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Has anyone read any Michael Koryta books?
Anne-Marie Eberhardt Anne-Marie Jun 01, 2012 07:25AM
I have just kind of discovered Michael Koryta. They are so great. Anyone who likes Harlan Coben, James Patterson, David Baldacci would love these books! Has anyone else read his books before?

Love Michael Koryta...Saw him speak at a local bookstore and he was awesome!

His earlier crime novels are great, but his his most recent releases (so cold the river, the cypress house, the ridge, and the prophet) are even better.

I have just recently started reading his books. I really like his style. And he is an excellent story teller. You are hooked right from the start and can't read fast enough. My first was So Cold The River. Outstanding!!! Definitely a must read author.

One of my favorite authors. He started mainly with a detective series (4 books) with 1 standalone in-between, then branched out into the supernatural for three standalone books, and most recent is a standalone. For me, he is a cross between Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane as for his writing style. Highly recommended.

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