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This is where we can talk about any of the characters in Black Bird. Who's your favorite? Your least favorite? Who do like or not like them? Please, only talk about the first volume, since that is the only volume we are reading this month.

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Cindy III | 192 comments Kyo is sort of mysterious and a bully. He made Taro cry. Misao seems kind and friendly. As for looks the one who got my interest was Shuhei Kuzunoha. I just hope he doesn't turn into a big jerk in following volumes. I love Taro. He's so cute. Also, Nagai seems like he'd be an interesting character, but in a completely non-supernatural setting. I doubt he'll be an important character in Black Bird.

Hannah (faize) | 194 comments I hated Kyo. I really did not enjoy his character, and Misao seemed okay until she started liking him because he "just wants to protect her." Whether he wants to or not, he's just...blech. I have no clue why Misao would willingly hang around him. Except to keep all the other demons away of course.

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