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*~*RoLePlAy*~* > Time to roleplay, im so exited:D

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
Aphrodite folded her wings and let out a sigh, she was so bored, she already brushed out her hair and did her nails, what else is there to do? 'I wonder if someone will come talk to me today.' She thought to herself.

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
"Hey, what's new?" She said smiling, she was happy someone finally talked to her.

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
"Yea it gets boring very quickly" she said kicking at the cloud covered ground.

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
"True true" she said she stretched out her wings and let the golden sun light them up

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
"Show off" she giggled.

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
She giggled." You know I do." She blushed

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Lilly Anne | 43 comments Mod
"Yea, want to walk around with me?" She asked getting up letting her dress fall to the ground and her wings at her sides.

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(I'm going to post more topics of places they can go to.)

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 6 comments Bret smirks as he thinks of peoples lives he could ruin

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Camille Cheng (camillecheng) | 6 comments Ashley smiled to herself as she walked around and appreciated her surroundings. Hunter walking just behind her.

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Astig0921 Zurial Looked down from the clouds during Practice with the muses. Then she heard someone yell at her to go if she wasn't gonna listen or sing. So she left and when down to earth to walk around. She loved the feel of the grass. She hid her wings so no one would see them and they were invisible so she looked like a regular teenage girl. She was in town now and was walking down the street alone admiring everything man and woman made. it was amazing to look at she loved all the passion and Artistic ability they put into it. She wish she could of helped build it but she was forbidden to do so. So she always watched from the side but she loved to make music, sing, draw, and create anything with the Arts pretty much so she skipped down the street humming a lovely tune.

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Zakariah had been trapped on earth for a long as he could remember. Luke is what they called him here. He got up early and threw on a pair of boxers and headed downstairs, 'Wonder who I'll pick up today?' he said to himself, pouring some coffee into a mug

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