of herself but I doubted she had ever had to fight anyone as old as Todd. Even the clan elders didn't know how old he was and they were centuries old.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, so drag your skinny prepubescent butt back whatever hole you crawled out of." I wasn't sure what was happening, but as I stood there glaring at Todd I was changing. I don't mean, like I was having an epiphany moment or anything like that, I mean LITERALLY changing my nails were sharpening and growing longer, my fangs unsheathed themselves and grew longer than they usually were, and time seemed to slow down.

Todd narrowed his eyes in anger, his lip curling back in distaste. "You will regret than Danielle." Before if I knew I was going to have to fight Todd I would have never provoked him, see you don't fight Todd. He's so powerful no matter who he fights they're just a punching bag, sometimes he'll draw a fight out longer just for the fun of it but the outcome never changes.

This time was different though, I had seen Todd move before (sort of) he moved so fast it was like he teleported there one moment gone the next. Except with me newly heightened senses I could see him clearly as if he were moving in slow motion. He came at me and I side-stepped, when he turned and realized that I had moved he came at me again and again I just stepped out of the way.

Todd's face was slack in surprise, obviously this had not happened before. He changed tactics this time going after Tessa. Coward! I thought before I grabbed him by the throat and flung him against a building twenty feet away.

I tensed up, waiting for him to come at me again. Even with my new senses he came at me too fast for me to defend myself, (there is a reason that he's survived as long as he has). We punched and kicked and jumped and clawed and bit for a long while. Eventually though Todd got me pinned to the ground, he was kneeling on my back and his fangs were slowly moving towards my neck.

I had heard of this before, if a vampire bit a human it was usually harmless but if a vampire bit another vampire it would enslave the bitten vampire.

I thrashed around, careful not to help him bite me. I may have screeched or yowled or something because the next thing I knew was Todd's weight on my back was gone and so were his fangs. I flipped over and quickly got to my feet, Tessa was holding Todd by the back of his neck and whispering something in his ear.

I don't know what she told him but his eyes widened and he was gone faster than the blink of an eye. My jaw dropped "how did you get him to leave?!" my eyes were wide, (my body was back to normal at this point). Tessa smirked, "oh, I just told him who my uncle was."

I frowned, that didn't seem to be enough for Todd to leave but I didn't press the issue, I had other things to worry about. Like how had I fought Todd without being pummeled to a bloody pulp? I shook it off, there would be time for that later even if Todd had left I doubted he would just let me go. I still needed somewhere to hide from Collin, and now Todd, I wonder who else is after me.

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Booknut (booknut101) | 4592 comments Mod
Talia Kylemont

The buzzing of my alarm clock brought me back to reality...and to the inevitable text message sent to me at 2:00am in the morning, reading:


Maiden's Tavern, Sucklepoint Drive
Look for a man in a black trench coat and two dragon fangs on an earring in his left ear.
He'll give you a folder. Send it to me as soon as your receive it.


I snapped my cell closed and flopped back onto the bed with a groan, throwing my arm over my eyes. Sleep...only for the dead, since apparently the undead had nothing better to do than send texts during the early hours of the morning.

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Libby (libberz) | 3 comments Elena Brickhaus

I head towards the familiar part of the woods. Towards the north. Those woods had been home to me, before the Hunters killed my pack. I must kill the Hunters. Return the "favor" I think to myself. I must take them to the cliffs. The same cliffs my brothers and sisters dived from, into the turning current of the ocean. It is the only way to escape my fate.

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Talia Kylemont

Maiden's Tavern was the sketchiest place by far that Damon had forced me to rendezvous at - the place had about as much space as my closet, the air was thick with the smell of drink, smoke and sweat, not to mention I could smell the kinds of people that were congregating there.

Fellow werewolves, some of them were, a few bloodsuckers in the back rooms behind the bar and I think I smelt a fae who had an arm around the neck of a shade who was downing a glass of something that was definitely not water. Most of the rest were human, but that didn't mean anything - there were plenty of humans aware of the paranormal...hunters, slayers, messengers, assassins. It was a mixed bag to be honest, but I didn't let my guard down, my hand on the handle of my dagger as I entered.

I seated myself at an empty table, pretending to gaze at the menu whilst covertly assessing my surroundings. A human couple to my left, in the company of what I sniffed out to be a haspawn - or half spawn (demon spawn) -, and a shady human standing against the wall opposite the bar, his hat angled low over his eyes.

I immediately noticed his coat. A black trench coat. I pretended to drop one of my rings - I wore several rings, most retractable weapons, on my fingers - on the ground, and I studied him closely as I bent down. Ha. A glittering earring hung from his left ear and two gruesome fangs hung from it, clinking together when he moved his head. He noticed me looking and slowly walked over, sliding into the seat opposite me.

He was younger than I had expected, but when dealing with paranormal going-ons, you tended not to judge a person's age by their looks. He seemed to be around two or three years my senior, with black hair that contrasted vividly with his strange eyes - which were a mix between sea green and sky blue. Full lips sat comfortably under a slightly crooked nose, but what drew the eye was the earring swinging hypnotically in his left ear.

"Are you...?" I trailed off, and he raised an eyebrow, cocking his head to the left slightly.
"Jumping straight into business then?" he asked me, his voice containing the hint of a drawl. "No 'hello, nice to meet you"'s in the near future?"
I frowned, not used to this attitude from those whom Damon worked with, or employed. "Are you joking? You are joking, aren't you?"

He raised an eyebrow and leaned forward on his arms which were resting on the table in front of him. "Do I sound like I am? Everyone always says that, and I've tried to remedy the problem but have had no luck. Perhaps I should try when the weather clears up. Do you think that will work?"

I silently cursed Damon, before saying, "Are you hear on Damon business or not, buddy?" He raised his hands in a 'woah' motion.
"Hold onto your reins, cowgirl - don't bite my head off, I'm only doing the job."
"What job?" I retorted. "Being a jackass is a paid job nowadays?"
"If you have the right employer," he grinned back. Sobering he added, "But to answer your politely phrased question...yes. I've got the file DSalve needs."

I smirked. I couldn't help it. "DSalve? Classy."
He smiled back. "I know. Try using it sometime - gets under his ice cold skin like crazy." He reached into the depths of his coat and pulled out a folder. I reached for it but he batted my hand away.

"Not so fast, sunshine," he said, eyes twinkling. "I need to know you who you say you are."
"I'm Talia," I said, "and that's all you need to know."
He tutted. "Now, now. I'll need more than that. Favourite colour?"
"Favourite sport?"
"Favourite weather?"
"Warm, with a gentle breeze or snowing."
"What did you have for breakfast?"
"A Poptart but I don't know what the hell that has to do with getting this folder."

He chuckled and handed me the folder with an exaggerated sweep of his hand. "Nothing. I just knew it was you from the moment you said Poptart, seeing that Damon rarely allows his employees the option of awakening at 8am and having a breakfast in bed option. Oh, and black gave it away too, as did your hair."

I lifted a hand to my hair. "What's wrong with my hair?"
He shrugged, leaning back in his seat. "Unique. Black, with a hint of blue in places, but with a defining blonde streak on the left close to the ear and another at the back of your head on the right. All natural and often worn in a ponytail." When I just gaped at him, something I didn't normally do, he laughed and added, "It was all in the file I got on you."

It was my turn to smile. "I bet there wasn't alot in that file."
"There wasn't," he replied. "But there was enough to know you if I saw you."
I slipped the folder into the bag I'd brought, sealing it tightly with a lock I'd purchased off a friendly warlock back at a flea market a year earlier. Priceless things, warlock locks. "Thanks for your time..."

