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Ashley 1. How much longer do you think Heaven will last at her job?

2. How would you handle a crazy ex like Sarah?

3. Have you ever had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) turn crazy on you like that?

message 2: by Pam (new) - rated it 3 stars

Pam (pammylee76) | 64 comments 1. Not that much longer. Although people like the lady she is serving sometimes deserve what they get. That lady was just rude! That is so uncalled for in a public place where someone is providing a service. Has anyone seen the movie "Waiting"? That movie made me not want to be anything but nice to those preparing and bringing my food to me!

2. Sarah. What a nut! Brady does okay dealing with her. He seems to take it all with a grain of salt.

3. Kind of. In college, I had an ex and his new girlfriend prank call me, move my parked car so I couldn't find it the next day, and stuff like that. Which I didn't really get, b/c he was the one dating someone else but yet I was the one getting harrassed. It was so bad, I had to get a restraining order on both of them.

Jencey/ (jencey) | 410 comments 1. I don't think that Heaven will last at this job.

2. I would have a restraining order put out on her and tell her to get over herself.


Kourtney (momwithbooks) | 23 comments 1. Hee hee I know I know! I can never imagine not having a filter like she does...but chasing the lady with the toilet paper? I was dying of laughter! So glad that has never been me!

2. I couldn't! I'd change my name, my phone number, my address, my hair...anything to get away from the evil!!

3. And here I thought I dated losers...thank goodness that answer is NO!

Emily (teaandscribbles) | 129 comments I don't think Heaven cares how long she lasts at the job. I think she should go and look for another job or try to put her PR experience to work, even if it is to give suggestions at her new job. I think using her past experience will make her feel better about her job and herself again.

I think what Heaven did to help with Sarah was hilarious and so what needed to happen. I kind of wish we had a bit more back story how and why she went crazy.

No my ex's haven't been crazy thank goodness, but one who stalked me at work keep stalking me which was annoying till he left the job.

Becky Gunn i don't think she wants to last. She needs to find another job in her profession
I would give a crazy a dose of her own medicine. Until I couldn't stand it anymore.
I have never had a crazy ex. Thank goodness.

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