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UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments [image error]src=

The compound is located deep into the wood's underground, where no human or werewolf goes. There is a hidden entrance that only vampires can sense and enter. All human that come here, wither to be drained or turned, MUST be blindfolded.

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((the pics dont work))

Parker drops down a mile from the compound and smirks smelling the air...He rips a peice of Mitchells shirt and wraps it around his eyes...And another peice as a gag..."Pathetic human....Your days of suffering will end soon enough..."

Mitch was sweating and small tears of fear seeped from his eyes...Parker rushes to the compound and makes it there in seconds he enters and takes the elevator down... He reaches the bottom floor a chamber like a cave more or less with a high ceiling and a chair with one ray of light shining down upon the single spot so brighht it blinds the occupant from seeing anyone around them in the shadows...Parker puts Mitch in the chair and ties his arms behind him..."I wonder if I could sneak a small bite before the others reach us..." A loud voice booms from behind..."NO!!!,Damien's orders are to bring him here un scathed and that is how he will remain...." A dark muscular man comes form the shadows, security the guard of the cmpound his ability to overpower any stregnth comes in handy with his position

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Parker smirks..."Very well, we will listen to Damien but shouldn't you have a door to watch or something..."

THe man lets a small huff and growl escape his lips before turning and vanishing in the shadows.

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Top security entrance

The underground halls

Cafeteria and work lab

Prisoner hall

Bottom level

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(Thanks sweetie. Love it!)(

)(Should we wait for Syn?)(

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((np UHWTM))

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Parker stayed down under ground with Mitch until the others came...He knew no wolf would be stupid enough to come out this far...out of any territory...And He was safe under the ground out of their scents the heavily armed guards...human and vampire...

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Damien and Naara came down to where Parker was. "Parker, you're a fine member of this organization, you make the Master proud," he has taken off his trench coat so his bold muscles could be viewed easily from his well fitting shirt. Naara followed Damien, wearing a skirt made from wolf pelts and a white tank top. Damien circled Mitchell, "do we know his name?" he examined him closely.

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Parker smirks..."I am sure i cvould get it out of him with just a touch or torture it out of him using my little gift..." He smiles at the thought of making his veins fill like they are going to burst.

Mitchell was still blindfolded and gagged and heard every word and began sweating more than he ever has his whole life... His veins were already bulging in his neck and arms as he struggled to get free but his hands were bound to tightly.

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Jasper and Edward reach the compound looking at it oddly and it was highly guarded with electric barbed wire security fences all the way around..."How are we going to get in, Ed?"

Edward frowns..."I'm not sure...they must have him deep below the earth because he is to far for me to hear his thoughts."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Damien held up a hand to stop Parker, "have you tried asking first?" Damien smirked. He untied the blindfold and gag. He grinned with his glistening fangs. "Hello dear boy, may I have your full name...please?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(But I'm calling them fangs for now...i mean I rather say "glistening fangs," not, "glistening sharp teeth that could tear through flesh," lol. XD )(

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(And actually, I don't know shiitaki about Twilight. The books bore me, I passes out every time I tried to read it, and I just watch the movies but more because of the smexy guys and chicks, minus Kristen Stewart.)(

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((lol)) ((Good night, love, I will dream of you tonight only for you to return the favor...hope to hear from you tomorrow))

Parker frowns "I never thought of an orthadox form of getting the truth..."
Mitch smirks and looks at the vampires silently well of the shadows of them he could see with no help from the light above was so dark around thoguh he could not tell if it were day or nearly night. He held his tongue and said nothing to them.

Parker smirks.."Can we try one of my meathods now?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Damien sighed, he gave Mitchell the you-better-speak-or-I'll-have-to-order-him-to-kick-your-ass look. "Once more than it is your turn, Parker." He turned to Mitchell, "What is your full name, my dear sweet child?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(I know Jacob will be thinking about me and all my lusciousness! He digs my gentle-stache! ;^}D )(

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Mitch looked at the one he believed to be parker and could make a faint outline of blood red eyes feeling with darkness..."Mitchell Brian Oliver " He says quickly almost like one word...