"Logan." He held out his hand and I couldn't help but notice how dangerous he looked, his easygoing demeanour put aside. Dangerous and undeniably handsome. "Logan Trent, part-time warlock at your service." I shook his hand. It was warm.

"Talia Kylemont, werewolf lackey at your service," I replied with sarcasm. He laughed and I smiled back, before checking my watch. "I'd better go. Damon will be ringing me soon."
"Can't have fun now, can you?" Logan said, waggling his eyebrows. "That'd be ludicrous, wouldn't it?"
"Totally," I replied, getting to my feet. "Damon and fun do not mix."

I was about to leave when he said, "So, I'll see you around then, Talia Kylemont - werewolf lackey and quick-to-get-to-the-point warrior maiden?" He looked serious, though his tone implied otherwise. I felt a pull towards him. I liked him. He was funny, real and most of all he didn't condemn the kind of life I led.

I snatched a pen out of my pocket and scrawled my number on the napkin in front of Logan, handing it to him with a smirk. "Maybe. When you've worked out you're whole joking problem."

"Aye, aye, sweetheart," he drawled. And I left the tavern with a feeling close to elation - Damon Salvatore and his irksome plans the last thing on my mind.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

I laughed "Yes, we are also called that. So, when do I start?"

He smiled "To be honest, I am not sure what we could teach you that I bet you don't already know. Perhaps instead of training, we could get you out in the world, using your skills"

Brooklyn took in a sharp breath. Out in the world, using her skills? That sounded dangerous... She thought about it for a moment and then nodded.
"If you think so. What would that entail?"

"Many things" he said mysteriously "How about I give Talia a call. She can take you to see my brother Damon and he can explain things properly"

With that, he took out a mobile and dialed.

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I smirked to myself whilst we were walking along the cobblestone paths of New York alleys. That bloodsucker may of been a hella scary, but we was a wimp underneath all the icy, cold, decrepit skin. Once I mentioned to him I could have my Uncle Regnold set his wrath on him, he cowered, a lot. Not that it wasn't expected, that threat usually has the desired effect of scaring people senseless.

"Do you mind if we take a quick detour? I need to see someone really fast." Dani asked hesitantly.

"Sure," I replied nonchalantly.

We both kind of drifted into our own little worlds then, with me following her through the back-ways of the city. I had never been in such a big city. If my ego wasn't so big, I might've admitted to being afraid. I honestly had no clue where we were headed, but I trusted her, since I didn't really have any other choice. Also because, I kind of considered her my friend...

After another five minutes or so, Dani came to a stop in front of a peculiar looking building that might of been a grunge type pub, or something or other. I raised my eyebrows at Dani, who looked at me sheepishly. I did not expect to see this girl hanging out at such a...sketchy place.

It had a big sign hanging on the front, hung by rusty metal chains that looked like they could snap at the lightest touch. Maiden's Tavern was gruesomely carved into the rotted wood, and you could barely make it out.Hesitating only a moment, I followed Dani over to the front door.

I almost ran into a girl, who was a few inches taller than me. I caught her scent and immediately frowned. It was so familiar. I turned around to call after her, but the girl with the streaked black hair was gone...

I didn't have the time to dwell on her sense of familiarity, because Dani was dragging me by the arm inside the rust bucket.

She pulled me over to a corner where there wasn't any drunken, stupid people. I could count at least twelve people getting high in the opposite corner. The thought of pot made me grimace, that stuff was nasty. Dani pushed me down into a chair and gave me a look that screamed 'don't you dare move from this spot.'

I rolled my eyes, she was too protective, I could take care of myself. "Yeah, yeah, I know stay where I am, don't move, don't talk to strangers." I muttered whilst rolling my eyes at her.

I saw her fighting a smirk on her lips as she cooed at me. "Oh yes, what a good little puppy." I widened my eyes and growled at her warningly.
"Don't push your luck bloodsucker." I scowled, but couldn't fight the smallest smile come over my mouth.

Dani rolled her eyes and pointed at me, "I mean it, this place is disgusting, so no moving or talking to anyone until I get back, got it?" She looked around at all the people warily, and I saw a look of disgust cross her pale face when she saw the stoners in the corner. The look was so funny it made me want to laugh, almost.

"Yes, mom." I said exasperatedly. She didn't catch my use of sarcasm because she smiled brightly, and patted my head. I saw her walking away, towards the bar section. She was sitting down next to some guy in a black trench coat.

Her earlier look of happiness, and carefree was long gone. She had this serious look on her face that made her look scary. And trust me, that was saying a lot because Dani was the least scary person I know in this town. I couldn't help but wonder what they were talking about that was so grave.

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"Logan, I need you help" every word I said to him was like being defanged. I hated him, people referee to vampires as leeches but if you asked me Logan was much more deserving of the name.

He smirked, "watch'a need Sunshine?" I hated his drawl, I hated everything about him. I know for a fact that he could have helped me when I was being Changed, but he didn't and now I was a monster. I would never forgive him.

"Cut the crap, I want you to keep an eye out for anyone from Todd's clan who comes sniffing around for me." Logan raised a brow at me, his mouth quirking, obviously wanting to know what he got in return. "Darlin, you know how busy I am. I have a client who needs my ah, specialized talents at the moment." I swear that at that moment I could see red I was so mad.

"Shove off that condescending bs, you owe me." I flashed my fangs and Logan's easy smile vanished. He actually looked scared for a moment, but he quickly put on a nonchalant air," ok, but I'm only doing this because you asked so nicely." I heard the sarcasm and chose to ignore it, I really didn't want to have anything to do with him, but I wasn't sure where else to go.

"Whatever" I muttered darkly I slipped him an email address so he could get in touch if he had to, and stomped back to Tessa. Taking a breath to calm myself I smiled at Tessa "K, we can go now." Even if it was thanks to Logan I still had some peace of mind knowing that if anyone from Todd's clan came after me, I would know in advance.

Tess looked a little miffed that she had had to stay on the stool while I took care of things but didn't argue when we left. "So what was all that about?" she asked when we were out of earshot for even those supernaturals with excellent hearing. "Oh nothing, I just needed to take care of some things that have to do with some people." I tried to stay light hearted, I really didn't want her to know that I had a whole clan of vampires after me.(Since Todd had come after me personally and failed I doubted he would give up, even with the threat of a turf war, he didn't like losing.)

"Uh huh" Tess looked sceptic but didn't question me further. "So how much farther to your Uncle's place?" I said changing the subject. Tessa got a funny look on her face, "not much..... I know it's around here somewhere" she muttered the last part so quietly I almost couldn't her, almost being the key word here. I blinked "you don't know where he lives, do you?" I said slowly, making sure I had heard right.

Tess winced "well, not exactly". I was trying not to laugh, it was kindly funny. Tess' only plan had been to find her uncle and then her sister, but she couldn't find either if she didn't know where they lived. It was kind of funny. Tess' face got red, "don't laugh at me!"

Immediately I stopped and I felt bad for laughing, she really wanted to find her family and it must have been hard knowing she was so close to them but didn't know where they were. "C'mon he's the head of a pack right? I'm sure we'll find someone in his pack that can take us to him." Tess nodded looking relieved, it reminded me that while she was pretty badass most of the time, she was still only 14.

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Talia Kylemont

My phone began buzzing even as I lifted one leg over my motorbike, ready to ride off to give Damon the folder that was so important to him. I flipped it open and saw the caller ID flash onto the screen. Smiling a little, though wary, I pressed 'Answer'.

"Hey, Talia," came the deep voice from the other end. It was Stefan, Damon's younger - and nicer - brother, who was partial to banana cake, hated cats and seagulls, wore his bronze coloured hair short and detested Damon somewhere just above cats and seagulls. They'd never got along as long as I'd known them for, though they'd never bothered to explain why to me.

