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((Are we going to flash here or something? I think it would be better if the angel explained it. (:))

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ ((She'll explain it :) ))

Avalon flew up in the sky. "So, we will fligh up to the gate, it's truley beautiful, then we'll fly a little longer in foam-like clouds and then there will be a waterfall. The waterfall is just amazing, it goes on forever across the sky. I'll explain more when we see it. Heaven is at the base of that waterfall. It's not like some fluffy cloud place mortals seem to think it is. It's a real, tangible place. Just so much more beautiful than any place on Earth. You see, the only reason you can come up here with me is because you're part angel," she smiled.

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Penn forced out, "Okay." She was shocked by how fast events were happening and now she was flying. (But with the help of an angel. She didn't care, though.) Surprisingly, Alpha was pretty calm and shockingly light in Penn's arms.

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((Aka, bump ;) I'm not being impatient. You're probably busy or forgot about this or something.))

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