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Who is better Katsa,Bitterblue or Fire?
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I think I like all of them but I like Katsa better.

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Because Katsa seems to be beating the crap out of the competition I just wanted to drop by and defend the other two leading ladies.

Bitterblue has a unique skill with people that Katsa lacks. She can read people, she is self aware, she is very shrewd and wise (though I would say Katsa isn't lacking there either) and Bitterblue has her own unique strength with how she deals with people and her own problems.

While Katsa has an incontrovertable strength and her strength of will grew throughout her story Bitterblue has a steadfast strength of will down to her core. Never in the novel did she ever doubt whether she'd figure this all out and fix her kingdom while Katsa is often plagued by self-doubt.

And because Bitterblue is so very secure with herself she also has the strength to be weak. To show weakness and vulnerability and admit to it where Katsa refuses.

Fire on the other hand has the skill to weather emotional trauma. No matter what she does or has to deal with she is ALWAYS dealing with the fact that she killed her own father, most people hate and distrust her AND she is the last of her kind and willingly so. She has denied herself a thing she wants so badly for the good of everyone. Fire is wise well beyond her years, she has a willpower that is unmatched (I know she breaks many times in her novel but she carries a MUCH heavier load even than Bitterblue) and through her willpower she can be so objective as to view her own life as expendable for the good of others - self sacrificing.

Katsa risks her life to help people all the time but what does she really know about risk? She always in control which is why she reacts so poorly to the vulnerability of the people she loves. Even when she briefly lost control she still conquered it. Fire risks her very vulnerable self many times and doesn't shy away from the danger.

In the end I don't think any one can be better than the other because they're built with strengths and flaws to a very satisfying depth.


Katsa its just a plain as day fact.

I always loved Fire. I thought that book was great, along with Archer and Brigan :)

I havent read Bitterblue but I think Katsa and Fire.. I loved both books and I loved both characters.. But overall I like Katsa the most..


Katsa, closely followed by Fire

Katsa !!

Where is Fire!! :'(
I luv her. So prett-y and awesome.

And Archer. And Po. :)

I love Katsa!!!!!!!!

My vote lies between Katsa and Fire. Luckily for us, Kristin Cashore writes phenomenal characters, and her female characters kick ass and take names.

Bitterblue was the more vulnerable of the three, and her book was based on the incredible learning curve she had as heir to Leck's nightmare. So while I sympathized, she was processing just as much exposition as we were, and though she had really great moments, I was distracted by everything else that was going on. But she was tough, and wise, and grew a great deal. Bitterblue as a book was very different, more mystery and crime drama than adventure.

Fire was different from Katsa because she was more image-orientated. She's beautiful, her main conflict usually has to do with her beauty. She struggled with loving another person, but eventually she did and was able to really compromise and change for love (which is what some people hate about Katsa; but also what other people love about her)I liked that she was more damaged, more involved with people around her. Katsa is left alone, which is her burden of being a killing machine. Fire's problem is everyone wants her, dead or alive. She can't hide from people. They harass her. She doesn't get the liberty and independence Katsa does. But I love how Katsa values her freedom above all things. Katsa and Po have a perfect relationship for teenagers. They love each other, but aren't drastically changing for love. They're developing their own dreams, and their own lives outside of each other. With all the Bella Swans in YA novels, I was relieved and refreshed by Katsa and Po.
Archer was like Fire's first, uncompromising love, and then she settled into a more mature relationship. Brigan and Fire need each other, as I hope Katsa and Po will someday.Fire and Brigan's relationship felt much more adult, and was sweetly romantic where Katsa and Po were a bit sexier and playful.
So It's a tie for me. I like Fire more some days, and Katsa more other days. They're both lethal, sexy, strong women who have had to do their fair share of dirty work in their past. I can't really decide.

I prefer Fire. Consequently, Fire was my favourite book of the series as well.

I liked Katsa far better than Fire!!

Kasta. She's really hard to beat though. I read a book a day and i still haven't found someone better than her! (i have found one or 2 even with her, but it was hard)

U 25x33
Val n Hi Remi,
Could you please recommend some more novels with female leads like Katsa, preferabbly high fantasy without too much magic. I agree no one is e
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Remi D. definitely read the poison study series. Death Sworn by Leah Cypess is pretty good. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken is AMAZINGGGG. The Forsaken ...more
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I just want to say I thought they were all really amazing people.But...KATSA!! Definitely Katsa!

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I like Fire, a lot actually, she kind of reminds me of me.... plus she has red hair like I do, but mines not as bright.... oh well...

Katsa!! I loveeed her character the best!!

They are both two very different people. But I think that Katsa will always be stronger then Bitterblue because of the way that Katsa had to grow up with her Uncle. And though Bitterblue's childhood is full of butterflies, and treats, she has had the help of some powerful people who have comforted her. She is given what Katsa essentially didn't have.

Katsa, all the way!

Bitter blue isn't that good. :)

I tried to read bitter blue but found her so annoying! I prefer Fire to Katsa but just by a little.

Katsa (Is is just me or does her name remind anyone else of Katniss?)

Love Fire! She is know what needs to be done and does it for the right reasons. I think the other two are drama queens

Katsa, 101%!!

I liked Katsa but there was just something that kept me from fully connecting with her. And also I was really annoyed with Po for most of the book. He brought her a little down IMO.
Bitterblue... I don't really know what to say about her. I loved her in Graceling but in her own book I found her a bit whiny to be honest.

I haven't read Bitterblue YET, but I like Fire more.

Fire all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDD Fire's book, but I have only read half of Bitterblue so we'll see.

I love Katsa, but I'm also really feministic so Fire is AMAZING as well XD


She is an amzing inspirational character!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katsa !!! <3

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Katsa followed by Fire. Love Graceling and Fire!

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definitely katsa since i was blown away by graceling even after reading bitterblue or should i say especially...

Katsa is ninja

liked katsa, but i loved fire more

There is one thing I dont get though.
Why are they making love, and creating illegitimates?

Katsa! Loved Graceling. She's such a strong character.

defently Fire!!!!

bitterblue is ok though

Fire for me! Katsa is bit too much like Katniss....even the name implies so.

Katsa was my favorite, the first book was the best of the series. Ah, Katsa and Po - GREAT book, I have read it three times =)

I love Fire, and Bitterblue too, but Katsa 100%. No question

Katsa. No one even close.

bitterblue is the strongest considering who she is compared to katsa and fire, but they are definately better in thier own ways :)


If all of them were in a fight Katsa would win. So obviously Katsa!

you will love Bitterblue, have you read fire yet? I would read that one yet.

Katsa! Her character had so much depth! And her Grace was by far THEE best grace anyone could ever have.

Truthfully I like them all, but if I HAD to choose only one, it would be Fire.

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Bitterblue is so much more "real" than the other two. Katsa has the GIFT of survival, and Fire is supposedly the most beautiful women in the world. Bitterblue is neither a monster or graced, and she's perfectly human. Thats why i like her more, but I like the other two too :D

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