"Stefan." I ditched climbing onto the motorbike and instead sat down sideways on, my gaze scanning the area. "What do you need?"

"What makes you think I'm calling 'cause I want something?" Stefan sounded genuinely hurt. He was the more sensitive, or human, of the two brothers and lacked Damon's wicked humour.
"So you don't want anything?" I asked, surprised.
"Oh I do," he added, sounding sheepish. I rolled my eyes. "But I just wondered how you knew."
"You're a Salvatore, Stefan," I said dryly. "And Salvatores always want something done for them that they can't bother to do themselves."

"Well, it's about Academy business." Stefan ran the Academy for Paranormals - sometimes referred to as Vampire Academy, but had in the recent past, been converted into a 'take in all' kind of establishment. "We have a new student I'd like you to meet."

I sighed, rubbing a hand over my face - tired. "Now? Because I have to deliver something to Damon-"
"No, no - not now. Tomorrow?" Stefan was too nice to be Damon's brother. "Or whenever you're free, it's just I'd like your opinion on her abilities before we set her up here."
"Ok," I replied.
"Thanks, Talia," he said, then adding, "And be careful, ok? Has Damon fed recently?"

I took a moment to think, taking my phone away from my ear for a moment and flicking through the calendar. A red dot marked the Wednesday two weeks previously when Damon'd sent me a message. I put the phone back to my ear.

"Yep. Two weeks ago, so he shouldn't need to feed for another fortnight or so."
"Ok, Talia. Have a good rest of the day, ok?"
"Ok. See ya."

I was about to put away my phone when it beeped. A message. I flipped it open and read:


Was thinking that Tattleon Square's the perfect place to be on a sunny day, and I have it from my sixth sense that tomorrow will be just that. Would you do me the honour of meeting me at the statue of the hawk by the bridge at 9am?

I won't take no for an answer!

I stared at the message in disbelief before packing away my phone and hopping onto my motorbike, heading for Damon's. It seemed like everyone, and everything, was trying to re-organise my life for me lately. And I wasn't sure how to feel about it.

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Sue (youvebeensued) Veronika Adams

I have been now walking for quite sometime now. Its midnight, I'm sure. Suddenly I stopped to catch my reflection in a store glass door. I saw the dried blood mark on my mouth, which stood as an evidence to my latest hunt, an hour ago. I found a stray cat, roaming freely in one of the alleys, I was walking. I had become weak, and I needed something to charge me. Without a second thought, I raced and caught the cat in a fraction of the second, and before it could mew I dug my fangs deep into its furry neck. I drank till the cat dried up. I got hold of it, and it fell, lifeless. Guilt swept over me, of the hideous thing that I did. I cursed myself, my life, the beast I'd become. I need to find someone who can help me.

My train of thoughts got lost, when I felt there was a presence around me. I searched all around me, my senses alert. Someone was there. But I didn't knew who?

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Dani and I were walking to the nearest hotel. We were about ready to call it a night.

"Do you even have money to pay for us to stay?" I asked Dani, raising a questioning eyebrow.

Dani burst out into a fit of laughter. "Duu-uu-d-e, that totally just rhymed!" she managed to say. She was clutching her stomach and bent over on the lit up sidewalks of New York.

People of all types were avoiding her by wide margins, and looking at her as if she was more than the freak she already was. I grumbled underneath my breath and grabbed her hand. I hightailed it out of the crowded streets to escape all the weird stares.

"Your so embarrassing!" I whined whilst dragging her still laughing form down to the nearest hotel.

"WHEW, now that was good!" she said, and straightened herself, I let go of her hand, and she mockingly swiped the non-existent sweat off her pearly forehead.

"But, Tess I don't really think you want to know where I get my money from." she smirked, as my face twisted into a horrifyed expression.

"Please tell me your not a hooker." I begged. I was being totally serious too, I mean who does that thing?! A vampire prostitute, now that was new.

Dani snorted out of amusement, "Nothing sexual, I promise, even though these goons would kill for a night with mwah." she said, and dragged her hands down her sides. I grimaced and looked away. She was so embarrassing! I'm glad I hadn't known her before, I don't think I could of taken all this my whole life.

"And you wonder why you don't blend in!" I huffed.

"True," she replied, contemplating my comment.

"Its chilly willy out here, c'mon let's go inside."

I gladly followed her inside the lavish hotel. I probably looked like I didn't belong in a place half this nice, but right now I didn't care. I just wanted food, a shower, and some well needed sleep.

I felt slightly unnerved by all the glances and whispers we were getting. I peeked to my right, over at Dani who was whistling to herself as she waited behind some old lady in line for the check-in desk.

The hag turned around and gave Dani a death stare, might I say was very scary. It really did almost make me pee my pants, her eyes were all milky and creepy looking.

Dani didn't seem to notice at all. Instead she was glancing around and mumbling compliments about the chandeliers. Leave it to her to compliment to chandeliers to herself.

"Stop whistling, people are staring." I whispered harshly to her. She looked down at me and smirked, continuing with her whistling, only it was even louder.

I huffed and crossed my arms. This was going to be a long night.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

I knew I was annoying Tessa but I really didn't care, she made it too easy and too fun plus I really needed something to make me laugh. If I didn't laugh right now I might cry, seeing Logan had brought up some bad memories that I would really rather forget.

I knew that Tess and I stood out in the lavish hotel, what with all the fancy looking people and the over the top posh interior decorating. As long as there were no supernaturals hanging around though it really didn't matter.

When the old lady had finished checking in I got a room with two beds for me and Tess to share then handed the hotel manager a couple of hundred dollar bills. I checked my bag again. I would have to get more cash soon, I only had $150 left and that wouldn't last long now that Tess was with me.

The manager handed me two key cards and told us that our room was number 412. Tess and I headed to the elevator and rode it up to the fourth floor where we used the key to get into out room. It was really fancy, with a nice view of the city.

Tess went over to the bed closest to the window and immediately crashed "this is mine" she said, her voice muffled by the pillow in her face. I must have underestimated just how tired she was because literally seconds later she was snoring.

I smiled at her affectionately, my eyes drooped but I needed a shower so I hopped in the elegant shower and had a nice hot shower. I sighed in pleasure, this was nice. After my shower I pulled Tess' shoes off and covered her with the covers before going to my bed and snuggling under the blankets.

I fell asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow.

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Talia Kylemont

The drive to Damon's was quick - he lived 'bout fifteen minutes from the tavern, which did not surprise me in the least, and the traffic had dwindled down to a few lone cars crossing the main highway. Parking my motorbike at the curb infront of Damon's house, I got off, stowing my helmet away in the small boot of the bike and quickly checking my hair in the side mirrors.

The term 'house' may have been a little bit of an understatement...try mansion, for starters. The gates were made of wrought iron, shaped into intricate leaves and what I thought to be small bats hanging under the swirling and stretching iron vines.
The house itself had marble pillars showing off its vast porch, topiary trees snipped into the shapes of lions guarding the winding gravel path up to the house. It stunk of old money and wealth, which was the basic foundations of the Salvatores.

That, and blood.

I rang the doorbell and waited.

And waited. Tapping my foot impatiently, I checked my watch. Damon should be home now, unless he-

"Tals!" The door swung open to reveal Damon in all his deadly glory. Dark, thick curls of ebony hair showed off almost amber eyes that glowed like a cat's as he shamelessly looked me up and down, from my leather jacket and black tank top and jeans, to my heeled boots. He smirked. "Gorgeous as usual."

I shoved the folder at him and he snatched it with a panther like ease, and incredible speed. Which were more vampire attributes. "Take it. And you're welcome," I added, turning to go.

