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How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not?
Book Discussions > How Come That Idiots Rich and I'm Not? - June 2012

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Jacob (paulsen) | 245 comments We have an phenomenal opportunity for our book group members this month. We want to give you a signed copy of the book, "How Come That Idiot's Rich and I'm Not?" The only thing we are asking is that you post your sincere review of the book (Good or Bad) online. We have 15 signed copies of the book and will send them to 15 people willing to post their review in the most places online. In addition, the 15 selected people will get an exclusive opportunity to speak with Robert Shemin at the end of the month!

>>Click here if you are interested http://bit.ly/L4bE1F

Jacob (paulsen) | 245 comments Thank you to everyone who entered to win a free copy of Robert’s Best Selling Book, How Come That Idiots Rich and I’m Not. We are pleased to announce the winners of the 15 signed copies below. We will be contacting the winners today via email to confirm their shipping address.

Winners Include:

Ravi Veloo
Cathy Demers
Steven Brown
Sonia Perry
Jim Byrd
Richard Smith
Darin Godby
Kathy Lang
Elie Harriett
Kara Miyasato
Hugh Morris
Malvindran Ganesh
Salvador Barragan

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Robert Shemin | 2 comments Hello 12 Books Club Readers,
This is Robert Shemin checking in with you!
I am so excited we are working together and I am sure you will get tons of valuable information!
To your Success
Robert Shemin

Jacob (paulsen) | 245 comments Robert great to see you. This morning I have been reflecting on the spiritual laws of getting rich. I imagine that you probably have a lot of experiences with people who have had amazing transformations when they accept these principles. As I read the first part about Forgiveness it made me realize that sometimes I've wanted to blame others for my financial condition. Forgiving them is not only cleansing but also shifts the responsibility back to me where it belongs. Thanks for this and many other great tips in the book so far!

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Richard Smith (rsmithcrown) | 2 comments I just received my copy and began reading it this morning. So far I love it...Cannot wait to finish and I look forward to discussing. Thank you!!!

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Robert Shemin | 2 comments Great to hear! All the best and much success from Rich Idiot Robert Shemin!

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