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Vixen  | 1107 comments has every type and kind of pizza imagineable

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Devon parked and turned off the music. "Thanks." He said, getting out of the car and holding the door open for her to go inside. "What do you want?" He asked, wondering if she was a vegetarian or something. He didn't think so, but wasn't sure. Sighing Devon stood in like to order.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel smiled at him, nodding her thanks when he held the door for her. Standing in line beside him, she replied instantly, "Meat lovers pizza with extra pineapples." She looked up at the menu, thinking about what she wanted to drink, her thoughts still on Lulu. "And a chocolate milk." (mmm that's actually my favourite pizza lol))

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Devon nodded, and ordered a large when it was their turn. He paid before she could protest. "Where do you want to sit?" He asked, looking away. Once they sat down, he'd have to explain. And he wasn't sure how to. But he knew she would just keep bugging him, untill he answered

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel had been digging in her backpack for her wallet when, much to her dismay, Devon had already paid. She gaped at him, sputtering, holding a 10 dollar bill in her hand like a moron. Glaring, she shoved her money into her pocket and pointed at the table in the back corner. "There." She didnt want any distractions or any excuses for him to back out of explaining.

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Devon sighed, not really surprised and headed over. He took the seat facing the window. "What exactly do you want to know? Why I got mad? who Karen is? Something else you think I haven't answered?" He waited for her to say something, but made an effort to not look at her

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Vixen  | 1107 comments She sat down across from him and raised her eyebrow. "Well thank you, now that we have all the questions out of the way with, you can start by answering them." She said dryly but sighed when she saw how much he was trying to avoid her gaze. "Devon, remember the other day, when I apologized for not looking at you. Can you not do that to me?" She asked and then added softly, "Please." After the day she had, after the night before, she didnt want Devon to be avoiding her and not talking to her.

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"If I look at you, I'll start crying. Plus, you already know how I feel about appoligies, so not exactly the best moment to bring that up." He sighed, "I got mad, because she's doing something stupid, and she knows it's stupid or she would have told me herself." He glanced at her, then back out the window. "Karen. Was the one person I would trust with anything. She...was from back home." He checked to see if she was following him so far.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel was already shocked when Deovn mentioned he would cry. She was trying to figure out if he was being serious or not when he dropped a bomb on her. Her mouth open, she quickly closed it when he looked back at her. She opened her chocolate milk and took a long sip, using the time to compose herself. From back home? From before he ran away? Swallowing, laurel cleared her throat and then asked, "Who was she?"

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"She was a psychic. Saw I was going to end up here, and came to bring me back. Only Lulu saw me crying and yelled at her to go away and leave me alone or she'd call the cops. Well, she wasn't my mom and the cops would figure that out pretty fast and she didn't want to end up in jail for kidnapping or whatever they charged her with, so she left." He said it in a rush, like that would make it easier. "Since then, it's been our code-word for talking to someone we don't really...think the other person would like. It's also..." He paused and grabbed the pizza, and brought it over, "Fresh out of the oven" Devon burned his fingers, grabbing a piece.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel stared at him, trying to keep her face neutral and passive when inside, she was freaking out. This had been the most he had spoken of his past, and she in no way expected any of this. Laurel used a napkin to pick up her slice, seeing how hot it was. Blowing on it, she took a big bite and spoke around it, momentarily forgetting about proper manners. "Wait, so..." she chewed, "Lulu wasn't actually talking to the Karin..." Laurel paused and wiped her mouth. "...But someone you wouldnt like?"

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He ignored her and finished his sentence from a minute ago. "It's also the name of her birth-mom." He felt slightly bad, getting into other people's personal lives, but it was Lulu's own fault. "We didn't know that at first, but one time, Lulu said 'I'm going to Karens' And Martha freaked out. She started talking about how it was supposed to have been a closed adoption, and how Lulu couldn't just mess up someone's life by doing that. So of course, Lulu decided to research out some more." He sighed, eating a second slice of pizza.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments "Oh." Laurel almost dropped her pizza. Putting it down, bit her lip. "So...which Karen is Lulu going to see?" She finally asked, though by how weirded out Lulu seemed in the bathroom, laurel had a pretty good idea which one it was.

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"No idea. She rode her bike, so I'm thinking someone I wouldn't like but I'm not sure." he picked up another slice, "this is all something I'll deny saying, if it comes up again, by the way." He said watching her, then looking away again, quickly

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Vixen  | 1107 comments "Well, let's think. Who wouldn't you like?" Laurel asked but then instantly rgretted the question. But come on, what would be the chances Lulu went to go see Becky Saunders. Shaking it off, she laughed at what he said. "I wouldn't put it past you to do just that." But she made a frustrated noise and sipped her drink when again, he kept avoiding her gaze and looking away.