"You're leaving?" I could never tell if Damon was sad, angry, happy or caring. He was such a mystery, with as many masks as a Venetian masquerade. His favourite, being the seductive vampire. I shrugged and nodded.
"I have to get going," I said, avoiding eye contact. He was totally gorgeous, but I knew better than to stare at his beauty for too was like putting your finger into a roaring inferno. Not to mention he knew exactly how drop-dead hot he was. That didn't help matters.

"Alright. I'll text you your next assignment..."
"Soon. I know, I know," I grumbled, walking down the porch steps.

Damon's voice was amused. "Glad to see you're so enthusiastic about your job."
"I am." Lies. An essential part of talking with a Salvatore. "Besides, I've got work with Stefan tomorrow." That hit a nerve as I knew it would. Damon hated when I spent time with Stefan - not that I knew why, and not that I was actually spending time with Stefan tomorrow, anyway. I was going to probably be with the student only. But Damon didn't know that.

"Is that really a good idea?" asked Damon, his tone bordering on simmering. Angry. I grinned to myself, my back turned to Damon.
"Of course." I gave a short wave and walked down the gravel path, aware of Damon's fiery gaze boring into my back.

Vampires. Control freaks, the lot of them. I got onto my motorbike, strapping on my helmet, and driving off.

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Talia Kylemont

That evening, I treated myself after a long day trading in demon parts (the demons that got in the way on many of my escapades for Damon I usually dissected and sold the parts on the blackmarket to various warlocks, hunters and even the odd crone) - I decided to have dinner at The Cup, a homey retro little restaurant-cafe about a ten minutes walk from my apartment.

I'd shrugged on a coat before I'd left, seeing the nights had become a little chilly lately, but they were still nice enough for me to walk instead of catch a cab, or even drive.

I made it to The Cup in record time, and I was pushing open the door when who should I see but...

"Logan?" I was surprised, to say the least. He looked tired, and his left eye was slightly swollen and his lip cut, and he seemed to wince everytime he moved. I slid into the booth, taking a seat across from him, the catchy tune of "Thinking About You" by JR Aquino playing faintly in the background. A perky waitress handed me a menu and I smiled at her gratefully, waiting until she was gone before I turned to Logan.

"What happened to you-"
"I needed to see you." Logan was pale, and he kept scanning the place with frantic eyes. His drawl was still there, but his flirtatious manner was gone. Something was up. "Someone is after you."

My blood ran cold and I gripped the side of the table, swallowing and trying to find the words - I needed to think clearly. "Who?" I asked, urgently. "And how do you know-?"

"A vampire ran into me and knocked me out." A small gasp escaped from my lips and Logan gave a small smile. "Nice to see you care for me, darlin', but don't worry - I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I'll be able to sense him next time...seeing he made skin-contact with me. I'll never lose him. I could hunt him to ends of the earth if I wanted to."
I bit my lip. "Then why are you worried?"
"Because he knew I'd talked to you - he knew too much," replied Logan seriously, leaning forward. "He wanted to find you."

Fear. I did not know my adversary and that scared me. Normally I knew what I was up against. "He knew my name?"
Logan nodded. "He knocked me out and then ransacked my phone. I found it beside me, open to the text I sent you about meeting up tomorrow."
It hit me. "He's going to ambush me tomorrow?"

Logan shrugged, looking upset. Just then the waitress came around and took our orders. I ordered chicken in a Dijon mustard sauce and rice, and Logan ordered a medium-rare steak with vegetables and then ordered two large coffees. I didn't stop him. Right now, I needed caffeine badly.

Logan turned his blue-green eyes onto me, his expression contrite. "I'm sorry, Talia. You probably hate me-"
I waved a hand, simply confused. "No. No, I don't hate you - besides being slightly weirded out by the fact you followed me here, I am nothing but grateful. Now I can meet this fiend on an equal playing field."
Logan's eyes widened and he coughed, surprised. "Wait - you're going tomorrow?"

The waitress came and set down our food. I took in the scent of heavenly mustardy chicken and immediately ate a few forkfuls. I might have a stalker vamp after me but I wasn't going to starve over it. I swallowed my food and said, "Of course. I'm going to trap him and find out what's going on."

Logan cut into his steak - looking determined. "Good. I'll meet you there at the time specified."
I laughed. "'re not going, Logan."

He rolled his eyes. "Darlin', you aren't going to fight the nasty bloodsucking leech by yourself. I'm a warlock. He took me by surprise last time and," he added, and for a moment his eyes glowed and I swore the air heated up around us, "I want revenge."
I sighed and ate a forkful of rice. Yum. "Ok then...Team Avengers it is."

Logan laughed and smiled across the table at me. "I think we'll make an excellent team, sunshine. You and me, fighting the bad guys, saving the day..."
I shook my head at his antics, but I couldn't help myself from grinning. What an idiot - a cute idiot, but an idiot nevertheless. "Snap out of it, Trent. I'm still mad at you for trailing me here...besides," I added, taking a sip of my coffee and grimacing. Not enough sugar. "We hardly know eachother."

Logan's mouth twitched at the corners and I couldn't help but notice how normal and attractive he was. Damn it. I shook my head. "Well," replied the warlock. "Here's the perfect chance to remedy that."

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Sue (youvebeensued) Veronika Adams

I don't know why I agreed to that guy, but the determination I saw in his eyes was strong enough to convince me. He looked like of my age, taller and a quite strong build. I was pretty sure that there was some kind of background to this idea of his. But I decided it would be good if I just keep my mouth shut. I showered and ate a wholesome food, and felt myself to be strong and sharp. I looked less pale than before, pretty much the way I used to look in my human life.

I left the room the warlock was captivated, and closed the door behind me. I knocked on the door to Xavier's room. "Come on in", a grave voice came from inside. I went inside to find him standing by the window, looking into the dark night, and the silvery moon hanging in the sky.
"Is he okay?", he asked.
"Yeah. Just unconscious", I reported. "Hmm".
"Mind if I ask a question?", I asked.
"Go ahead", he said.
"I don't get it. Why do you wanna make a pack? Is there any sort of villain or any one those who wanna hurt people like us?", I finally asked the question that was bothering me, since I met him.
Xavier turned around to face me. "Its a long story. People out there knows about our existence, they themselves are a part of our world. They do not hurt us, but hunt us. They want to be the superior, curbing us", he replied.
"But why?", I cut him off.
He didn't answer this time. He ran his hand through his hair, and rubbed his face. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get any other answer from him today.
"Take some rest, Veronika. We have a busy day tomorrow", and left.
I stood there all by myself, preparing my mind strong enough to deal with whatever I'll have to face in the upcoming future.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

Someone was tapping my back (I was laying on my stomach) saying "Dani get up. C'mon Dani wake up!" I rolled onto my back away from the tapping and said groggily "five more minutes" and snuggled under the covers. I heard a muttered "I have never met a vampire who sleeps this much". I felt the covers start to be pulled off the bed and quickly grabbed onto them to make them stop which didn't work in the slightest and I was pulled off the bed too.

"Ow! Ok, ok I'm up, geeze" Tess stood next to me holding up thecorner of my blankets and slowly let them fall to the floor "well I wasn't sure how to get you up, it's already 8 and I want to check out Tattleon Square to see if there are any wolves from my uncle's pack before it gets too crowded." I glared at her, " you didn't have to pull me off the bed to do it." She snorted "I didn't I pulled the blankets off, you just happened to come with them."

I stuck my tongue out at her and got dressed in my last pair of clean clothes. "Do you mind goin ahead of me to get breakfast? I'll be down in a little bit." I avoided looking at Tess, I needed some blood and I didn't want her to watch me drink it, Collin had said that vamps could go months without blood if they had to, but I never drank enough blood to go more than a few days without, my body just couldn't handle the blood in my system for that long, I burned through it faster than normal vampires so even if I drank a lot I would need more in a few days.

