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What would Gays do?
deleted member May 31, 2012 01:56PM
how would they get matched the society woulodn't see them as effective because they wouldn't have children. (i know homosexuality can be a controversial topic but lets be civil)

I may be getting this mixed up with the "Delirium" series, but I was pretty sure that LGBT persons were referred to as "Unnaturals"

Kaitlin that was delirium
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This is a very interesting question. I do believe that Cassia mentioned that she had a choice to not be matched before the matching ceremony. Rather, everyone had a choice to be matched or not be matched.

deleted user yes but shoun't gays have the right to get married as well ...more
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I think if what they're doing is creating the 'healthiest' most genetically 'perfect' society, that they've eliminated what they'd consider genetic aberrations. Since everyone IS born to be genetically compatible with someone else to create the next generation. They'd have eliminated the genetic coding that causes homosexuality, because they're not going to create children.

There were a few passages in the book that left me with that impression. Particularly when Cassia was speaking with 'her' Match Official when they were speaking about her and Ky and Xander.

I think Chris nailed it on the head. Any and all qualities that would create a rift in their perfect society would be bread out through the generations of matching.

the society wouldn't allow it and they would either make you an anomaly or send you out of the district. you would DEFINITELY not be matched. i know, its unfair and cruel

yeah you could choose not to be matched..but since its a "perfect society" i dont think that anyone would be gay

I imagine they would keep to themselves and become Singles.

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Reckon they'd just go with it. It's sad that the Society has prevented that freedom of who you love.

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