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The Iron Knight (The Iron Fey, #4)
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Ash, former prince of the Winter Court, gave up everything. His title, his home, even his vow of loyalty. All for a girl… and all for nothing.

Unless he can earn a soul.

Now that we've reached the last book, we would love to hear your thoughts over the whole series.

Which book was your favorite and why?

Who was your favorite character and why?

Please use SPOILERS for those of us who haven't gotten this far!!! (Check out the 'some html is ok' box above the post box for spoiler tags.)

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Deniece (onebookishbabe) Almost finished with Iron Queen but I am Excited about this book because its in Ash's POV :)

Rebecka I just picked up my copy, it'll be a few days before I get to it though. I'm excited :)

~Thena~ (athena-nadine) | 184 comments I know there are a lot of people who didn't like this books as much as the others, but I think it's my favorite in the series. I love that it's about Ash instead of Meghan--I always thought he was more interesting and she often got on my nerves lol. I felt that this book was more powerful emotionally, and I laughed and cried a few times. I'm sad that this is the last book in this series, but I'm looking forward to reading Ethan's story soon!

Ashley (twinmomstl) I loved this book and I think it was my favorite. (view spoiler) I hope the Iron Prophecy answers some of my questions.

Tawna | 479 comments I would have to say that I feel the opposite of all three of the previous comments. I liked this book, probably the second least. I would say Iron Queen was my favorite book. The only thing that caught me was (view spoiler)

I also don't know if I liked the book a whole lot from Ash's point of view. I liked him being mysterious and giving us tidbits every now and then...

Just my thoughts

Kari I didn't like this book as much as the others. I really enjoyed the series, and LOVE Puck! I think I agree with most that Iron Queen was my favorite out of all the books.

I really wish that the author would come out with another series just about Puck. I read Summer's Crossing which is from Puck's pov, but it just wasn't enough for me.

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