Tess nodded and left, as soon as she was out the door I went to my backpack and pulled out a blood pouch tearing the top off and sucking the liquid out as if it were juice. Afterwards I cleaned out my mouth as thouroughly as I could hoping that if we did meet any werewolves they didn't smell the blood on my breath.

I spot red in the sink and I shuddered this was eerily similar to what I did when I first woke up as a new vampire. I was told that Vampirism is a lot like really bad cancer, once you have it you can't spread it but you can't cure it either. It supposedly spreads like cancer too, the vampire causing cell is introduced somehow and then it divides and divides and divides, latching onto healthy human cells and changing them so they are vampire causing cells too. The change is painful and takes months to complete, but I don't remember what happened in those months. When I was changed I went back to my neighborhood and found missing posters with my face on them, saying I had disappeared seven months ago on my way home from school. I'm not sure what happened, but I don't think I want to know either.

I shook myself out of the painful memories and quickly went down to the hotel lobby to meet Tess.

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Tessa Kylemont

I was waiting in the hotel dining room, tapping my foot impatiently. Where was Dani?! I mean, she's already vampire pretty, I don't think she needs that much time in the bathroom. I mean, if I was her, I'd think I was the sexiest person alive.

After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Dani pounced down the stairs and landed next to me in line. The waiter whom had been waiting with me for Dani had his mouth agape at her. Poor boy. He didn't know what she was really like.

His face was twitching, which didn't help him much in the looks department. He wasn't the most attractive person, I tried to think without being rude. But no matter how you try to explain someone's ugliness, it never sounds nice.

"Urhm, uh, two then?" she asked, as if he was slightly unsure of himself.

"Yup." I said nonchalantly, picking the leftover grime from underneath my nails.

"Well, f-f-follow me, this, way, p-ll-llease."

I wanted to snicker at his stuttering, while he guided us to a table overlooking the city. Humans, poor things, they didn't know what to expect from vamps.

"M-m-my name is Will, and I'll be your server this morn-n-n-ing." he announced, still openly gawking at Dani, who was tapping her chin and scrutinizing the menu.

"Can I get you anything to drink?" he said after taking a deep breath, I suppose to calm himself.


"Water." Dani announced.

"Yes, yes, I'll be right back with those." and with that, he practically sprinted to the kitchen to get our drinks.

When he was out of eyesight I chuckled. "You got him whipped girl." I said to Dani, eyeing her appreciatively.

Dani snorted and replied sarcastically, "Oh yeah, he's a real keeper. I mean who doesn't dig the whole stuttering, acne look?"

I snorted, and laughed really loud. I guess maybe I was a little bit slap happy, since I barely got any sleep last night. I hadn't bothered to look at myself in the mirror because I knew I would look like the walking dead. No pun intended on vampires of course...more like zombies.

I felt accusing glares sent over to our table from snooty rich people around us, but I didn't really care. I just wanted my dang food.

Dani and I fell into an easy conversation about ugliness and all of its factors; when she stiffened and sniffed the air.

"There's another vampire here." she whispered disbelievingly.

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Talia Kylemont

Every morning is the same. I awaken in the middle of my bed, and stretch...under the happy illusion that today is a Talia-has-free-will-day, and that maybe I could even spend the day in bed, asleep.

And then...reality hits like a rock demon.

Because hang on a sec - silly little Talia has NO free will, and will now have to stumble out of bed, pour herself a large coffee and then go on whatever 'errand' is asked of her. Today was no different.

I gulped down my coffee and ran a tired hand through my messy ponytail. I had to get going soon. Stefan had texted me at 3:00am (vampires...I swear, someone should buy them a watch) with the details about that student, not to mention I had that rendezvous with a psycho vamp with Logan later on.

Sometimes I'd kill for a day to myself. One day - just one! A day with no rogue vamps, no controlling vamps, no werewolf battles and no demons trying to rip your flesh off your bones.

The thought stayed with me as I hopped on my motorbike and set off for the Academy, wishing that Stefan were easier to hate. Hate was an easy emotion to deal with - kinda like adrenaline, you could use it to fuel your actions, to drive you on. But when it came to Stefan, a nice vamp (there's a contradiction if there ever was one), and Logan (a nice warlock), I felt...weird.

Not friendly - God, no - but I didn't hate them either. So that left me with a pile of useless emotions that would never benefit me in any way, and that were so confusing at times that I'd forget where I was. Unfortunately, that almost made me crash into a streetpost, but thankfully I realised what was going on and swerved just in time.

I shook my head and focused on the road and the cool morning air whipping my face. Concentrate, Talia, I told myself. One day you'll be free of all this, your service will be done and you'll have the means necessary to live in freedom.

But until then, I had to get my head out of the clouds, and sharpen my dagger. A lovely, scholarly thought indeed! - as I saw the looming shadow of the Academy up ahead.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

I was unsure how to feel. Stefan had ended up calling a werewolf called Talia to come help me, and I wasn't sure if this is what I really wanted anymore.

I sighed. I couldn't go back now anyway. Might as well move forward. I grabbed the basketball on the side of the court. It was still early morning and outside was deadly silent, a cool wind on my face. Perfect.
I started throwing a few voices until I heard a voice behind me.

"Your not bad!" I swiveled around to face Stefan and I laughed. "I bet everyone here is 'not bad'" I made exclamation marks with my fingers. He laughed again.
"Would you like some company?" he asked softly.
I pondered this for a moment, then threw him the ball "Let's see what you've got, Vampire boy!"

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Talia Kylemont

Stefan Salvatore playing basketball is not what I expected to see when I turned up at the Academy and the secretary - a half vamp - directed me to the courts at the end of the campus. Not that it was unpleasant to watch - quite the contrary. Stefan was incredible, moving with the grace of a panther, his sleek physique and bronze hair giving him the cute surf-dude image.

Though of course, vampires + beach was a laughable picture indeed. I leaned against a wall and watched him shoot a goal...after goal...after goal. There was a girl beside him and I inhaled deeply, my nose twitching in surprise. A dragon. This must be the new student. She was pretty, I guess, in a fragile mortal-istic way and she was laughing as she watched Stefan in obvious awe. He was grinning from ear to ear.

He was nothing like Damon.

Stefan had great hearing so I wasn't surprised when he paused mid-throw and turned slowly around to look at me. I smirked at his expression...he looked like a contrite puppy being caught playing amongst the rose bushes.

"Ah...Talia." He cleared his throat and tossed the ball to the girl, who caught it and was now staring at me unabashedly. "You're here. Early."
I grinned, liking how uncomfortable I was making him. "I find there is so much more entertainment when one is punctual. Besides," I added, rolling my eyes. "Damon has a habit of making me go on errand in the middle of the night, so getting up early is not a problem."

Stefan winced in sympathy, before turning to the girl. "Brooklyn, this is my good friend Talia Kylemont. Tals," he said, turning to me, "Meet our newest student, Brooklyn Monte."

"Charmed," I said, coming over to shake her hand. She smiled back and shook it enthusiastically.
"You're a werewolf, right?" Brooklyn asked. I raised an eyebrow at Stefan who hurriedly cut in, saying, "Ah, yes, she is - but I think we can leave it at that for now..."

I rolled my eyes. He was so not cut out to be a diplomat. "I'm a werewolf hybrid," I said. "Able to become a were at will and I don't succumb to the were-state during full moon. So it's like being a human with all the werwolf perks."
She nodded, her eyes glowing oddly. I blinked. "I'm Zmey, or dragon," she said.
"I thought so too."

