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message 2: by Oak Tree (new)

Oak Tree | 50 comments 7 people reviewed this book and each awarded it 3 acorns. This is the review group’s first ‘Must Read’ book.
Readers described it as written from the heart, memorable and brave. It is not sentimental or depressing and the author is commended for his wisdom and courage in writing and publishing it. The book deals with the practicalities of coping with a sudden death. It also shows us in messages from Maite’s friends what a real human being is represented by the reports and statistics. She sounded wonderful and we felt we had met her just a little.
Some reviewers mentioned the children. They will be proud of their mother when they read this but there is no doubt they should also be very proud of their father.

3 Acorns. A Must Read book.

message 3: by Mo (new)

Mo (mobroon) | 797 comments A wonderful sad practical book which deals with the first year of widower-hood. Anyone losing someone as close has a difficult first year but this is exacerbated when there are two very young children involved. So good.

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments Mo, I agree that it had a great many sad elements but there was so much humour and joy in it, which I'm sure you know.

I felt it was a tribute to and celebration of Maité's life and the great impact that Darren saw she had.
I'm sure she and I would have had many silly giggles together. Probably when sitting next to each other and pointing and laughing at Darren... ;)

message 5: by Darren (new)

Darren Humphries (darrenhf) | 6980 comments At some point tomorrow (June 26th) this will be going back onto the kdp free promotion for five days. I didn't realise it was coming around just now, but it is now, so please take advantage whilst you can.

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments Ah.

Is it to late to inform the freebie sites, do you think?

That's something Shaun did with his...

message 7: by Shaun (new)

Shaun (shaunjeffrey) | 2467 comments The freebie sites to inform can be found here, but sites such as Pixel of Ink need at least one months notice I believe:

Patti (baconater) (goldengreene) | 61757 comments Shaun, you're lovely. :)

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