Parker frowns..."Well, there went my night of fun..."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Soon, Conrad, soon," Damien smirked. "So, my dear Mitchell-Brian-Oliver, where do you live?" Damien had some sneaks get some info about the Cullen's members and believed this was one.

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((syn we will let things stay cool for now and just chat it up with our charries in time for you to show up and make an act of rescue...))

Mitch frowns hopelessly..."I technically do not have a home...I am a foster kid...The sheriff dropped me off on the Olympia Coven...the Cullens because they were the only local foster home available because i ran from all the others...I actually just moved in today..." Mitch felt no harm in telling them his life story as a distraction to buy his rescue party some time well he was hoping he had a rescue party...but also this was what he wanted wasn't it? to become a vampire nad create a coven so powerful they overthrow the government of the Volturi...

Parker smirks..."Well you just suddenly more eager to speak haven't you...Don't worry though you have all the time you want because soon you will be one of us and live for eternity...unless you have no useful abilities once we have killed you off you will just be a lost memory..." He informs Mitch bluntly.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(Awww but Damie wants to turn him! DX )(

"No no no, Parker," Damien took a whiff of Mitchell, "this one, this one has potential. Actually, it seems as though he really wants to be one of us," Damien smirked evilly, even though all his smirks were pretty damn evil.

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Parker frowns..."We will see about that soon enough."

Mitch's veins looked ready to burst from his necka nd arms his muscles tight and sweat dripping down his brow nervously..."What makes you think I want anythign to do with your type...?" He gulps at the voice damien had so kind and seducing yet dark and cruel at the same time

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Damien laughed, then cupped Mitchell's chin, "I can smell it off you. You're heart desires it, tell me the truth." He looked into Mitchell's eyes which connected on spot. He used his hypnosis to prey into Mitchell's mind and get the truth.

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Mitchell went dazed for a moment lost in Damiens eyes..."I have palnned for many days to create and army of vampires strong enough to take on the Voturi as only i could be changed...I have planned that if they do not have useful abilities they will be killed on the spot ot help the others grow stronger in fihgting skills...the Volturi are only so strong and once an amry large enough in stregnth and number chooses to turn against there laws they will meet their match and fall to their new masters and new government of this world. First the government of vampires then the world." Mitch says in a voice so deranged from his own.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Damien nearly exploded with sadistic glee. "He's perfect! Absolutely perfect!" He laughed wickedly. "Yes, dear child, you shall get your wish! I shall grant it to you!"

)(May I turn him now...? Pleeewze?)(

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((well i would prefer we wait for syn so i was thinking about retiring and going to bed srry we will pick this back up tomorrow i promise))

Mitch still looked dazed and in a trance he was not himself he was lost in his own mind running through every thought to reveal tot ehm as they asked...

Parker frowns..."He would have been better off dead..."

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((you there???))

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "No Parker dear, this kid has something," he put both hands on Parker's shoulders.

Naara noticed Mitchell was still absent. "Damien....uuuh, the boy," she tapped her index finger on the middle of Mitchell's forehead, in which he didn't react.

"Oh! Right," Damien snapped in front of Mitchell's face, returning his mind to him.

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A guy sat in the trees watching the whole thing. He had his hand over his nose and was trying to find out wich was this Seth guy. His red eyes were covered by sunglasses. His scent wafted throught the air as the breeze passed.

(Here is what he looks like

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((Please ignore the stuff after the green))

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments When the power turned off Damien frowned. "Nosy nosy nosy..." he said. He pulled out a walkie talkie. "What's happening out there boys?" he asked.

"Someone has taken out the outer generator," a voice answered.

"Well, turn on the emergency generation," Damien replied a littl annoyed.

"Already on it," another voice answered. Less than thirty seconds later, the light flickered back on. "Alright, we have power. They won't be able to get this one."

"Good," Damien said, "Sara, do we know who's doing this?"

There was a pause. "Wolves, two of them. Followed by two unknown vampires. I believe they may be Cullens," Sara answered.