"Now that we've all been introduced," Stefan said, watching us both with his hand crossed over his chest, "Talia - I want you to test her abilities. See what she's made of."
"That's it?" I threw up my hands, and glared at Stefan. "You want me to be a test dummy?!"

Stefan held up his hands, as if to pacify me. "Look now, Tals..."
I whirled to face Brooklyn and gave her a wink. "How about I give her a demonstration?"
Stefan's forehead creased in confusion. "I don't know what you're-"

I leapt into action and pounced on him, knocking him flat on his back. I laughed at his expression before flipping him over and blocking his fast and furious punches. Everyone that hit me felt like stone, and it hurt a little, but I was also strong thanks to that werewolf skeletal frame of mine. All of a sudden, Stefan began to play dirty and used his speed to knock me over and I fell, dropping into a roll to lessen the impact.

He was grinning now and it reminded me of the first time we 'fought' and I had thought he was a human until he had proved me wrong. He was so open, so bright - nothing like Damon. I shook my head and struggled to free myself from his grip. He had me pinned to the ground and his body was on top of mine, the heat of him radiating through my jacket.

"Surrender?" he asked. He never ran out of breath, so this to him was like taking a stroll in the park.
"Never," I replied, kicking up with my left foot until it connected with his...

Well. You get the picture.

He winced and hunched over, letting go of me. I heard Brooklyn chuckle and I leapt to my feet and looked down at Stefan, my hands on my hips.

"Ha ha," I said, in a sing song voice. "I won, you lost!"
Stefan sighed and eyed me wearily. "You are such a child, Tals."
"Love you too, Stefan." His eyes shifted and his expression turned odd but I didn't think on it for long. I turned back to Brooklyn.

"How'd you like that?" I asked, polishing my nails on my jacket and blowing on them. She grinned.
"Amazing!" She frowned at Stefan. "About what happened..."
"Vamps are still guys," I offered. "Some tactics overlap species." Brooklyn laughed and Stefan blushed. A blushing vamp - something you did not see everyday.

He was still looking at me weirdly but I ignored him and said, "How about we go catch a coffee someplace?"
Stefan frowned, returning to his old self. "You always drink coffee when you wake up." Yep. That's the Salvatores for you - stalkers, the lot of them.
I squinted at him. "So? Coffee is life."
"I'm with her," said Brooklyn linking her arm with mine. I liked this girl! "Lets go, Talia!"

We headed for the main building and Stefan in a moment was beside us. Vamp speed, I swear. "Ok, ok - we'll go," he said, conceding defeat. "But I will not be held responsible for you being hyper, Tals."
I pouted. "Me? Hyper? You must have lost some brains as well along with your pride when I hit you where it hurt!"

Brooklyn laughed again as Stefan blushed again. I grinned.

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

I feel strangely at ease with this girl. She was a fantastic fighter and quite witty.

She turned to me "So why are you here at the Academy? Aren't dragons supposed to get all their training done in their pack?"

I laughed, surprised at how much this girl knew
"Yes, I am fully trained in my dragon form. In my human form, not so much. I had a friend, he was teaching me hand-to-hand combat, but he only knew so much"

She nodded her head as if she understood "Does your pack know your here?"

I was taken aback by how perceptive she was. There was definitely more than meets the eye with her "Not quite"

She laughed and Stefan looked uncomfortable "How about we get some coffee into us before we start down the deep and meaningful path hey?" she smiled and I nodded in agreement.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

"We need to go." I said grabbing Tess' hand and running as fast as I could for the hotel's lobby, needing to make it out into the city before the vampire caught up to us. I didn't know who they were, they smelled... not right and if Todd had sent them after me then I really didn't want to meet them.

After having just ingested blood my vamp powers were at a high, so we were at the doors less than a second after leaving the table. "Ouch, that hurt." Tess said rubbing her wrist where I had grabbed it and I winced apologetically, "sorry 'bout that."

I inhaled deeply, making sure that the vampire scent was gone. It wasn't, if anything it was stronger. "Tess, go back to the room please. That vampire is coming after us, but I think that whoever they are is probably after me. I don't want you to get mixed up in this any more than you already are." Tess glared at me "I'm already mixed up in this and if it is someone from that pre-teen vampire's clan than I can just tell them to back off by dropping my uncle's name. Besides I am not leaving you alone, you're the one paying for our room." I made a face, "Gee good to know you care so much." She grinned, "I'm kidding! I can't turn tail and run while letting you deal with an unknown vampire on your own."

I smiled and at her gratefully, even if I didn't want her to get hurt it was nice knowing she would have my back. I sniffed the air again, "the vampire will be here any second, you sure you want to stick around? There's still time to leave" Tess shook her head with a stubborn look on her face.

"Ok, you're call. Here he comes..." I trailed off as we both watched a boy who looked like he was about 17 come out of the hotel who smelled like blood.

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Talia Kylemont

"One hot chocolate with plenty of room for cream and with four sugars. Oh! And a slice of that gooey caramel cheesecake." Talia placed her order, smiling up at the waitress.

"Make that two slices," said Brooklyn, grinning at Talia. "And I'll have a caramel latte."
"Anything for you, sir?" asked the waitress, batting her eyelashes at Stefan. Talia snickered into the menu she was holding up to covering her face. Not that it was hiding her obvious amusement from the glaring Stefan.

"Earl Grey. No sugar."
"Very manly," soothed Talia, once the waitress had left. Stefan rolled his eyes. "I'm sure she was impressed - she may even give you change for your three dollars!"
Stefan raised an eyebrow at her. "What happened to the coffee?"

Talia shrugged, replacing the menu. "Didn't feel like it. Beside...then I'd be predictable."
Stefan sighed and ran a hand over his face."That would not always be a bad thing."
"Hey!" Talia was looking through the sugar packets. "It is too!"
"You ordered four sugars in your hot chocolate, Talia - stop playing with the sugar packets," Stefan reprimanded.

"Yes...Grandpa ." Brooklyn smothered a laugh and Talia shrugged at Stefan's glare. "Hey. You're ancient. Give a girl a break. Besides, when you get your whole "stop eating the sugar and ward off your impending heart attack" act on I can't help but feel that you missed your calling."
"Babysitting minors?" Stefan made a face. "You're enough work."
"I'm sure she's not that bad," reasoned Brooklyn.

Stefan snorted and it was Talia's turn to glare. "Name one time-"
"Manhattan. The Louis Vitton expo mission," was Stefan's swift reply. Talia blushed.
"I thought it might be fun to stop by the candy store on the way back...I'd run out of those sour gummy worms back at the apartment!"
"I rest my case," Stefan said, smiling.

The waitress brought their drinks, and the cheesecake slices for the girls. Talia held hers reverently and took a measured forkful, making sure to incorporate the whipped cream and caramel sauce. Eating was an art. Stefan watched her in amusement as she put the forkful dramatically into her mouth...swallowing with precision.

"Well?" he asked, eyes twinkling. She beamed.
"Perfection on a plate."
He just smiled and took a sip of his tea...before pulling a face.

"Sugar?" Talia asked wickedly, waving a packet. He took it from her, his face serene and controlled, even though Talia knew he was probably embarrassed. Everyone knew you did not drink tea as it was. Except maybe Stefan.

"You know," Brooklyn said, trying hard not laugh. "Sugar is a very manly accompaniment to a drink."
Talia nodded solemnly, taking a satisfied gulp of her hot chocolate. "Very manly."
"As manly as it gets," added Brooklyn.

Stefan narrowed his eyes at the two of them. They blinked back at him, all innocence. His mouth twitched at the corners. "Are you two...mocking me?"

"Mock you ?!" gasped Talia. She held a hand to her forehead. "Oh this tragic, tragic day! As if I would aim to mock you - Stefan Salvatore, the manliest of all men who ever walked the face of this earth drinking manly concoctions-" Stefan burst into laughter. Talia grinned. "Mock you? I think not !"

