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Vixen  | 1107 comments pretty standard. Usually where all the mean girl drama takes place at school

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"I'll be out in a minute," Lulu repeated, not sounding annoyed like she normally would be at having to repeat herself. She kept digging, "Do you have any hair-ties? I can't find one, and my bangs are pissing me off." Lulu didn't usually cuss, but didn't care at the moment.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments Laurel's frown deepened when Lulu didnt actually say she was okay. She was now standing in front of Lulu's stall, her hands placed gingerly on them, thinking that Lulu's movements sounded rather frantic. "No, sorry. I don't carry any with me. Short hair." She stated somewhat slowly and carefully. Knocking on th stall door softly, she asked again, "Lulu, are you sure you're alright?" Laurel herself was a bit surprised when Lulu cussed. From the short time theyve spent together and even on the field together, she had never really heard Lulu swear or anything like that.

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"Yeah. I'm fine. Tell Devon Karen and I are gonna watch a movie. I'll ride my bike to her house." Lulu zipped her packpack back up. "If I open the door and smash your face, it's your fault."

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Vixen  | 1107 comments "Okay I'll--Ah" Laurel made sure she jumped back quickly, knowing Lulu enough to know that that was 'fair warning' and if she had stayed against the stall any longer than she had, she would most definitely be walking out with a bloody nose. "I guess I'll see you?" She asked, already walking towards the washroom door.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments ((lol guess who said 'packpack' this time XD))

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Lulu seemed a bit more relaxed. "Thanks." She glanced in the mirror, but didn't stop. "I'll see you later." She took a deep breath before going out into the hall. Hopefully, there wouldn't be too many people left.

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Vixen  | 1107 comments "Hey, is your-" Laurel sighed as Lulu already left the washroom, once again a question on the tip of her tongue but never having enough time to get it out. Her hair was different wasnt it? Laurel barely had time to get a good look at Lulu. Shaking her head, she walked out the halls and made her way over to Devon.

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