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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 48 comments Mod
Dragonfly Hall is the meeting hall for all Guild Sisters and Novices alike. It is open to anyone and is used as a common area of sorts. Novices go here during their free time after training, and a large wing is sectioned off into a library full of dusty books extolling the adventures of Guild Sisters that came before, explaining techniques on everything from cooking to throwing daggers to lacing up a pair of well-worn boots. The main room is lit with torches, a blazing fire, and colorful stained glass windows at regular intervals, again depicting studious women or Guild Sisters in cloaks, pulling the strings behind major historical battles and political decisions. Long tables can be moved out of the way, and there are plenty of serviceable (some even comfortable) armchairs and couches. This is also where meals are served for all women at the Guildhall. Roleplay here.

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((I hate beginning a roleplay! Please, someone do it! For meeee? *puppy dog face*))

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