"Shall about more serious matters now?" Stefan asked, always the voice of reason.
"Fine," grumbled Talia, taking another bite of her cheesecake. "Be that way."

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Claire (claireplusone) | 676 comments Brooklyn Monte

I slowly ate my cheesecake and watched the banter between Stefan and Talia. It was really amusing to watch, and I felt at ease.

"I think Brooklyn would be better use elsewhere, away from the Academy" Stefan said, giving Talia a look I couldn't quite interpret.

She slowly sipped her hot chocolate "Oh come on Stefan. Don't you want her to live?"

He sighed "I just think her talents would be wasted at the Academy"

I sat watching them talk about me. I had no idea what they were on about, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to know.

"What if she teaches? She could help you out. She won't last a week with Damon" Talia gave him a serious look, and he nodded "Perhaps you are right" he replied.

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Tessa Kylemont

"Oh dearest me. Looks like you two have gotten yourselves in a bit of a pickle now haven't you? Tsk, tsk..." came calling out the vampire.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to run and hide or burst out laughing at his accent. "Woe is me my dark lord whom I have never had the pleasure of bestowing upon." I replied and pretended to faint.

Next to me Dani was released of the tense air. She snorted at my British accent and buckled over laughing. I joined in with her and I could feel the rage pouring off of the boy.

"You two foul wenches dare, mock, me?!" he asked incrediously. Sadly this had the opposite effect on me. I think maybe he was trying to frighten us...but I couldn't be sure since his old time talk made me want to cry from laughing so hard.

"Thou musn't be hasty with rash decisions you know," I called out at him when he began to come towards us. He was obviously in complete madness, so like the two squealing, giggling girls Dani and I were, we ran up the polished marble staircase in the hotel lobby.

We looked like right nutters. I wasn't afraid to admit it, since I knew we did. I mean honestly, I'm surprised we hadn't been kicked out of the hotel yet. But all worries come to an end at some point. For instance right now I didn't care about being kicked out of the fancy-shmancy hotel, I was a tad bit more worried about getting sucked dry by a mad vampire. I think he had anger issues, maybe we could work on those... I bet he'd be a lot more hospitable if he did.

He lunged up for Dani who slid down the railings and out of his grasp. "Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!" she called out giggling. I made a face of disgust at her. Kiss him? Ew. No thank you. The boy caught my look and I think it made him even more mad...if that was even possible.

My eyes widened and I chuckled lightly as I ran straight into the elevator, knocking over a maid coming out. "Tip, tip cheerio!" I called out. She said some words that would make a sailor proud before stalking off. But of course not before I called after her, "What happened to friendly customer service?" she flipped me the bird without turning around. People these days, no manners have they?

The boy came bounding across the hall to the elevator, whose door seemed to be closing in slow motion. I was pushing all the buttons to try and do something until I came across one labeled 'close'. I repeatedly pressed the close button, in hopes of making shut faster. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon." I muttered to myself, as the boy was getting frustratingly close.

He was right at the door and I could see his golden eyes alight with pure rage at me. He was about to force open the doors when it shut with a thud. I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding and slid down onto the floor.

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Tessa Kylemont

"I just want to talk." was the first words he said when I met up at the stairs with Dani. He had us both caught on the wrist, and was holding it at a very uncomfortable angle.

"I can and will snap your wrists if your don't listen to me." he sounded oddly calmer than he had before. Maybe he just forgot to take his anger meds this morning and did so whilst chasing us around like a mad man.

"Let go, this is my good wrist!" Dani whined and futility wiggled her wrist in his grasp. She wasn't even trying to get out of his hold. Leave it to her to flirt with the Mad Hatter of all vampires. But you know, now that I think about it, he didn't smell ALL vampire-y. He smelled....wolf-y too. Curiouser and curiouser.

Oh yes, I am quoting and referencing Alice in Wonderland. Sometimes I wonder why people think I'm crazy... It can't be because I'm having an internal argument with myself about quoting Alice and Wonderland and my bestfriend flirting with a nutter , no that can't be it. I was thinking all of this through whilst ignoring this 'thing' talking in front of me.

Was I supposed to be paying attention to all of his mumbling? You know where I was raised (London, England by the way) you always showed manners to a lady when speaking.

"Speak up man!" I yelled frustratingly after trying my best to make out what he was droning on about. But finally I just cracked. I felt like I wanted to pull my hair out, I could hardly understand the boy! Dani narrowed her eyes at me, "Don't interrupt! I was too busy staring at his lips when he talked! They're sexy!" she whispered fiercely to me. I rolled my eyes and felt the boy's stare on me while he was talking.

Want I really wanted to do right now was go get me some of that 'pizza' they have here. Yes, I'm quite hungry. I'm sure werewolves from my uncle's pack like pizza too and could be there...

"Dear God! Are you even listening to me?" he asked halfway amused and halfway angry.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked, snapping out of my stupor.

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Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

"sure we'll help you, but we aren't joining any packs or clans. Let's get that straight here and now. You got that?" Now that I knew that he wouldn't attack us I had no reason to flirt, I just thought that it wouldn't hurt if I buttered him up a bit. Never mind that it hadn't worked. The weird wolfy smelling vampire nodded though he still looked ready to blow a gasket.

He released our wrists and nodded. "Good" I smiled and flashed my fangs, "glad we got that cleared out of the way, now onto business. You're helping us, what do you want in return?"

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Sue (youvebeensued) Veronika Adams

I had no idea who this girl was. She kept on glancing at me and then at that warlock, I think his name is Logan. I had no idea whether Xavier knew her or not. She was very weird. She wasn't a vampire, I knew that pretty well. But the other one was. She...I can't describe her really. I could feel her thoughts, and I got the reason why was she staring at Xavier that way. Th wolf on the other looked very pissed off. Don't ask me why, she was a werewolf. And I should be given an award for not not lunging at her. I couldn't stand werewolves. Though I could actually stand Xavier as he had a part of vampire with him.
I definitely needed to talk with Xavier. These two were really irritating.

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Talia Kylemont

Talia had had to cut her cheesecake break short. "Gotta run, Stefan," she'd said. Her phone had started buzzing and a quick glance at the caller ID had told her it was Logan. "Urgent business to attend to and all."

He'd looked a little disappointed - or had that been her imagination? - but he'd nodded. "Alright. Perhaps you could drop by some time this week and do some training with Brooklyn?"
Talia had glanced at the girl, smiling. "That depends on whether she'd want to. Do you?" she'd asked.
"Sounds great," Brooklyn had replied.

"Then it looks like we have a date," Talia had teased. She'd put down her money on the table for the waitress and, waggling her fingers at Stefan and blowing an air kiss to Brooklyn, she left the cafe.

Now outside she dialled Logan's number, holding the phone to her ear. "Yes?" she said, as soon as he picked up.
"This is dangerous," came his drawl. "Perhaps we should-"
"You can bail." Talia got onto her motorbike. "But I can't - not when I have no idea why this creep is stalking me...stalking us."

Logan sighed into the phone, static picking up over at her end a little. "Fine. We'll go. I'll meet you at the second street over from the meeting place, ok?"
"Sweet," she said. "See you there."
"Bye, sunshine." And he hung up. She pocketed her phone and kick started the motorbike, taking off.

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Talia Kylemont

I knew something was wrong the moment I was a block from Logan's meeting place. I could smell something near him - actually, the problem was there was a smell that wasn't a smell; the kind you get when a place is too clean, or a drink is too diluted. And I knew that scent. It was a vampire. Or more importantly, the vampire.

