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Finnikin of the Rock (Lumatere Chronicles, #1)
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Jennifer W | 1289 comments Mod
Welcome to June's group read of Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta. Use this thread to discuss the book.

Please mark spoilers!


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Kellee Moye (kelleemoye) Jen, who I blog with, loves this book and I hadn't heard of it until recently- I need to get my hands on it eventually. I can't wait to hear what some of you think.

Tanya Bee (tanyabeebooks) Hi everyone,

I'm a little over a quarter of the way in, and I'm curious what other people's impressions of Evanjalin are thus far. (view spoiler)

Do you guys like her?

Also, I found an interesting article on Wikipedia about another fictional Evangeline , whose story is somewhat similar to that of our mysterious novice. Makes me wonder if Marchetta was aware of Longfellow's work when she chose the name Evanjalin.

The article also points out that "the name Evangeline comes from the Latin word "evangelium" meaning "gospel". The Latin word itself is derived from the Greek words "eu"—"good"—and "angela"—"news". Any thoughts? Or am I the only name nerd in the bunch?

Happy reading,


Celeste (celeste_bocchicchio) | 88 comments I wanted to like this book more than I did. The basic storyline was interesting, but quite frankly I just don't think Melina Marchetta is a very good writer. At one point she described one of the ethnic groups as "born to fight from the moment they can stand." Either your born to do something or you are trained to do something from the moment you can stand. You can't have it both ways, unless you have created a group of people who are born knowing how to stand up. And the war leaders great battle plan? "...we attack them on the ground with as many as one thousand missiles in the first minute. I want imposter king and his men decimated with the sheer volume of our arrows, and I want our body count close to nothing." That's it. Shoot a whole lot of arrows and try not to die. Brilliant strategy, oh great leader of men. Clearly Marchetta did not take the time to learn what a sword and arrow type battle would look like.

The men in this story spend a lot of time beating each other up in a companionable sort of way, because clearly the only way men know how to show affection is to punch each other. The only female character of note who (view spoiler) spends all her time manipulating the people around her, because clearly that is the only way women can get what they want. When (view spoiler)

Morgan  | 21 comments I agree with Celeste's points.

This book took awhile for me to really get into, and I honestly lost interest at several points. (view spoiler)

Celeste (celeste_bocchicchio) | 88 comments I didn't like that part either Conri.

Maree | 233 comments Haha, I love your description of her, Tanya!

I also unfortunately agree about the women's roles in the book, but I have to say that I didn't look at that (ie it didn't bother me) when I was reading. And if I remember correctly, the end (view spoiler)

I did very much enjoy the book, though. I thought EVangeline was a strong female character to Finn, especially in that she's the one really leading them, which he realizes initially and dislikes, having been the one who set the lead previously.

Considering the second book's title, I'm assuming it's about Froi, so yeah, if you don't like him, then you're probably not going to like the sequel (I haven't read it). I didn't like that part either, but I felt in the end he was making an interesting start. I'll probably read the next one.

Sheri (sheribo) | 55 comments This is it really? The reason I haven't commented is because I read the whole thing and then ran out to get the second book and haven't put it down till now finished.
Though I do agree somewhat with your assessment of the characters, I feel like you are missing some of the depth Marchetta has given them. Yes they are flawed, but wouldn't perfect characters be boring? I don't think she generalized all men or all women. In fact, I thought she empahsized the part that cultural background plays in a persons upbringing, andbuilds on that even more in the second book. I did think it started a little slow, but eventually really got into it.
I think the big draw of the book for me the way she writes raw emotions, and the way the characters express their feelings not just though dialogue and internal thoughts, but in the looks on their faces, and reactions. It made them very real to me.
I didn't care too much for Froi as a character in the first book and was disappointed to see the title of the second book, but don't let that deter you if you are thinking of reading it. It is set 3 years later, and a person can change a lot in that time. It's a whole new story, but I would suggest you wait a while. It's a cliffhanger of an ending and the next book isn't supposed to come out till September in Australia, which could mean a lot later here.

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