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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott Seaborn (sseaborn) | 2 comments Mod
Welcome to The Homebrew Book Club. I started a blog (The Homebew Book Club) to document my adventures in homebrewing, beer drinking, and business.

I've never homebrewed beer fact, I just bought a starter kit TODAY. A friend of mine who operates a brewery in Nashville considers The Complete Joy of Homebrewing by Charles Papazian as the homebrewing bible. I purchased a copy, but would love recommendations of other books about beer-- or food.

What are the best books about craftbeer, wine, restaurants, or cooking?

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris | 2 comments Papazian is a great author, I too have this book, a lot of great tips and tricks. and most important information of all in his book..."RELAX, have a homebrew" when i first started out everything was, omg i forgot something, what if i shoulda done this, oh no that didnt go in on time, ahh, its not cooling down fast enough, oh wait when was this supposed to go why is that still on the table, crap do i really have to clean all this up, do i have enough bottles, did i use to much priming sugar, why isnt this carbonated? why is this foaming up...etc. if you havent brewed a batch yet...youll come accross these things. but its important to, is beer, even if you miss a step, or do something at the wrong time it will still be beer, and hey, thats how new beers are found. you make a few minor changes and boom different beer. ok...maybe not exactly that basic but there is a truth to that. anyway. my top suggestions when begginging...You Cannot Oversanitize (by this i mean it is impossible to be over cautious) you will learn what needs to be hundred percent sanitary and what just needs to be washed with soap and water over time. basically Pre boil (washed) post boil and on (SANITIZED). once your boiling give it a couple min befor adding the hops to let the hot break settle, and once you add the hops be on standby to turn down the flame.

there are many books and many authors, Charlie is one of my favorite, michael Jackson is another "god" to the homebrew world. "brew like a Monk" is a good book, as well as "desighning better beers" and "How to Brew"

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