"Oh goodie, visitors!" Damien chuckled. "Alright, someone find me Thaliah and Delilah. We're going to need them." then he looked over at Mitchell. "You're friends are coming, love."

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(Sigh...what did I do that you consider was god playing?)(

Damien put the talkie back into his pocket. "We're not so bad," he said.

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(Well, it is a vampire only facility but that's not the point; why would you mention that? I wasn't god playing and of course I'm ion to try to stop you but At some point you will make it in. )(

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(And honestly, I'm not being sarcastic or anything, I'm saying this as nicely as possible.)(

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(We still waiting for jacob?)

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(We still waiting for jacob?)

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Synyster Affections wrote: "yes)"

(Okay than, did you take look at my charrie he looks like johnny depp heehee)

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(He doesn't look like Johnny Depp, he is Johnny Depp lol)(

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(Ik but that makes him sexy lol)

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(Hey guys, won't be in tonight so can you guys just put this on hold until later tomorrow? Thanks.)(

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((hey guys i wont be able to get on until weekend i got to be a camp councelor and the next week i got to do it again..))

Parker frowns..."I can take care of them if you want they are just a few dogs..."

Mitch snaps out of it finally feeling like he just missed half of his life...
"um, can I please just go...I never asked to be saved...I wasn't even in danger or anything...I changed my mind about everything..I want to be human and live a descently long life...I will just tell everyone to leave you guys alone and I can just go back to the runaway life and forget that vampires and werewolves ever existed..."

Jasper and Edward both jump the fence and look at the wolves..."Now what?"

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments )(It's all good. Take your time Hun.)(

Damien smiled at Parker, "go ahead. Take Naara with you and Thaliah's on her way." Damien listened to Mitchell with a rather disappointed look. When Mitch finished Damien spoke. "Mitchell, dear boy, you don't know what you are capable of! You don't understand how many people you can save! You think we didn't save you? Mitchell, it was only a matter of time before they would kill you and you know it! Right Mitch?"

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Mitch felt dizzy for a moment and wanted so bad to say yes but another voice forced its way out of him..."No, are wrong...."

Parker smirks hearing Mitch speak so weakily wanting to turn and change him right then but seducing his prey is so much better...He quickly moves tot he elevator

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments "Mitchell, you were going to be the next on the menu and you know it. They wouldn't have turned you, they'd devour you. Kill. Murder," Damien's eyes burned through Mitch's soul, trying to break him down.

Naara quickly followed after Parker.

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The guy in the tree was revolted by the sight of humans turning to wolves. He flited a safe distance closer to them to inspect them.

Maybe one of them is this Seth guy my Jenna Day is dating

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((hello? Anyone out there?))

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(oh i won't be on for awhile either)

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((sorry guys i gtg till next weekend cause i have to be a camp councelor monday through friday and todays my bday))

Parker reaches the tops floor and awaits their new play toys...

Mitch frowns..."You are wrong! Jasper wanted nothing but to care for me and ensure my mortal safety...If he wanted me his meal he would have done it already....I...I know....he is...coming for me...I just know...." Mitch frowns beginning to lose all hope knowing the next few seconds he is breathing are bound to be his very last in a human body and state of mind...

UneasyHeartsWeighTheMost | 1693 comments Naara and Taliah stands with Parker. "So brother Parker, what males you special?" Naara asked with a smirk.

)('Appy Birthday! Have a good one!)(

Damien smiled but shook his head. "You're a great boy who deserves great things, please let me bestow upon you the gift of immortal life and tremendous power, Mitchell" putting an icy hand on Mitch's shoulder to bring comfront. If Mitchell decline, Damien had no choice but to force this burden upon him.

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The guy glared at the wolf. He was beginning to think this was the only Seth. He charged forward in front of him.
"Are you Seth?" His voice was cold.

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"So I see you are. Then you can DIE!!! NO ONE TAKES MY J.D. FROM ME!!!" and he attacked Seth.

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"IF YOU WONT STAY TO FIGHT ME THEN IL KILL HER TO MAKE YOU PAY!!!" The vampire yelled running away.

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