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Hayyel walks along the park, she stops and sits in the grass. Looking up at the sky she smiles and lays down. Spreading her wings she sighs.

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
" I don't know I imagine it was more... Perfect" she said skipping along the path letting her hair bounce with her she felt like a kid again she noticed hayyel in the grass." hey friendly stranger" she teased

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Keeping her eyes closed Hayyel smiles slightly and turns her head. "Why hello there, how do you do?" She opens her eyes and watches as Aphrodite and Gabriel walk closer.

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"Yes, well boredom is quite understandable. So what are you guys going to do to fix it?" Hayyel sits up and gracefully rises looking at both of them.

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
" have no heavenly idea" she said( haha heavenly get it)~fine whatever walks away~ ( Jk told u I'm random and funny too)

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((Lol nice..))

"Well then why did I get up?" Hayyel says in mock seriousness, "this is a serious problem, I only move when needed!"

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( teehee I guess that's why everyone loves me muhahahah)
" oh come on get off your butt and walk with us. I do have a idea to make us less bored wanna hear it?" she giggled.

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((well...I don't know about that! Jk :) I'm sure it is!))

"Does it involve any sort of extreme physical exertion?" Looking up at Aphro she frowns, "do I want to know what the new idea is?"

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"Good!" Laughing Hayyel jumps up and wipes off her hands, "so wait, what are we doing?"

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(buaahhhaha, just fell out of my chair:)
" no silly want to go down to earth?!?" she asked her eyes fluttered and gleamed in the sunlight she really wanted to go back to earth maybe see some familiar people.

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( every time I read ur post I start laughing I think I'm dieing....of laughter:)

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"Earth?" Hayyel stops, frozen sh looks up and then looks down. She looks up at Gabriel and Aphrodite. "Umm sure? What are we going to do?"

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" you don't have to go if you don't wanna, I'd figure you would go if you were bored of the same old thing everyday, to switch it up some." she said smiling.she just really wanted to go somewere with her friends.

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"Nope it's fine, I haven't been down in a while." Grinning she shrugs. "Well what are we waiting for?"

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" yepperdo's" she smiled as she let her wings out and bent down and moved the clouds out of the way so they had a clear view." where to someone point somewhere and we shall go" she said eager to leave and do human stuff.

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Unfolding her wings Hayyel glances at Gabriel, "Lead the way" Smiling she flies up a little bit before coming back down.

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Flying up, she waits for everyone else as she soars higher and higher before swooping back down to them. "Well I don't know where there is...Never been there before"

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They flew down at the same time . Their wings guided them downward to the small town. Aphrodite kept smiling at Gabriel.

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" me eather, its all new to me"Aphrodite said she just wished she could see someone she used to go to school with.

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Touching the ground first Hayyel folds in her wings and makes them disappear. Turning around she glances at Gabriel and Aphrodite. "Where to first? Food? I'm starving!"

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Aphrodite does the same with her wings." sure I'm hungry to I really want ice cream too" she smiled waiting for Gabriel.

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A dreamy look comes over Hayyel's face, "yum..." Grinning she snaps out of it and looks at Aphrodite, "I say ice cream and, some actual food too."

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( yay my horse just came back from the trainers woot woot going horseback riding tomorrow:)
" agree'd where to eat though??" she wondered

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((Lucky, don't have a horse but LOVE to ride!))

"Let's ask" walking up to a gentleman she taps him on the shoulder, "where can I get a bite to eat?" Smiling she looks up at him.

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( she and kip are spoiled but they are my baby's so they come first:)
Aphrodite was waiting for an answer, her tummy growled a little.

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Walking back Hayyel smiles, "good news! Just two block from here is a small local diner." She turns around and points in the direction the man told her to go. "Lets go!" She starts to walk in that direction.

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" my mind thinks like that alot" she smiled scanning around for a nice place to eat.

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((We should have a place for the diner instead of just Rping in the we eat in the park))

Smirking Hayyel looks back at Aphrodite. She suddenly stops and looks over at them "here it is! Aw it's a cute little place."

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 6 comments Bret runs in the darkness of the shadows

Mark sat quitely in the grass keeping to himself

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Hyyel smiles. "how cute!" she looks at Aphrodite and Gabriel. "lets go. " suddenly she notices someone onthe other side of the street

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Luke sat in the diner, looking for someone he knew, or someone to hook in. No one. He got up and left the diner, passing by a few other angels and headed toward the park

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