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message 1: by Shanaya (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
This Quiz (if you wish to take it) will determine what group you would most likely belong to. The groups are:
and Demon

The quiz will be posted on this page. But make sure not to post your answers here, but to message Dancing Queen along with myself. This way, your answers will be classified.

Hope you take it!

message 2: by Shanaya (last edited May 31, 2012 08:11PM) (new)

Shanaya (heartstolove) | 29 comments Mod
Remember not to post your answers here. Message Dancing Queen and I.
But its totally arite to post any comments or further questions.

1) What is your greatest fear?
a. Heights
b. Water
c. The Dark
d. Isolation

2) Which would you prefer?
a. Hand on Hand Combat
b. Shooting from a distance
c. Group fights

3) If you could have an extra body weapon, which would you choose?
a. Fangs
b. Claws
c. Venom Glands
d. Wings

4) If you could have any weapon in combat, which would you choose?
a. Dagger
b. Bow and Arrows
c. Sword
d. Whip

5) What is your best skill?
a. Jumping
b. Speed
c. Climbing
d. Strength

6) What do you find best about yourself?
a. Looks (beauty, handsomness)
b. Agility
c. Cleverness
d. Control

7) Which do you enjoy more?
a. Lazing
b. Activity

8) Which do you like more?
a. Black
b. White

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