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Do you think the romance part was too much?
Weiting Weiting May 31, 2012 04:25PM
I thought it was a little bit to you know. But the book was still awesome!

Wasn't that is the point? Katniss was not interested in a romance. She was simply too young, and the government forced it on her. I thought the way Ms. Collins wrote about Katniss' feelings was realistic from a young girl's point of view.

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Weiting I agree with everything you both said,lets get an example, Prim. How much she changes from the first book to the last.
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Kirby are you being sarcastic, Weiting? I can't tell, b/c- while I loved the books- I don't think Prim's character developed at all... ...more
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I loved it and thought it was just right. But then again, I write romance.

Too be honest it was the romance spin that kept me interested i think if it were all about the games and the evil things the Capitol did i would have lost interest really fast. I also found it interesting how the author used the romance kind of like motivation to keep fighting her way throughout her situations.

Romance? um no not at all. I loved the mood that the "Romance" caused. I feel that the point was made and that it was perfect. No flaws at all.

i think there wasnt enough romance!

I loved the romance in it. That was my favourite part of the whole series.

Meh, the romance was a good distraction from all the seriousness. The book isn't about romance, it's about revolution. That "romance" of hers acted as fuel in the latter parts of he book, which is actually intelligent of Collins. She was able to implement romance as more than romance, she gave it meaning and importance alongside the revolution. She had the comfort of Peeta and Gale, I honestly think that she would have broke without their support. The romance was a pillar in the story: important, but should not be revolved around.

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The romance was a survival tactict that led to them protecting and loving each other

No, I liked it :)

Naaaah. More romance there is, more I like it.

The romance is the best part of every story. That's the way I think.


i am the kind of person does not like to have too much romance in books

BTW they did over do it with the romance

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what romance? it was a skill tactic that lead to something more

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It was perfect!

I don't think it was too much, it was more like it didn't belong in the story, it was kind of just thrown in there. It was described from a young girls view, it would have been better if it sounded a bit...older. It was kind of not needed, the story would have been great without it.

No, but to much kissing.

I would say it was both.

I was OK with the romance angle throughout the first book, since I appreciated the hook of it being a strategy, but one that presents itself because of Peeta's feelings.

Then came the last chapter. That was when I saw the teen-angst love triangle coming, and I decided I wouldn't be reading the other books.

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honestly what romance? the romance was limited. if you look at other teen books the romance is so much more.think about it

It was too much in the movie, but it wasn't too bad in the books.

I think without the romance, many things in the story would be different, and I think the romance contributes to many emotions that make you want to read more.
But that's just me, I loved those parts the best.

no more no less, that's perfect.

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Not at all. Its all just for the games

I am not a huge fan of romance, doesnt mean i dont like it or anything, i read a little of it :) but this wasnt too romance-y for me, it kept the story going

the tiny romance spiced it up!

Most definitely. It got on my nerves to be honest.

It added to the story and made it appeal to all genders I think, I liked it.

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yes I do think it was a little to much.

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