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Tatiana (tatiana_g) What do you think about Saba's relationship with her brother Lugh and her sister Emmi? Is she a good sister to them? Are their relationships well balanced and healthy?

Tatiana (tatiana_g) I myself thought that Saba maybe was a little too attached to her brother? Maybe it's a twins thing?

Zola | 13 comments She might not have a good relationship with Emmi, but it's a realistic relationship, and that's something I appreciated a lot. Her unending love and devotion for Lugh was also something I liked, so by the time Saba reached her goal at the end, I was so happy for her that I cried.

Dana Wallace - Not Enough Books, Not Enough Time (danaaa_99) | 8 comments At first I kept thinking how can she be so loving towards Lugh and not Emmi but then I began to see the feelings she connected with Emmi. I agree with Martha though about Saba doing anything for Emmi because it would make Lugh happy.

David Estes (davidestesbooks) The way she treated Emmi cracked me up because it's not that atypical for a big brother, little brother relationship except they're sisters not brothers hehe, but Saba is such a tomboy it just worked :)

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Kyle (livingisreading) I think her connection to Lugh was too strong, and unhealthy with how she compared each other so that she was basically nothing and he was everything, and it felt like her whole world revolved around him. Emmi I could kind of understand why she felt the way she did towards her, but at times it could be too much, and she just wasn't being reasonable, since Emmi couldn't control the circumstances of her birth.

Tatiana I agree with Tatiana and Klye--Saba's bond with Lugh was unhealthy. She was so content to live in his shadow, yet on her own, she was so much more interesting than Lugh. I couldn't see his appeal, so the attachment must have been because they were twins. I understand why Saba treated Emmi as she did. Sometimes it's hard for sisters to get along. And Emmi stood apart; she wasn't in anyone's shadow. I think because Emmi was very much like Saba, they were bound to come to odds.

Tatiana (tatiana_g) I think it is good that Saba was forced to go explore the wider world and meet other people. She was so content with living in isolation with just her brother, it was very unhealthy.

And I kind of understand the tension between Saba and Emmi. Such silly things happen in real life all the time.

Mallory | 7 comments This was a growing up story. You could argue that Saba was already very mature seeing as she fought off guys in black capes, ran into a burning building, and battled earthworms without hesitation. However, her childhood isolation left her lacking in the social department.
The most moving part of the entire story was at the end when Saba trusted Emmi with her life. Their relationship made a 180 degree turn, which I found very moving and reflective of how Saba had changed.

Elizabeth "Liza" (lizarodz) | 4 comments I agree with a lot of you that Saba's view of Lugh was unhealthy and maybe it is a twin thing, but I think that Saba had a very low and distorted view of herself. I might also have to do with the isolation that tthey lived in, I cannot imagine living all my life with only my family and no other interactions, it's bound to create some weird relationships.

While I understood by Saba felt that way towards Emmi, I think Saba took it to the extreme (she didn't have an ounce of love or even pity) at the begining. I agree with Tatiana, maybe it was hard for them to get along because they were so much alike.

Randie D. Camp, M.S. (randie87) | 9 comments Elizabeth, I like your comments. It's hard for me to say Saba and Lugh or even Saba and Emmi have an unhealthy/healthy relationship because they only have each other. If they had grown up with friends maybe they wouldn't have been so close. I also think being twins bonds Saba and Lugh in a different way because twins are supposed to have special ways of communicating and understanding each other. I do think Saba had some self-image issues but I think she has started to redefine herself separate from Lugh. I understand why Saba resents Emmi, blaming Emmi was like a coping mechanism for handling her mother's death...I don't think it's fair but Saba seems to learn this and begins to establish a more sisterly bond with Emmi.

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Tatiana wrote: "I myself thought that Saba maybe was a little too attached to her brother? Maybe it's a twins thing?"

At the beginning of the book I thought they did act a little odd for siblings. Almost like they were in love. But I guess if you have only known 3 people in your whole life you probably have no idea how to act. I did feel bad for Emmi. It was sad that Saba blamed her so much for her mother's death and treated her so poorly. Saba was 18 and should've known better by that age. Because of Saba letting Lugh do everything and basically be the leader I was surprised how much she stood out and became her own person once she traveled away from her home.

I would believe this whole "twin" thing about twins are so close and all that jazz. But my dad and his brother are identical twins and they aren't close at all. None of this twins connection that people talk about.

I liked Saba a lot. But she sure does have a lot of flaws. I also found it interesting that when they were traveling Emmi's feet hurt but Saba's didn't? As if Saba was used to walking 10 miles a day? Her feet would've been blistered and hurt just as much as Emmi's.

I know Nero is not a sibling but I loved that bird. He was great.. and the fact that he counts was cool. Honestly I thought we were going to get to the end of the book and find out he was a person.

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Here is Ms. Young's comments on the sister's relationship:

Yes, Saba's relationship with Emmi. I had to balance that one quite carefully and my writing group were immensely helpful here. What can I say? I was a mean older sister to my lovely, wonderful youngest sister whom I now love very much. I was horrible to her. There are eight years between us and I was a self-centred, strong-willed child and did not want a new baby. I already had a younger sister and she and I were a close little unit and that was quite enough as far as I was concerned. I wanted Saba to be a complex, multi-layered character and I wanted her to be a flawed hero with much to learn about life, relationships and herself. Knowing that her emotional arc would cover three books, I had to start her at a fairly low point! And, I have to say, some people are horrified by her treatment of Emmi and others say, oh yes, I was awful to my sister/brother too. Sibling relationships can be very testing.

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