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((Maybe in 3 hours? IDK for sure))

Devon shrugged, looking at the pizza. There were only two slices left, "Aren't you hungry?" He asked, having not seen her eat even a full slice yet. He pushed the pizza towards her. "It's her friend, I'm not going to bother finding out more unless it affects me." He checked his watch and threw away his trash. Devon ran his fingers through his hair

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel nodded and gratefully finished another slice, wondering how he had eaten the rest without her realizing it. Speaking with her mouth full, she asked, "Do you have to get home?" when she saw him look at his watch.

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"UM..." Devon shrugged, "I should. But Finish eating first." He sat down again, looking out the window, but not because he was avoiding looking at her, more because he wasn't paying attention to anything in particular. "Do you believe in soul-mates?" He asked quietly

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel swallowed the last bit of her slice and was just about to move onto the remaining slice when his question stopped her. Putting her hand down, she furrowed her brow in thought. In truth, she had never really given it much thought. "I think so..." She said slowly. "I think...that there's someone out there for all of us. Because, well because this world would just be too cruel for there not to be." She said somewhat sadly. She sipped her chocolate milk before adding. "I dont know if I would call it soulmate, because what happens if they never meet, or one of them dies? The other is left to live life alone, never truly happy with anyone else, or never getting a chance to find his or her love? It seems to harsh to me still. Or well, maybe what I believe in is re-incarnation and the chance for people to find each other again." She bit her lip, wondering if she sounded really stupid or not

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Devon waited for her to pick up the pizza again. He saw her reaching for it but then she'd got distracted. He tapped his fingers against the table with his left hand. His right hand was laying flat and he was staring at the ring he was wearing, "What would you call it?" He asked kind of intensely, even though you could tell he was trying to make it seem like not a big deal

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel stared at his tapping fingers and frowned before quickly picking up her slice again and taking a bite, realizing he was probably anxious to get home and she was taking too long. She sensed that this seemed realy important to him, and she was confused. she wanted to say the right thing to him, but realized there really was no right or wrong answer to such a question. She stared out the window for a while before finally looking up at him. Laurel shrugged and gave a wan smile. "Love. I would simply call it love."

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Devon stopped for a second, then started again, noticeably faster than before. He didn't say anything, just sat there thinking about what she'd said, and tapping his fingers. He was looking straight at her, but it was like he wasn't seeing her. Devon shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair, "Let's go." He said his voice sounded normalish. "You're done, right?"

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel frowned when he did't say anything. She saw the look in his eyes and cringed slightly. It was like he was looking through her, like she wasn't even there. For the firs time today, Laurel didn't want Devon looking at her. "Yes." She quickly caught up and put her food in the trash, throwing away the last half of her pizza. Her apetite was gone anyway. Not looking at him, she walked out the door. I don't understand you at all. She thought to herself sadly

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"Did-You just throw away pizza! I would have eaten that!" Devon looked at the trash-can, almost like he was thinking about pulling it back out, but he sighed and didn't. Devon shook his head again and headed out. He held the door open for her again, but he still had that un-focused edge. Devon unlocked the car and sat in the drivers seat for almost a whole minute before buckling himself in.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel barely glanced at him, when she said in a defensive tone, "What? You asked if I was done! You didn't see that there was still half a slice left? You had ample time to speak up if you wanted it." She walked out the door and sat in the car, staring out the window. Her thoughts were all over the place, from the pizza, to Lulu, to 'Karen', to Devon's stupid soulmate question. Finally, she realized they werent moving. She looked over at him and saw that spaced out look again and threw her hands up in the air. "Okay, I give up. First you say you have to get going, then you ask me that crazy soulmate question, and I after I answer you stare right through me as if i dont exist, and now youre all spaced out and look like youve forgotten how to start the car? What gives?" Her voice was getting louder and louder and she was almost yelling by the time she was finished

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Devon rolled his eyes and started the car. He didn't say anything to her though, just thought about it in his head I didn't forget anything...You space out all the time...It wasn't that crazy of a question...What kind of guy would say no to more pizza?. At the red light, he tapped his fingers against the steering wheel, "It's just been a messed up kind of day." He said, breaking the silence. "This is the right way to your house, right?"

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel huffed and looked back out the window, glaring daggers at the people walking by who looked so happy and carefree right now. Her body tensed at his question. Crap. He can't drop me off there. She couldnt risk that again. "I have work today!" She exclaimed, maybe unnecessarily loud. She clamped her jaw shut and looked out the window. "Drop me off at the ice cream parlour, I forgot." Sha said quietly, her voice somewhat tight

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