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message 1: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) I'm not being creepy, this is just something that has always interested me. I personally have some very bizzare dreams...

message 2: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III | 17 comments I usually don't remember my dreams. I dreamed about Ricky of Teen Top (k-pop group). I have no idea why, but I pinched his cheek and said, "Such a cute baby."

message 3: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) I know who he is! Thats a pretty good dream, i would say. Thank you for sharing

I usually remember all my dreams. It seems like my dreams are relevent to something I saw or thought of the previous. Like, I watched lord of the rings, and then I had a dream about lord of the rings

message 4: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III | 17 comments That's kind of cool when you dream about something you like. Sometimes when I am not too deeply asleep and my sister has the television on loud whatever she is watching influences my dream.

message 5: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) thats cool. sometimes when I have like a big event, I dream that im late, but it might be a good thing because it helps me make sure to get there on time. Also, I had a really mean long-term sub in school, and I always have nightmares that the next year of school she is my teacher

message 6: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III | 17 comments That sucks. She must have been really mean.

message 7: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) yeah. she was. It was really sad because we had like the best teacher ever, and then she was going to have a baby, and she tod us the sub was really cool and niice, but shen was SOOO mean.

message 8: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III | 17 comments I've had a similar experience except she was not a sub.

message 9: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) yeah. We only had the nice teacher for like two months, so it felt like i never had her as a teacher

message 10: by Artemisia (last edited Jul 19, 2012 07:18AM) (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) I dream scenes from books sometimes too. One time I had a dream that I was on the rooftops, but instead of running from people, I was running from a cheetah. That was when I was like 12

message 11: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) Yeah. :)

message 12: by Trinity (new)

Trinity Hanrahan (musesinspire) | 1 comments I have some odd dreams at times. :-/ Probably all of the kids I have... LOL

message 13: by Artemisia (new)

Artemisia Sage (bookworm56) How many kids do you have?

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