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Who are the narrators?

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Aurora On Rick Riordan's website, the summary for MoA says "narrated by four different demigods." We know one is Annabeth. Who do you think the other three are.

My guess is Jason, Percy and Nico di Angelo.

Percyfreak- annabeth,jason,percy,and thalia

Aurora Why Thalia?

Percyfreak- thalia must come back if she wasn't introduced in the lost hero i wouldn't say anything.

message 5: by Ben (new)

Ben Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo

message 6: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca i think its annabeth, jason, percy, and leo, i dont think its going to be anyone who isnt one of the seven

message 7: by Angel (last edited Jun 06, 2012 09:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Angel Chan Annabeth, Percy, Jason and Nico
Annabeth cause it is her POV for first chapter
Percy and Jason might be obvious but you never know with Rick Riordan so.. it's my best educated guess...
Nico well because he has always been a key player and now that he is lost, his POV's will be the other side of the adventure that Percy's and Jason's teams and a 7th demigod (it is very likely to be Annabeth) as to embark on....

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Jessica Annabeth is given, and I hope both Percy and Jason are narrating too.
The fourth a bit tricky. I don't see how either Piper or Hazel would bring so much to the story by narrating. That leaves Frank and Leo. And I think the sacrifice is coming up this book, so I think the fourth could be Frank. But Nico would be cool too.

Percyfreak- nico and hazel are bro AND SIS SO .................... ANGEL

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annabeth(obviously), percy, nico , jason???? hopefully thalia but i dont think that will happen.
or maybe leo.....i dunno ..we'll 4 months

Sidney Prescott Annabeth, Percy, Jason and Reyna.

Georgia On a website some where I remember feeling dissapointed when I found out that Percy wasnt going to be narrating.

Ebony Georgia wrote: "On a website some where I remember feeling dissapointed when I found out that Percy wasn't going to be narrating."

:O where you find that? no! Percy HAS to be one of the narrators. he's my favorite:( it should be Percy, Annabeth (duh), and Jason, and Leo. but it will probably be Frank instead of Leo. maybe.

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Sidney wrote: "Annabeth, Percy, Jason and Reyna."

I would love Reyna to narrate. However, I have a feeling she's not going to do so. Not to mention, I haven't really liked this series so far, except for Reyna. I don't want her character messed up by her point of view not being good.

message 15: by Johny (new)

Johny My bet is: Annabeth, Percy and Jason (because they were fighting on the ship) and Leo to operate the ship.

message 16: by Bob (new)

Bob Annabeth Leo Piper Percy i read it

Kenny Vo Since we already know that Annabeth is one I'm going to guess its Percy, Jason, and Piper. I chose them because they are the main ones with the other two being Frank and Leo but I think they are more important and that's why I chose them.

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Annabeth, Percy, Leo, and Piper.

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