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message 1: by Jon (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments I started reading the Prologue of The Dragon Reborn this morning over a bowl of granola. Whitecloaks curdled my milk.

Spoilers are allowed in this discussion thread for all previous books and through the end of Chapter 13 of The Dragon Reborn.

Jacquelyn (jsglow) I started reading this early & am already on Chap. 27 (haven't been able to put it down!). I am quite enjoying the change of perspective; the narration from a couple of the other characters POV is refreshing. I really wish Perrin would embrace & learn about his "gift" or abilities a little more. Perhaps Jordan will go there in the future chapters/books.

Suzanne | 212 comments Jacquelyn, I agree about Perrin. His gift seems so cool, and I wish he would thik of it that way instead of fighting it so hard!

message 4: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob | 38 comments Agree with both of you about Perrin. I was thinking the same thing when reading those chapters, who wouldn't want to talk to wolves?

I was most surprised at how little attention the Black Ajah were given. Nothing until we got to the white tower chapter at the end of this section. I know theres a lot going on for everyone but I just figured at some point Egwene and Nynaeve would explain to Moiraine and Verin just how rhey ended up in Falme...

Suzanne | 212 comments You are right Rob. I think that all the time in this book (and many others). "Just communicate like adults people!" Boy that would solve a lot of problems. Ha, although I guess I'm not always that great at communication either =). I think I'd try to mention something important like Black Ajah though.

Alex | 104 comments I can understand them not mentioning it to people now since the Amyrlin told them not to trust anybody. I've heard a lot about braid tugging being one of the most annoying things in the series. Looks like this is where it starts.

I'm not sure what to make of Perrin. In the first book he went from not knowing anything about the wolves to being constantly in touch with them almost instantly. Meanwhile Rand and the Aes Sedai trainees can't even channel reliably after the same amount of time. Then he worries about losing his mind to the wolves but Elyas has probably had the power for at least as long as the crazy guy and he's perfectly sane, just eccentric.

What I like is how the Aes Sedai and Whitecloaks are doing the same thing for opposite reasons. The leaders of both groups want to let Rand go on being the dragon for now even though they could be killed if anyone found out what they were doing.

Scarlet I did not appreciate the change of POV as well as I should, I like Perrin more than Rand, but we did have to go through the process of Rand accepting who he is in the second book, now we have to go through the same process with Perrin? I just didn't look forward to it.

message 8: by Jon (last edited Jun 10, 2012 06:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments Scarlet wrote: "I did not appreciate the change of POV as well as I should, I like Perrin more than Rand, but we did have to go through the process of Rand accepting who he is in the second book, now we have to go..."

Has anyone else noticed that Rand's voice has only appeared once, very briefly, thus far in The Dragon Reborn, at the end of Chapter 9 Wolf Dreams?

For this re-read of the Wheel of Time series, I decided to keep a spreadsheet of PoVs (points of view) by book and chapter and location. I am updating it weekly, and keeping a copy in my DropBox public folder. It includes a pivot chart to graphically display how much 'screen time' different characters are given by the author.

Part of my personal challenge with the Wheel of Time series is my attachment to certain characters. By far, I'm really only interested in Rand's point of view. (view spoiler)

message 9: by Mach (last edited Jun 10, 2012 07:53AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mach | 41 comments Jon, i did the same thing when reading book 9 or 10.

If Rand's pov is not in the last book i am gonna be sending hate mail to Brandon Sanderson.

message 10: by Dana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana | 27 comments I like Rand's point of view, but I enjoy other characters more. (view spoiler)

Margot (freezebaby) I've definitely sailed through the first half of this book -- just no time to get online and post!

Jon, Rand's absence from these first few chapters definitely jumped out at me, too. Because I know how this book plays out, his general absence from it makes sense to me. I never felt like (view spoiler) (although I've only read through Path of Daggers, book 8). (view spoiler)

message 12: by Mach (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mach | 41 comments Rand is the only pov character that really matters for me. In the beginning i was ok with the other character's but later on i only cared about reading Rand's chapters.

Heidi | 71 comments It's funny, I'm perfectly happy to not have Rand's POV in this book because he is my least favorite character!

Suzanne | 212 comments I had troubles with Rand in this book too because he seemed a little too "Why me?" and "Nobody is going to tell me what to do!" I suppose those are normal human reactions, but they still annoyed me at this point.

message 15: by Dana (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dana | 27 comments I finally started reading last night, and already it's a much faster read for me. I do like the switch to other characters, rather than Rand being the focus. I think book 3 is where the story starts to become more global.

I really like Perrin in this book, though I keep wishing he would accept the wolf part of himself. I totally get why he's afraid of it, and seeing what happened to Noam makes it clear he has a right to be afraid.

Evilynn | 68 comments "Yay Aes Sedai!" probably sums up my thoughts on the first part of the book. I've always found the political intrigue to be one of the most interesting parts of the books.

Laura | 8 comments I agree with the comments about Perrin's reluctance to accept his connection to the wolves. I would have thought that since they basically saved he and Egwene from the White Cloaks in an earlier book that he would be certain they are not Darkfriends.

One thing that has confused me so far (I'm on Chapter 11 of Dragon Reborn) is that we don't know how much "the girls" (Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, and Min) have told anyone else about their experience with Liandrin - the nasty way they were tricked into traveling to Falme. When Min and Perrin are speaking just before Min is made by Moiraine to go back to Tar Valon, it becomes clear that Perrin thinks Tar Valon is hunky dory and that Min should be perfectly safe there. And still, Min does not correct him. Crazy.

Margot (freezebaby) Laura, you make a good point. Seems like a bit of an oversight.

Laura | 8 comments Margot wrote: "Laura, you make a good point. Seems like a bit of an oversight."

Thanks, Margot :-). My guess, however, is that since Jordan does pay attention to detail in many other ways, we will see the whole story come out eventually. Jordan seems to enjoy holding back on information until a pinnacle plot point arises, and then the questions are all answered at once to contribute to the climactic moments. It's a wonder these characters don't get migraines from being overwhelmed with knowledge after going for weeks in complete cluelessness.

Margot (freezebaby) Who knows. Maybe the girls all agreed to keep the details of their "trip" to Falme hush hush to save themselves the embarrassment of the boys knowing how they were duped.

Evilynn | 68 comments I assumed they kept quiet because they didn't think Aes Sedai business was any business of the boys?

Laura | 8 comments You are both probably right. I am now further into the Dragon Reborn and after reading Chapters 11-13 I have a better idea.

Helen I'm almost half way now, no idea what chapter it is as my kindle is upstairs.

So far, I'm guessing Perrin isn't enbracing the gift as he doesn't want anyone in his head after the Dark One has been there.

I love Nynaeve who is so good at keeping her temper and not revealing stress or that she's lieing - sorry is there something wrong with your plait? I am getting cross at this. Why doesn't Egwene point it out to her?

Rather than carry on, I'm going to make a ginger hot choc and go to bed and read more, I will catch up...

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