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This is where we can talk about any of the characters in The Gentlemen's Alliance. Who's your favorite? Your least favorite? Who do like or not like them? Please, only talk about the first volume, since that is the only volume we are reading this month.

Hannah (faize) | 194 comments Shizumasa was too brooding and rude. I don't understand why Haine was hopelessly in love with him.

Hannah (faize) | 194 comments And Haine was a little too ditzy. With horrible taste in men.

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I completely agree with you. There weren't too many characters I did like. I liked Maora, but that's about it.

Hannah (faize) | 194 comments I liked the way Maora and Maguri fought. Kept me amused:)

Hannah (faize) | 194 comments Thanks Stargirl. I do plan to read on. I almost never leave a series unfinished if I can help it:)

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