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message 1: by Shanaya (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
Let's write a totally random story. I'll start and any one of you can continue. Just keep going!

"Get away from me!" the block of cheese sitting on the counter stares me down intimidatingly, "What do you want from me? WHY ME!?"

message 2: by Arushi, ~Kickbutt Black Belt~ (new)

Arushi | 16 comments Mod
Renee ate the block of cheese. She was pretty hungry. "Yumm-o!" she said.

message 3: by Shanaya (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
"No more haunting cheese blocks!" then she turned around to meet her doom. There were millions of cheese blocks
"We want revenge!" They chanted.

message 4: by Arushi, ~Kickbutt Black Belt~ (new)

Arushi | 16 comments Mod
Renee felt a haunting feeling. She felt that there were more cheese blocks. She decided she was going to move houses. SO she did, to a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA. Good thing she was rich.

message 5: by Jacelover (new)

Jacelover (TheWizard) | 18 comments But this time there were more cheese blocks than ever. They were now blue cheese and stunk up the whol intire mansion. The cheese blocks haunted her in ther dreams and were in her face when she woke up

message 6: by Shanaya (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
She couldn't take it any more. She would spend her entire days outside and not go back home except to sleep. One day when she was taking a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she saw a boy. He was beautiful. He had smooth, long, brown hair, and a terrific smile. He was wearing a low cut v-neck shirt with dark pants. He had blue and white hi-tops on and a shark-tooth necklace on around his neck.
She realized she was staring when he looked at her with a puzzled expression. He straightened up and made his way over to me. OMG. He's coming over here. What do I do? I straightened up and dusted off my clothes, even though there was nothing to dust. He reached me and I looked into his eyes. They were the most brilliant blue I had ever seen.
"Hi," he said, "I saw you looking at me over there," He pointed to where he was. There was a faint glow coming from the ground but I must have just imagined it.
"Uh.. yeah. I just.. I.. You looked familiar," I lied, "I just.. uh.."
He laughed," A lot of people say that. Especially lately. But I suspect other things," He grinned wide at me. Shoot, he saw right through me. I felt my face flush. It's probably bright red by now. Curse my pale skin.

message 7: by Arushi, ~Kickbutt Black Belt~ (new)

Arushi | 16 comments Mod
"So.......Do you live around here?" he said.
"Yeah," I bit my lip. "Do you?"

message 8: by Shanaya (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
"Well, I don't really live anywhere for too long. But I have been here for a few weeks. So, you want to grab a drink?"

message 9: by Arushi, ~Kickbutt Black Belt~ (new)

Arushi | 16 comments Mod
"sure!" Renee got water. She gulped down the whole bottle because she was so nervous.

message 10: by Shanaya (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
He got a latte. Classy. After we got our drinks, we sat down outside under a brown umbrella. The chairs were a black iron with curved designs. "So..," What do I say? What do I say? "You said you move around a lot. Have you been to Italy?"
He looked at me with his deep blue eyes, "Yeah, a really pretty country it is. How about you? Have you been overseas?"
"No, I don't travel much."
He leaned forward and rested his arms on the table, "I never caught your name." He looked at me expectantly.
"Renee," I said clumsily, "My name's Renee."
"Renee," he said ponderingly, "I'm Tanner, Tanner Swayne."
I blushed, he even has a hot name.

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