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message 1: by Lisa, the usurper (new)

Lisa (lmmmml) | 1864 comments Mod
This is the children's read for June. Please remember to post spoiler alerts and happy reading!

message 2: by Nilgün (new)

Nilgün (hassiz) | 32 comments It is so a lovely book, but one of the sad point is we cant know wath is about with hems famaly?

message 3: by Lisa, the usurper (last edited Jun 05, 2012 08:21AM) (new)

Lisa (lmmmml) | 1864 comments Mod
I have not read this in quite awhile, and I'm going to try and fit it in this month. We started a thread sometime ago about the selective editing of Huck Finn to take out any offensive language. Might be nice to revisit that one also with this book.

message 4: by Lisa, the usurper (new)

Lisa (lmmmml) | 1864 comments Mod
How are people enjoying this one?

message 5: by Kerri, the sane one (new)

Kerri | 328 comments Mod
We watched the 1973 version last night on TV with the kids. It was funny that they liked Huck better than Tom and now want to know more about him. They also were quite taken back on how "bad" Tom was. It was fun to watch it again as an adult although I am not so sure I know why I loved it as much as I did as a young girl.

message 6: by Mo (new)

Mo | 43 comments I finished this morning. I haven't read this book in years. I enjoyed it, but I agree, Huck steals the show! Thé Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of my favorites!

message 7: by Sara (last edited Jul 23, 2012 05:37PM) (new)

Sara Weather (saraweather) I liked it and need to see the movie.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) I read this one quite some time ago, and really liked it. I think Tom is such a rascal. :)

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