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SpreadYourWings Since ( i think ) we almost have enough tributes i need to start thinking about the arena
so here type your ideas but here are the rules about this:

1. DONT make the arena all dream-like and happ... remember this is where 23 of you meet your death so ya:):):):)

2. nothing from the books like you know the clock-ocean arena and the whole forest idea- that would be fun to RP but come on i know some of you are creative:):):):)

3. Nothing impossible and dont make it so absolutely horrible and bloody that everyone dies in the first 20 seconds

4. nothing TOO imaginative- Ex. unicorns with lasers coming out of their eyes.

so ya have fun and CREATE

(( ok so im trying to make this group "popular"... please invite all your friends to this ))

message 2: by Cielle (new)

Cielle Tonae (Pebblesplash) | 4 comments Awww.....

*Hides unicorns in the closet*

Next year,my unicorn friends. Sorry.

SpreadYourWings Haha you can use unicorns but just debt go overboard:):):):):)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

maybe a plastic arena, where everything is plastic and weighs a ton. or an underground arena, where you do everything under the ground because the surface has a toxic gas. or a gummy arena where everything is made out of gummy candy. ( think California girls music vid, but *toned down*)

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