Logan must have gotten into trouble again. I sighed and tapped the handle of my bike, wondering what I should do. I didn't have a choice - I had to see this creep for myself. But it would be dangerous. I quickly realised the vamp would have smelt me by now, so I acted nonchalant...subtly sending a text to both Stefan and Damon.

Rogue vamp, it read. Trouble. May need backup. Please come immediately if available. It is urgent. I had become a quick texter over the years working for Damon. I quickly pocketed my phone and parked the motorbike, sitting for a few seconds...thinking. I knew I could take him down. But my best weapon was the weapon of surprise.

I composed myself and then got off the motorbike. I could see the vamp from the corner of my eye. I turned to face him and shot him a smile and a wave. He frowned, looking bewildered. I smiled inwardly. Confused, bloodsucker? Good!

"You must be Logan's friend," I said, as I came into close proximity. I had made myself go through some yoga breaths on the ride over, so as to calm myself. Vamps could sense a beating heart and fear at a mile off. I smiled and offered him my hand. He stared at it.

"Umm...what?" he asked. His voice was gravelly and rough. I spied Logan slumped in the car seat from the corner of my vision. I turned to face him and then sighed exaggeratedly.
"Has he fallen asleep again?!" I rolled my eyes in conspirator-like fashion at the vamp. "And on our biggest job too. Has he told you about the vamp we're after? The creepy one?"

I watched the vamp's face carefully as he swallowed the bait. Not many - probably very very few - vampires knew that werewolves could smell out their kind. It wasn't a secret we were fond of parting with.
The vamp smiled, probably thinking how easy this was going to be for him now. Think again, bloodsucker . "Yeah, he did. We're meeting him at the park?"
"Yep." I grinned. "Can't wait to kick some vamp arse!"

The vamp's smile was forced. I could tell. "Sounds exciting."
"So glad I have your permission," I said, smiling. And then I smashed my fist into the side of his face.

He was fast. That much was certain. His reflexes had been slow at first - he'd been shocked by my action, but not so shocked that I'd taken him down with ease. He dealt me a few blows to the stomach, but I was waiting for an opening. And I got it. Twisting and ducking, I finally got in close and clamped something over his wrists.

He hissed and writhed in pain. "What did you do?!! " he asked, seething. I smirked.
"Ash wood manacles," I replied smugly. "The stuff used to make stakes in the gung-ho vamp hunting good 'ole days. Shame I didn't stake you, but where's the fun in that, eh?"

He tried to pry them off but his efforts were futile. "Warlock lock," I said, inspecting my nails. I'd chipped the side of one, and the golden crackle polish was dented. "Charmed."
He rolled his eyes like a horse, and snorted. I blinked - very horse-like indeed. "You really think this will stop me?"

"I don't think - I know." I eyed him with disappointment. "I must say, I thought you would put up more of a fight..." He growled and I laughed. "Gosh, you really are animalistic, aren't you? The vamps I've met have been quite culture, refined. Obviously you realised the futility of acting civilised. Going for the whole Man vs Wild look, are we?"

"Do you ever shut up?" he asked, groaning. Though from my chatter or from the manacles I didn't know.
"No. I love to talk. Especially to stalker-creep vamps who obviously have alot of time on their hands." I paused and listened hard. I then felt a buzzing in my pocket and grinned. I flipped open my phone. 2 messages.

The first read: Be careful . I knew it was from Stefan immediately. Damon didn't care less. I'll be there as soon as I can. Please don't do anything stupid. I sighed. Why did they always think I would do something stupid - where was the trust?

The vamp growled again and I shot him an exasperated look. "Could you tone down the testosterone?" I asked. He paused mid-growl and stared. Good. I turned back to my phone and opened the next message - it was from Damon.

Seems like your cup of tea. If things get down and dirty let me know and I'll be sure to free you from your service to me at the point of your unfortunate death. If not, then make it quick - I have another assignment for you in two days time.

The asshat. I snapped my phone shut and almost sobbed with relief when I saw Stefan's car ride up. The vamp growled again and I almost stuck my dagger into him.
"Who's that?" he asked, his voice all gravel. I sighed.
"Your doom."
"Funny." He gave me a look. "Who is it?"
"Your Fate."
"The thing that will put a stop to you. Because if anyone knows how to deal with a rogue vampire, it's another rogue vampire."

Stefan strolled over and he shot a look of pure loathing at the vampire, before giving me a rare smile. "Good job, Kylemont. You're getting better everytime."
I smiled. "Aww, shucks Stef. Just take him and be sure to drop him off at Damon's in one piece."

The vampire paled. "You're dropping me off at Damon Salvatore's house?!" And then he laughed. "Yep. Drop me off home. I can't wait to see my dad's face!!"

Stefan gazed at the vampire before him with something like shock. "Xavier?!" he whispered. "What the hell are you doing here?"
"This is Damon's son ?" I frowned. "I thought he'd be better looking - not to mention more talented. Disappointing to say the least."

Stefan sighed and turned to me. "Look - get yourself, and that warlock, back home. Send Damon a text about this and I'll drop this lunatic off at Damon's and let him deal with him, ok?"
"Ok, Stefan." I watched as Stefan shoved Xavier into the back of his convertible. "See ya round."
Stefan smiled at me, his eyes sad. "You too, Talia."

He drove off and I went back to wake up the warlock who had alot of explaining to do.

message 49: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 869 comments Dani Walker

I sat there with my legs crossed in the front seat of the old chevy pickup as we watched the encounter go down. "So what now?" Xavier had told us that he had a plan but he hadn't bothered to tell any of us about it, not even Veronika.

Veronika shrugged and I looked at Tess, but her eyes where glued to the spot where her sister had disappeared. I sighed and shook my head, " yeah great plan" I muttered under my breath. I stopped myself from grinding my teeth together like I used to when I was frustrated, teeth grinding plus ultra sensitive fangs equals very painful.

"I guess we tail them?" I asked from the drivers seat. Honestly I couldn't think of anything else to do and Veronika looked about two seconds away from jumping out the open window and following the vamp who had taken Xavier. Getting no response from Tess or Veronika I started the truck up and drove after the van that Xavier had been loaded into. "Gee thanks Dani for figuring out something to do! I'm so glad we have you because neither of us can drive!" I said to myself feeling very under appreciated.

I shook my head, whatever you're not here to be appreciated. You're here for Tess. I thought to myself as I tailed the van, making sure not to stay too close or get too far behind.

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Rachel (rachelm15) | 81 comments Tessa Kylemont

I was staring blankly at the road. My sister was just here. That thought rang through my head repeatedly, until it finally sunk in along with something else; she works for an evil vampire.

My eyes were blazing when I looked at the unknown vamp. I sneered at her shocked expression. Even she found it surprising her own boss/alpha/cult leader, Xavier, had been taken.

"Your not so tough not, are you?" I said disgustedly at her, my eyes blazing with fury. Veronika turned her vacant gaze to me and curled her lip.

"Oh please pup, Xavier can take care of himself. It was his idea to meet her here, not yours. Even though I have no clue why he would let you tag along to see Talia. We were going to take her hostage. You two just got in the way." she said, dismissing me with her eyes.

I stopped and thought about what she said. They were going to kidnap Talia?

"You nasty blood sucker." I ground out. I sprung forward, trapping her ashen throat against the stone wall.

"She's my sister. You will not harm a hair on her head. You hear me? Your filth." I said, while she struggled out of my hold. Anyother time I bet she could've escaped, but right now I was running on pure adrenaline and anger. Nobody wants to fight an angry werewolf.

I spit on her face, and dropped her. She collapsed to the floor holding her throat where my hand prints were. Gasping for air, I barely heard her make out, "You'll regret that dog." I smirked at her fallen form, grabbed Dani's hand, and ran.

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