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message 1: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Just like the thread tittle say.

message 2: by Kobby (new)

Kobby Gyampoh (kobbytettehgyampoh) | 11 comments Mod
I think we should do reads on books that can be read free online.

message 3: by Leesa (new)

Leesa | 2 comments Chasing Daisy. Definitely a romantic comedy that is just...well...down right funny! And definitely a book that made me cry at two points (and that's a big thing because I never react to anything in books): once when there was a sad bit and the next time was when I reached the end of the book. Lucy in the Sky is meant to be good too. That's by Paige Toon too.

message 4: by M (new)

M (mga2018) | 3 comments I love any of the Sophie Kinsella books. They are very funny and light reading.

message 5: by Erin (new)

Erin Brady I am interested in forming a book club for fans of romantic comedy/chick lit. Is anyone interested?

message 6: by Niecey (new)

Niecey Roy (nieceyroy-romanceauthor) | 6 comments Chasing Daisy, who is the author? I'd like to check it out!

message 7: by Cassie (new)

Cassie (cassiemo) | 1 comments Seduction and Snacks. It's not free online by any means but it is both hilarious and romantic. I don't know if I've ever laughed our loud as much at any other book.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

The Inner Gentleman by Ali Kincaid.It's light,funny,romantic and really relaxing book.I absolutely loved the plot,it was very creative and very,very unpredictable.It kept me interested and amused all the way to the end.Susan Elizabeth Phillips has some awesome romances filled with humour,romance and chick lit.But the author at the top of my list would definitely be MaryJanice Davidson.Her books are hilarious,her plots rather surreal but unpredictable and funny,and her characters are amazing!

message 9: by Niecey (new)

Niecey Roy (nieceyroy-romanceauthor) | 6 comments I was wondering if any of you have read Sophie Kinsella? I have not read any of her books, but I loved the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. I was thinking of splurging and buying a couple of her books. Any thoughts are appreciated! Thank you!

message 10: by Niecey (new)

Niecey Roy (nieceyroy-romanceauthor) | 6 comments Also, I'm looking for novels chick-lit, romantic comedy, contemporaries with a younger voice, twenties to early thirties.

message 11: by Niecey (new)

Niecey Roy (nieceyroy-romanceauthor) | 6 comments Hi! I hope it's okay to mention this, but there's a listopia vote and my romantic comedy is up there! If you've read any of the titles, you might want to vote :)

message 12: by Jimzzz (new)

Jimzzz | 2 comments Niecey wrote: "Also, I'm looking for novels chick-lit, romantic comedy, contemporaries with a younger voice, twenties to early thirties."

I like both books by Erin Brady. In fact, she has your writing style in my opinion which is a real compliment.

message 13: by RiverShore (new)

RiverShore (rivershoregirl) | 1 comments Hi All,
In response to questions about Sophie Kinsella's books, I have read all of them twice and a few 3 and 4 times!!! I LOVE her style and sense of humor! I especially enjoyed "Can You Keep A Secret?" and "Remember Me?". "Twenties Girl" and "I've Got Your Number" are both great too!

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